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Newport Ring IV

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Newport Ring IV
Quest giver An Injured Newport Guard
Next quest

Newport Ring V

Previous quest

Newport Ring III
Newport Ring - Maltar Crow's Bribe (Optional)

Starting Zone

King's Pass

Suggested Level Range 51 - 60
Quest items used

Newport Sergeant's Insignia

Item Reward(s)

Counter Agent Vial
Newport Captain's Insignia

Positive (+) Faction

Newport Guards
Newport Citizens

Experience Reward 15,000
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  3. Newport Ring III
    1. (Optional) Maltar Crow's Bribe
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Find An Injured Newport Guard (King's Pass at 762, 189).

You say, 'Hail, An Injured Newport Guard'
An Injured Newport Guard looks up at you with a pleased look on his face, 'The pain... uhh, so much pain... the expedition decided to move through the pass and wait for you. We... we were ambushed by the dead - many of us slaughtered. I ran back here to safety, and I believe the Captain is at the other end of the pass by now. I... I want you to meet with the Captain... and I wish to go with you. Please, let us go... we must [continue on] with the expedition.'
You say, 'continue on'
An Injured Newport Guard says, 'Just.. let me... gather my composure. Ugh... the pain, I must contain it long enough to reach the Captain.' An Injured Newport Guard coughs as he speaks to you, 'Please, Sergeant <Player Name>... tell me when you are [ready to begin], but be prepared - the dead lurk, and the remains of our fallen soldiers may be their new allies.'
You say, 'ready to begin' An Injured Newport Guard coughs and picks himself up off the ground, 'Ugh, so much pain... very well, Sergeant <Player Name>
As the Injured Newport Guard lifts himself up from the ground, you hear the rattling of bones nearing.
An Injured Newport Guard says, 'What's this? Prepare yourselves, the fallen are attacking!'

Kill the a risen guards that spawn before they kill An Injured Newport Guard.

An Injured Newport Guard says, 'Please, Sergeant, give me a moment to rest'.
An Injured Newport Guard says, 'Ugh... the pain is catching up to me, Sergeant. Allow me a moment to regain my composure.' A few seconds later: An Injured Newport Guard says, 'I feel a bit better now... let us continue, shall we?'
Note: A risen guard ambush in groups of one or two about ten times along the way. Staying ahead of him to clear the path is suggested. The A risen guard are significantly higher level than the other mobs in the zone and spawn immediately once the escort quest is started. It is a good idea to warn the people in the zone that you will be starting the quest so they can avoid the spawns.

Move south through the zone.

Find A Dying Newport Captain (King's Pass).

An Injured Newport Guard says, 'The captain! Oh no... he's injured.'
An Injured Newport Guard kneels down beside the captain and pulls out a bandage from his pack, 'Captain... here, let me dress your wounds. We will get you back to Newport safe and sound for treatment immediately.'
A Dying Newport Captain tries to speak through agonizing pain, 'Too little... too late, my friend. Sergeant, my time has come, and so I ask that you give me your ring - I wish to die knowing a hero of Newport is completing our task.
You say, 'Hail, A Dying Newport Captain'
A Dying Newport Captain coughs heavily, with blood dripping from his mouth, 'Fading... so quickly.'
Note: You have about 5 minutes to hand in the rings from your group before the captain dies and disappears. Now would also be a good time to make sure you have at least one open space in your inventory, since the captain will give you two items on the turn-in.

Give Newport Sergeant's Insignia to A Dying Newport Captain.

A Dying Newport Captain grasps the ring tightly, 'Thank you... <Player Name>. Please, take my ring... it serves no purpose on my dying fingers. Also, take what is left of the Counter Agents. Though many were destroyed, there are enough to at least make an impact on the Plaguelands. Cure the worshippers of the plague - and if their leader should show his vile face - remove his head and return it with the vial and your Captain's Insignia to Sergeant Halsey.'

You gain 15.000 experience!!

Your faction standing with Newport Guards has gotten better!

Your faction standing with Newport Citizens has gotten better!

You receive Newport Captain's Insignia from A Dying Newport Captain.

You receive Counter Agent Vial from A Dying Newport Captain.

A Dying Newport Captain begins to convulse, his body shaking as he spits up blood.
Newport Guard says, 'Captain, are you alright? Quickly, we must return him to Newport!
A Dying Newport Captain's head falls back lifelessly as he mumbles one last breath, 'Free them from their plague...'
The Newport Guards lower their heads in mourning at the loss of their Captain, then carry away his body to be buried in Newport.