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Shadowknight Thurgadin Barbute of Corruption quest

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Thurgadin quests are class specific quests which originate in Thurgadin. The Artificers that give the quests are located in the Cleric guild of Thurgadin. Artificer Munte gives the Shadowknight quests.

You say, 'Hail, Artificer Munte'
Artificer Munte tells you, 'Hmm, yes, you look like you may be of use to me. I am working on two projects - creating a pair of artifacts I have dubbed the Bracer of the Shriven and the Barbute of Corruption - but I am in desperate need of a skilled adventurer to do field work for me.'


Shadowknight Thurgadin Barbute of Corruption quest
Quest giver Artificer Munte
Starting Zone


Other Zone(s)

The Darkwoods
Whisperling Forest
Cyrtho Malath
Lake Starfall

Class Required


Suggested Level Range 51 - 60
Quest items used

Warped Barbute
Essence of Distortion
Corrupted Fabric

Item Reward(s)

Barbute of Corruption

Experience Reward 25,000
Related overview

Find Artificer Munte (Thurgadin).

You say, 'Tell me about the Barbute of Corruption.'
Artificer Munte tells you, 'The Barbute of Corruption is a recreated design. It was originally a helmet used by Kaezulian knights who invaded the North, and we were able to recover a damaged example from the corpse of one of said kaezulians. The helmet protects you against the stunning powers of your Paladin counterparts, as well as empowering your own spells of destruction. In order to complete this project I need a Warped Barbute, some Essence of Distortion and some Corrupted Fabric.'
You say, 'Warped Barbute?'
Artificer Munte tells you, 'Metal armor, warped beyond reckoning by the unnatural magical influences in the Darkwods. You may find some on the twisted undead that haunt it.'
You say, 'Essence of Distortion?'
Artificer Munte tells you, 'The Ysthar of Cyrtho Malath use several different focuses when imbuing their magical constructs with life. You should be able to recover these essences from their destroyed bodies.'
You say, 'Corrupted Fabric?'
Artificer Munte tells you, 'Fabric created by the very corruption of a place such as Rivervale and the Whisperling Forest can sometimes materialize. Used correctly, it will imbue an artifact with some of the corruption's terrible power. If you seek this around Rivervale, take heed that it is unlikely that you will find any during the day, when the corruption wanes too much to form any further essences.'

Gather and give Artificer Munte:

  • Warped Barbute
  • Essence of Distortion
  • Corrupted Fabric
Artificier Munte tells you, 'Excellent field work, <Player Name>. I should be able to assemble this right away... there! You can have this prototype, I will be able to make more of these now that I know how it's done.'

You receive Barbute of Corruption from Artificer Munte.

You gain 25000 experience!!

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