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Ribbon of Controlling Thoughts

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Ribbon of Controlling Thoughts


Type Equipment
Dropped by
Resists SvM: +5 
Advanced Item Effects FT: +1 MS: +3% 
Focus Effect Control Enhancement I
  • 1: Control Enhancement adds +1 tick to Charm Spell Duration and +10% to Mesmerize Spell Duration
  • 2: Increase Effect from Slow spells by 2%

(Adept) Expable Item
Growth Rate per Level 25%
Total Growth Levels 4
Growth Experience 2562335 exp per level
25623350 exp total

Slot: Head Arms Feet 
Focus Effect: Control Enhancement I
WIS: +5 (10) INT: +5 (10) CHA: +5 (10) MANA: +25 (50) 
SV MAGIC: +5 (10) 
Flowing Thought: +1
Mind Shield: +3%
Recommended level of 50. This item grows with experience.
WT: 0.1 Size: Small 
Race: ALL
Slot 1 type 5: empty