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Paladin Thurgadin Soulfire quest

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Thurgadin quests are class specific quests which originate in Thurgadin. The Artificers that give the quests are located in the Cleric guild of Thurgadin. Artificier Fedur gives the Paladin quests.

You say, 'Hail, Artificier Fedur'
Artificier Fedur tells you, 'Hmm, yes, you look like you may be of use to me. I am working on two projects - creating a pair of artifacts I have dubbed Soulfire and the Barbute of Purity - but I am in desperate need of a skilled adventurer to do field work for me.'


Paladin Thurgadin Soulfire quest
Quest giver Artificier Fedur
Starting Zone


Other Zone(s)

Red Sun Peaks
High Keep
North Freeport

Class Required


Suggested Level Range 51 - 60
Quest items used

Sunforged Blade
Hilt of Searing
Rites of Cleansing

Item Reward(s)


Experience Reward 25,000
Related overview

Find Artificier Fedur (Thurgadin at -181, 770).

You say, 'Tell me about the Soulfire'
Artificier Fedur tells you, 'Soulfire, when complete, will be a wonderous blade that is capable of shifting in length and size to accommodate the wearer, whether you wish a two-handed greatsword or a one-handed longsword. In order to complete this project I need a Sunforged Blade, a Hilt of Searing and Rites of Cleansing.'
You say, 'Sunforged Blade?'
Artificier Fedur tells you, 'A blade forged in the great forges of the Red Sun Peaks is necessary for the base component of Soulfire.'
You say, 'Hilt of Searing?'
Artificier Fedur tells you, 'Swords of Searing were the famous blades used by the Royal Guard of Highkeep. I doubt that any of the swords are still unbroken, but a hilt would be ideal to protect a wielder's hand from the flames of Soulfire.'
You say, 'Rites of Cleansing?'
Artificier Fedur tells you, Rites of Cleansing were used to bless the weapons of the Freeport Chaplains. You may still be able to recover these from their ruined temple.'

Gather and give Artificier Fedur:

  • Sunforged Blade
  • Hilt of Searing
  • Rites of Cleansing

You receive Soulfire from Artificier Fedur.

You gain 25000 experience!!

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