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This quest links the Main Quest to it's continuation, the [[Refuge quests]].

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This quest links the Main Quest to it's continuation, the Refuge quests.



Main Quest - Kaezulian Incursion
Quest giver Lady Shaina
Previous quest

Main Quest

Starting Zone

Valley of Erimal

Ending Zone Valley of Erimal
Other Zone(s)

The Oasis
Northern Wastes of Tarhyl
Hate's Fury, The Scorned Maiden

Suggested Level Range 65 plus
Quest items used

Captain's Log

Item Reward(s)

Gemstone of the Sixth Seeker

Related overview
Completing at least two of the following five subquests is required
One of the following Factions must be joined

Find Lady Shaina (Valley of Erimal at 808, 839, -23).

You say, 'Hail, Lady Shaina'
Lady Shaina tells you, '<Player Name>, I am glad that you have come back. We are proud to congratulate you on your recent promotion to Trader. Your connections in the Silver Crown Trading Company will be extremely useful in the time to come - especially with our newest reports on Kaezulian activity.' The lich pauses as if considering,'You also deserve to know that we have tested the Clockwork Behemoth against the enemy. Our scouting reports have not been pleasent.
Note: Main Quest Faction must be at maximum rank (or in the case of Silver Crown Trading Company, up to Silver Crown Trader's Rank.)
You say, 'Tell me of these reports.'
Lady Shaina tells you, 'We have learned that Kaezul is beginning to resume incursion into the Old World. We have had eye witnessed reports of his naval armada scouting out the coast along the Wastes of Tarhyl. These ships are larger than any our scouts have seen and seem to be completely full of Kaezulian legions. While no large scale landing has taken place we know that they have been taking hundreds of Dawn Tribe orcs as slaves. While you were gaining rank with our new allies we sent a small force of our most seasoned fighters there in an attempt to determine the power of these slaving bands. Only one of them returned here alive.'
You say, 'What happened to them?'
Lady Shaina tells you, 'They were wiped out. We had the Clockwork Behemoth hidden relatively nearby in an attempt to even to playing field by nullifying the Kaezulian mages. The folding portal you retrieved for us allows us to move the machine almost at will. Unfortunately the small band of Kaezulian slavers saw right through our ambush and even worse were able to completely ignore the Clockwork Behemoth's anti magic shield. The single survivor says that the magic they employed when their normal magics failed was of a nature he had never seen before. We would like you to get involved, <Player Name>.'
You say, 'What do you want me to do?'
Lady Shaina tells you, 'We need you to gather information on what Kaezul is planning and how his mages were able to completely ignore our anti magic shield. You need to talk with the survivor that I talked of earlier first. Learn what you can from him before heading to the North Wastes of Tarhyl. Dawnlord Ghorlan is aware that you are coming and will instruct you further. Remember - Your end mission is to gather information on the Kaezulian plans. You have the authority to accomplish this any way you wish.'
You say, 'Who is the survivor?'
Lady Shaina tells you, 'His name is Findig. He came back shaken and battered yet refused to rest and recover. As a compromise he is acting as a Seeker Guard while his wounds heal. You should be able to find him near the entrance gates to the city during his shift or in the tavern when he is off duty.'

Your journal has been updated. [Kaezulian Incursion]

Find Seeker Guard Findig (Valley of Erimal at 900, 500, -123 • Shackled Spirits Tavern and Inn - first floor).

You say, 'Hail, Seeker Guard Findig'
The halfling slowly looks up at you with a worn and scarred face. His gaze seems to focus past you as if he is not paying full attention.
You say, 'Shaina sent me. I am here to learn about your recent expedition to the Wastes of Tarhyl.'
Seeker Guard Findig closes his eyes and shakes his head for a moment before responding, 'What do you want to know?'
You say, 'I know this is hard for you but I need you to tell me the entire story from the beginning. Lives are at stake, Findig.'
Seeker Guard Findig takes a long moment before speaking, 'There were twenty of us total. We had all trained together... we considered each other brothers and sisters. When we first arrived in the Wastes of Tarhyl we unfolded the Behemoth at a location near the Tarhylian Crags and left the two engineers there with instructions to activate it in two hours. We prepped for engagement and set off to the Oasis. There we laid in wait behind one of the great monoliths jutting up from the desert. The local orcs had told us that previous landing parties had passed by the area before so we felt it was perfect for an ambush.' The halfling sighs, 'Our job was not to run a campaign against Kaezul. We just were instructed to capture one or two slavers for interrogation. I do not know how... but they saw right through our ambush.'
You say, 'Tell me what happened after they discovered you?'
Seeker Guard Findig tells you, 'Their warriors rushed directly into our hiding spot in an attempt to catch us unaware. We took a loss... Brithey... but were able to fend them back. The fighting turned into a series of engagements while we attempted to retreat. Their mages attempted to strike at us from afar but their spells fizzled to nothing before reaching us due to the anti magic shield. That was when things changed. First their warriors disengaged and filed behind the mages. We thought that they had decided we were not worth the effort and were going to let us rout. That is when their magic hit us.' The halfling falls silent. His head shaking slowly from side to side.'
You say, 'What happened next?'
The halfling continues in a flat, emotionless tone. 'The first to die was Sendrik. Bright white light had sprung from the hands of the Kaezulian mages and formed into a swirling mist. As the mist settled over Sendrik his skin literally slaughed off his frame and pooled on the ground. We all ran in opposite directions, then. I have never seen magic like that before... it almost seemed alive, chasing us down as we ran. Either way it was completely uneffected by the anti magic shield. I was the only one to make it back to the engineers and behemoth. We waited a couple hours before packing home to report on what happened. Do you require anything else, <Player Name>?
You say, 'No Findig. That will be enough.'
Seeker Guard Findig nods slowly before turning away from you.

