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Rust Key quest (Iron Dead)

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To get the Key to the Factory, indifferent faction must be obtained from one of the three factions in The Rust and then complete a quest for them.

Walkthrough (Iron Dead)

Rust Key quest
Quest giver Jaklin, Traitor to the Machine
Starting Zone

The Rust

Suggested Level Range 65 plus
Faction Required The Iron Dead
Quest items used

Mask of Hate

Item Reward(s)

Key to the Factory

Related overview

Kill Free Machines until Indifferent with The Iron Dead.

Find A rogue necromancer (The Rust).

You say, 'Hail, a rogue necromancer'
a rogue necromancer says, 'Yes, <Player Name>? What is it?'
You say, 'I had some questions.'
a rogue necromancer says, 'Take them to Jaklin, then, if you can find him. I'm not a guide.'
You say, 'He doesn't seem to be around. Could you fetch him for me?'
a rogue necromancer says, '...Fine.'
The necromancer mumbles some arcane words of messaging. In a moment, Jaklin stands in the usual place.

Find Jaklin, Traitor to the Machine (The Rust at 1518, 974, -37).

You say, 'Hail, Jaklin, Traitor to the Machin'
Jaklin sets down his book. 'What is it, <Player Name>? I'm a busy man.'
You say, 'Who are you?'
Jaklin, Traitor to the Machin says, 'I am called Jaklin, and I am a traitor to the machine. The former is my name by birth, but I earned the latter.'
You say, 'What do you mean by 'machine'?'
Jaklin, Traitor to the Machin says, 'The factory, of course, and inside it, Clockwork himself.'
You say, 'How can I get inside the factory?'
Jaklin, Traitor to the Machin says, 'With a key. It just so happens I have one, and it can be yours, for a price.' Seeing you reach for your coin purse, he continues. 'Not money. The rebel machines have something of mine, I'm told their leader carries it. Get it back and I'll give you your key.'

Gather and give Mask of Hate to Jaklin, Traitor to the Machine.

Jaklin, Traitor to the Machin says, 'You have done well. Here.' Jaklin places the key in your palm. 'The factory will kill you, to be sure, but perhaps we will learn something in the killing.'

You receive Key to the Factory from Jaklin, Traitor to the Machin.