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Newport Ring V

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Newport Ring V
Quest giver A Dying Newport Captain
Previous quest

Newport Ring IV

Starting Zone

Western Plaguelands
Eastern Plaguelands

Ending Zone Southern Newport
Suggested Level Range 51 - 60
Quest items used

Counter Agent Vial
Newport Captain's Insignia
Head of Althok the Plagued

Item Reward(s)

Insignia of Newport

Positive (+) Faction

Newport Guards
Newport Citizens

Experience Reward 65.000
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    1. (Optional) Maltar Crow's Bribe
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Note: This quest begins at the end of the previous. Finding a group is highly suggested for this quest.
A Dying Newport Captain grasps the ring tightly, 'Thank you... <Player Name>. Please, take my ring... it serves no purpose on my dying fingers. Also, take what is left of the Counter Agents. Though many were destroyed, there are enough to at least make an impact on the Plaguelands. Cure the worshippers of the plague - and if their leader should show his vile face - remove his head and return it with the vial and your Captain's Insignia to Sergeant Halsey.'

Find a plague worshipper in either Eastern Plaguelands or Western Plaguelands.

Pull them, weaken them down to 30% or less and use the right-click Cleanse effect on the Counter Agent Vial on twelve a plague worshippers.

Note: There is a limited amount of time to cleanse worshipper once it has been weakened. Once cleansed they will stop attacking and return to their spawn point. The total time between being able to cleanse a single worshipper is a bit longer than their repop time, so that it's more beneficial to move around to different worshippers. A message appears as you cleanse the worshippers indicating the number of worshippers you have cleansed. If the last plague worshipper dies by DoT, Althok will not spawn!

Althok the Plagued spawns once twelve a plague worshippers have been cleansed.

Kill Althok the Plagued and loot Head of Althok the Plagued.

Give to Sergeant Halsey (Northern Newport  at 265, 23  • Inside the gatehouse during) .

  • Head of Althok the Plagued
  • Counter Agent Vial
  • Newport Captain's Insignia
Sergeant Halsey lowers his head in mourning. 'I am sad for the loss of our Captain, but at the same time am elated that you have returned safely, <Player Name>. I believe congratulations are in order, as you have reached the highest possible standing within the Newport Guard. Captain Thalas would like to have a word with you, when able.'

You gain 15.000 experience!!

Your faction standing with Newport Guards has gotten better!

Your faction standing with Newport Citizens has gotten better!

Find Captain Thalas (Southern Newport  at -187, -49  • Newport Port Autority Building) .

You say, Hail, Captain Thalas
Captain Thalas says, 'Welcome back, <Player Name>. It is with honor that I present to you the Insignia of Newport, brave (Class) - may it serve you well in your future endeavours. Your tried determination has proven that our counter agents will work successfully in removing the plague, and with time, hopefully it will come to fruition.'

You gain 50.000 experience!!

Your faction standing with Newport Guards has gotten better!

Your faction standing with Newport Citizens has gotten better!

You receive Insignia of Newport from Captain Thalas.