Your journal has been updated. [Kaezulian Incursion]

Find Dawnlord Ghorlan (The Oasis at -389, 402, 133).

You say, 'Hail, Dawnlord Ghorlan'
Dawnlord Ghorlan says, 'Things bode poorly for my tribe, <Player Name>. Our misguided cousins of the Darksun attack any Dawn tribesmen who wanders far from our lands and now the Kaezulians come looking for slaves. Still we maintain our way of peace and trade. Feel free to use what shade we can offer.'
You say, 'I come from the Seekers. I need to ask you a few questions about the Kaezulians.'
Dawnlord Ghorlan tells you, 'Ah... We were curious if your kind would return after what happened. We mourn the loss of your comrades, Seeker. Perhaps they were not succuessful yet they died in an attempt to protect not only my tribe but all peaceful peoples under Elael. What would you ask?'
You say, 'Any further information on the slavers would be great.'
Dawnlord Ghorlan tells you, 'Of course. For quite some time raids have been occuring in this desert. We know not what they want, but every invasion we are forced to flee or be killed. Those who do not flee are taken aboard there ship, the Hatesfury.'
You say, 'No exceptions? I assume negotiations with them are futile.'
Dawnlord Ghorlan tells you, 'We didn't bother. Our spies informed us the Darksun made a deal with them. Now the Darksun set up supply crates, and tribute to the slavers, which they pick up periodically, and are still taken as slaves. The Darksun do not learn, and continue to supply those who would take our freedom. It is a terrible fate.'

Your journal has been updated. [Kaezulian Incursion]

You say, 'I think thats all I need to know. Be careful Dawnlord.'
Dawnlord Ghorlan tells you, 'And you be careful as well Seeker. They are monsters.'

Find Lady Shaina (Valley of Erimal at 808, 839, -23).

You say, 'Hail, Lady Shaina'
Lady Shaina tells you, 'Speak <Player Name>, tell me what you have discovered.'
You say, 'The behemoth is useless. It did not stop the mist'
Lady Shaina stares at you blankly, unable to speak for a moment. 'Useless... useless? No it can't be. It CAN NOT be. All the time, resources... the lives we spent trying too. No. No. NO!'
You say, 'Further I don't think the slavers are related to the invasions directly. The Darksun are also paying the slavers a tribute of sorts in crates on the docks, that the Hatesfury picks up...'
Lady Shaina has composed herself again and nods as you speak. 'I think I see what you are saying. <Player Name>, we will not further this war here. Our ace is proven useless, Kaezuls attacks are up. It is only a matter of time before it all comes apart again. I won't stand by and let that occur, not again.'
You say, 'What would you have me do?'
Lady Shaina tells you, 'We need more information, and perhaps this slaver ship can provide it. The Captain of the ship should have some sort of ships log, telling of his travels. We could use that. It is a long shot, but all we have at this point. Sneak aboard, and find out what you can. There should be enough room in those crates to bring a few allies, which you may wish to do. Note everything you see and bring the knowledge to me directly. Do not fail in this task <Player Name>, find something to make it worthwhile.'

Your journal has been updated. [Kaezulian Incursion]

Find a suspicious looking crate (Northern Waste of Tarhyl at 772, -842, 0).

Enter Hates Fury.

Wait for Cargo Master Verdesh to walk away, then you can begin killing your way though the zone.

Kill Captain Slithir (Hate's Fury, The Scorned Maiden) and loot Captain's Log.

Give Captain's Log to Lady Shaina.

Lady Shaina leafs through the log, digesting every bit of material between its covers. 'I see. So the entire continent is preparing for something big. Yet I was hoping for more information, some clues on to Kaezul's next move. This log is so run of the mill, so matter of fact. While disturbing, it isn't useful.'

You say, 'There is another thing Shaina. I was contacted while on the ship. By some sort of rebellion member.'
Lady Shaina glares at you, but you see excitement in what is left of her face. 'A resistance? Why didn't you say so to begin with! And they have contacted you? Are you sure? Could it be a trick? A trap?'

Lady Shaina returned Captain's Log to you. You gain 150,000 experience!

You say, 'I don't believe so. They seemed well intentioned.'
Lady Shaina frowns. 'You might be projecting. Regardless, I think you should follow through on this invite, and make contact with the resistance. Quite frankly we need an in. Perhaps you can work with them to create some sort of path way for the rest of us to follow. It's a long shot, but we have no other real choice. Make allies with the rebels against Kaezul. Do not hesitate to report back to me when the need arises. Take the fight to his lands <Player Name>, and know that any action you take while there is just. Oh and one more thing.'

Your journal has been updated [Kaezulian Incursion]

You say, 'What is it Shaina?'
Lady Shaina smirks. 'I want to ensure your loyalty as you continue beyond our eyes. Give me your High Seekers Gem. And I will empower it further. As a gift, to my best Seeker.'

Give Lady Shaina your Gemstone of the High Seeker.

Lady Shaina says, 'You deserve this <Player Name>. Consider this a new rank, made just for you.'

You gain 150,000 experience!!

You receive Gemstone of the Sixth Seeker from Lady Shaina.