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Tylazik`s Remains' quest

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Tylazik`s Remains' quest
Quest giver Tylazik`s Remains
Next quest

The Spirit of the Swarm

Starting Zone

Hidden Temple of Yaralith

Other Zone(s)

Red Sun Peaks
Siren's Grotto
Dragon Necropolis
Frosthorn Coast
Greenmist Jungle
Fire Grottos
Wyvernfang Coast
Dreadfang Spire

Class Required


Suggested Level Range 65 plus
Quest items used

Priest's Skull
Magmatic Soil
Frosted Water
Sacrifical Dagger
Gargantuan Turtle Entrails
Blessed Sacrifical Dagger
Ornate Athame
Shimmering Athame
Glowing Athame
Pulsating Athame
Reanimation Jar
Uzilath's Remains
Mutilated Skeletal Right Legbone
Mutilated Skeletal Left Legbone
Mutilated Skeletal Fists
Mutilated Skeletal Torso
Mutilated Skeletal Armbones
Mutilated Skeletal Head
Lisaath's Remains
Orb of Green Matter
Heart of the Forgotten

Item Reward(s)

The Ancestral Mask of the Tal'Yan

Kill An eternal servant (Hidden Temple of Yaralith) to spawn Tylazik`s Remains (Hidden Temple of Yaralith).

