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User Information[edit]

I play a Ranger named Kedrin

Sometimes I play my terrible alts:

65 Dark Elf MALE Cleric Agnis

  • I know his name is bad and I get made fun of for it often

65 Iksar Warrior Cynik

65 Gnome Warrior Fifey (Friends)

65 Gnome Enchanter Ephed (Friends)

Rarely, I play my Adept Alts:

55 Dwarf Paladin Thib

  • #1 55 tank forever

55 Halfling Druid Ibren

Iksar Monk Wilster

Dark Elf Wizard Nirdek

Gnome Warrior Haris

Gnome Cleric Canticle

Kedrin's Class Spells Idea's[edit]

Kedrin's Item Template[edit]

Kedrin's Bard Instrument Table[edit]

Kedrin's Contributions[edit]

Gear for Test[edit]

Monk Gear for Level 1
Warrior Gear for Level 1
Rogue Gear