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Rabb the Rat

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Adept information
Rabb the Rat
Level 4
Max level to engage 1
Zone Northern Newport
Location West of the gate, around some boxes and barrels.
Respawn 30 Mins
Known Loot
Class Warrior
Body Animal
Intelligence Unintelligent
Health (Tough)
Mana (Average)
Strength (Considerable)
Defense (Average)
Magic Resist (Weak)
Fire Resist (Weak)
Cold Resist (Weak)
Poison Resist (Weak)
Disease Resist (Weak)

Rabb the Rat stands guard in front of his stash.


  1. Engage.

Group suggestions[edit]

Duo priest and caster.
  • Buffed caster tanks and deals DPS with spells and Hand to Hand melee.
  • If caster has pet, give it a store-bought weapon for extra damage.
Soloable by HP+ twinks with Mithril 2H weapon.
Also very easily soloed with a Troll Shaman. Using only the starting gear and spells that you receive from The Dream this will still be an easy fight.

Battle information[edit]

  • HP: ~400
  • Max Hit: 15
    • Hit: ~13
  • Special abilities