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Seek out a Vah known as a healer among his people.
Seek out a Vah known as a healer among his people.

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Seek out a Vah known as a healer among his people.


Lights in the Sky
Quest giver Projection of Shaina
Next quest

Deaths Veil

Previous quest

Deaths Veil

Starting Zone

Lzaefyn, Seekers' Sanctuary

Ending Zone The Mountain Crags of Tarhyl
Other Zone(s)

The Grand Library

Suggested Level Range 65
Quest items used

Niminisman o ma Soloudi t Hrate
Control Over the Flow of Day and Night
Orb of Daylight
Orb of Dusk
Orb of Midnight

Related overview
These four may be completed in any order

Find Ryhajin Kajek (The Mountain Crags of Tarhyl at 2120, -220, 637 • Shaman guildmaster on map.).

You say, 'Hail, Ryhajin Kajek'}'
Ryhajin Kajek says, 'Greetings, worthy. You look like a fine, brave adventurer, what brings you to my homeland?'
You say, 'I am here on a mission given to me by Lady Shaina.'
Ryhajin Kajek pulls his ears back nervously.
Ryhajin Kajek says, 'Shaina sent you? She is one kitten who never chased a ball of string, this must be serious!'
Ryhajin Kajek's fur ripples in a shudder.
Ryhajin Kajek says, 'That she sent another in her place means the world is surely in great danger. What would she have you ask of me?'
You say, 'You are right, she is absorbed with her defense of the lands and needs a ritual to reinforce our boundaries. She asked that I seek your expertise.'
Ryhajin Kajek's ears perk slightly.
Ryhajin Kajek says, 'You have come to the right place. I know much of the flow between night and day, which is surely a part of such a complex ritual. I'm sure I could come up with a way to help, but the balance between the hours of light and the hours of darkness are highly delicate. I should check over my sacred texts to be sure of the proper wording, then I will gather the necessary physical components. Come back in a few days and I will see what I can do.'
You say, 'I fear we must hurry, she seemed hard pressed. Can't you be any faster?'
Ryhajin Kajek says, 'I can do much with day and night, but even I cannot stop the one from turning to the other. I do what I must, unless you think yourself wise enough to fetch the materials for me.'
Ryhajin Kajek turns and begins looking through a rack of scrolls without waiting for your answer.
You say, 'I'm sure I could do that, what do you need?'
Ryhajin Kajek is absorbed in his task and does not respond.
You say, 'Hello, sir! What do you need me to find?'
Ryhajin Kajek says, 'Yap yap yap, like a puppy. Why don't you give me a moment to find the right...ah! Here it is. Take it and go, I have much research to do if I am to determine the exact time at which the ritual should be performed.'
Ryhajin Kajek thrusts a tattered parchment at you and walks briskly away.

You receive Niminisman o ma Soloudi t Hrate.

Your journal has been updated. [Lights in the Sky]

The Vah has given me a scroll that contains details on materials he will need for the counter-ritual. I should read it and find out what's needed.

Read Niminisman o ma Soloudi t Hrate.

Your journal has been updated. [Lights in the Sky]

The parchment Ryhajin gave me is in a language I can't decipher. He also seems to be completely ignoring me! I need to find someone who can help me decipher this.

Find Language Master Kabouter (The Grand Library at -466, 409, 3).

You say, 'Hail, Language Master Kabouter'
Language Master Kabouter says, 'Jorawletico r capitic! Ocon a?'
You say, 'Um, I have no idea what you are saying...'
<Player Name> looses an exasperated sigh.
Language Master Kabouter says, 'Sure, just because a language has been dead a few millennia, no one bothers to speak it anymore. 'Language Master Kabouter, what good is a dialect of ancient noble Iksar?' Plenty, I say! I suppose you're here to talk to me in common tongue.'
You say, 'Actually, I have a parchment here in a language I can't understand. I don't suppose you could translate it?'
Language Master Kabouter says, 'Oh, let me guess! Dark elvish? Fae? Absolute child's play! I can't believe you'd even waste my time with this! Oh well, let me see.'

Your journal has been updated. [Lights in the Sky]

Give Niminisman o ma Soloudi t Hrate to Language Master Kabouter.

Language Master Kabouter's eyes widen.
Language Master Kabouter says, 'My goodness, this is Vah Cil, a language known to only a handful of individuals outside the Vah community, and even only a small number of Vah! Where did you get this?'

Language Master Kabouter returned Niminisman o ma Soloudi t Hrate to you.

You say, 'Nevermind that - can you translate it?'
<Player Name> snorts derisively.
Language Master Kabouter says, 'Can I? Certainly. Will I? Well, I don't see what's in it for me.'
Note: Possible alignment hit.
Note: Evil?
You say, 'How about I not break your puny legs and set fire to your belongings?'
Language Master Kabouter turns even more pale that he already is.
Language Master Kabouter says, 'Well, uh, since you put it that way...'
Language Master Kabouter begins furiously writing on a scrap of parchment and hands it to you.
Language Master Kabouter says, 'There, done. Now please, just leave me, I don't want any trouble.'
Note: Neutral?
I understand you are busy, and I don't wish to trouble you. Could I offer you 10 platinum for your trouble?


Note: Good?
Please sir, this is a matter of utmost importance. You will be doing the world a huge favor. Besides, would you pass up a chance to read such a rare text?
Language Master Kabouter says, 'Well, you are right about that. Fine, let me see that once again.'
Language Master Kabouter says, 'There, done. Now if you don't have anything else interesting to share with me, I bid you good day, and please take your leave.'

You receive Control Over the Flow of Day and Night.

Your journal has been updated. [Lights in the Sky]


Read Control Over the Flow of Day and Night.

Your journal has been updated. [Lights in the Sky]

The tome, when translated, describes needing to take on foes who present a challenge in order to gather the three orbs. It also yields some hints about where I might find such foes.

Gather and give Ryhajin Kajek:

  • Orb of Daylight
  • Orb of Dusk
  • Orb of Midnight
Without saying a word, Ryhajin Kajek takes the orbs and envelops them in a black silk cloth.
Ryhajin Kajek says, 'You have done well, worthy. These orbs are not so simple to come by, but their power is essential for the ritual Lady Shaina will need us to perform. I shall go to her at once.'

You have completed a quest. [Lights in the Sky]

Ryhajin has the orbs he needs for the ritual, and will make his way to Shaina