You say, 'Hail, Tylazik`s Remains'
Tylazik`s Remains raises empty sockets that burn with dim witchfire towards you, 'Ahh, who are you, that has come to this place, so close to sleeping Yaralith?'
You say, 'Who is Yaralith?'
Tylazik`s Remains says, 'Do your living eyes not see what even mine can percieve? Yaralith, doom of my people, sleeps within the soothing mass of his prison. And yet, his time of wakening nears. Ah... that the Tal`Yan fall so far...'
You say, 'Who are the Tal`Yan?'
Tylazik`s Remains says, 'Do you truly wish to listen to this tale, living one? It is old, long forgotten by all but the dead. But I shall tell it, if you please. I am Tylzaik, once the First Speaker of the Signs among my people, the Tal'Yan. The very same people you doubtlessy fought to enter this gloomy chamber. The same, but yet different. We were not always warped, twisted and aggressive. When I lived, the Tal'Yan respected life and the ways of the ancestors. We were a peaceful people, living our lives in the great jungles outside this temple. Then, a child was hatched, raised a prophet, one that would doom us all.'
You say, 'Who was this prophet that doomed you?'
Tylazik`s Remains says, 'I speak of Yaralith, the very same you behold, though he was different then.. a Tal`Yan, such as me. A brilliant young prophet with exceptional abilities for reading the signs, he constantly pursued new ways to tap into the power of the spirits and animals of this land, the power which all prophets weave. But in his quest, he found a different power, untapped, and pure.'
You say, 'What was this power he found?'
Tylazik`s Remains says, 'Within all living things course the currents of magic. Some, the magic of the skies and the wind, is trapped within the animals and the spirits that reside upon the land , and becomes that very essence which we draw to fuel our magic. But other magic, the magic of the earth and stone, is sapped into the roots of the trees and plants. It was this power that Yaralith discovered, a vast source of magic completely neglected by our people. His attempts to channel it met with success, and as he revealed the new wonder to our people, we were overjoyed at first. Young Tal'Yan were trained to channel this force, draw it and cast it. If only Yaralith had left it at that, none of this would have come to pass. But alas, his pride was too great. Wielding both sources of energy, he realized that if the two types of magic could be combined, it could form a third power in itself, a complete power, undivided and unmatched. His attempts in this direction failed at first. The two powers were anathema to each other, slipped away from and repelled the other apart. For many nights, lights burned in Yaralith's chambers as he unsuccessfully tried to force the two powers to unite. Finally, at dawn one morning, Yaralith left his chambers, eyes wild with triumph. He claimed he had found a way to unite the two, to make them one. He called upon all Tal'Yan to witness this event at the holy grounds of the Ancestor Temple.'
You say, 'What was this event that occured [sic]?'
Tylazik`s Remains says, 'Ahh... that rueful day clings to my fading memories with claws that rend. Yaralith ascended the Pyramid of the Signs, and before the gathered Tal'Yan, flanked by his apprentices, the channelers of the earth, he began a new spell. Tapping not only into the wind and the earth, but into something else, something dark, twisted, something that he attempted to use as the bond between the two powers. And it worked. It worked at first. Wielding the unified power of the earth, Yaralith raised his hand, and wonderous [sic] trees sprung from the ground, bearing the most delicious of fruit. The assembled Tal'Yan stared in wonder, and for a moment, it seemed as though Yaralith had been right all along. But every action has consequenses [sic], and the consequenses [sic] of Yaralith's meddling were dire indeed.'
You say, 'What consequenses [sic] were there?'
Tylazik`s Remains says, 'As a quake splits the earth and rends the land, so did the third power of Yaralith's melding tear his very own spell open. Inconspicious at first, it seemed as though Yaralith was merely struggling to wield the vast energy he had summoned, but then a sound as though a million gibbering voices filled the temple grounds. Yaralith screamed, but rather than words, a vast blackness surged from his mouth, his eyes, his very being. It turned on him and his apprentices, consuming them, warping them, and changing them. Still bearing the waves of earth and air magic, it turned them into a twisted parody of a creature - endowed with the essence of the very plants themselves, gifted with the intelligence of a living being, but hateful, murderous, and entirely twisted. Yaralith struck out, and dark roots sprung from the ground, enveloping and strangling bystanders. A few prophets attempted to stand against them, but his apprentices slew them with their very own magics. The Tal'Yan who survived fled in disarray, only to find the exit of the temple sealed by the collapse of the roof as Yaralith's failed spell shook the very earth asunder. I fled to my chambers, gathering about me the few prophets who had survived. Together, we conjured up a desperate plan. Yaralith and his apprentices now stalked the temple grounds, killing everyone who would not join them in the slaughter. By hidden passages, we made our way to the very inner chamber of the temple, this room which you behold. There we prepared one final spell, fueled by the very power of our own lives. As Yaralith and his foul spawn surged into the chamber, we cast it, conjuring a bubble of sheer force, sheer containment, to seal Yaralith's mind within a dreamless sleep forever. The spell succeeded - barely. The force we wielded cost us our own lives.
You say, 'What was the force?'
Tylazik`s Remains says, 'We realized that our spell might fail, even partially, and it did. A being of Yaralith's power could not be locked away forever. Realizing this need, my last change to the spell was to ensure that I would return from beyond the grave, accepting a damnation to watch over the forces that kept the sleeping one trapped. A thousand years have passed since, and now the barrier surrounding Yaralith weakens. His mind stirs towards wakefulness, and sensing the imminency of his return, the Tal'Yan, once a proud people, now a degenerated remains that worships his sleeping form, have broken out from hiding, and begun to scout the surrounding lands. Preparing for war. Preparing to conquer. And so, living one, you have listened to my tale. Doubtlessly you find it disturbing, doubtlessly you shall shrug it off. I expect no help from the living, nor the dead.'
You say, 'I may be able to help you.'
Tylazik`s Remains says, 'No... there is nothing you can do. You have not the strength of the spirits.'
Note: A Shaman is required at this point to continue this dialogue and quest.
You say, 'I may be able to help you.'
Tylazik`s Remains says, 'You... think to take my mantle? To aid me in my plight? I... did not expect such from a living, but perhaps you are powerful enough. Listen closely. Yaralith's power is nearly ultimate. Through the long years of his sleep, the twisted energies of the earth has fed him, saturated his form with magic. If he wakes in such a state, he will be unstoppable. That link must be severed. I know not how, but I know of a way to find out. Listen to me, living one. You must destroy this form and take my remains to the great portal in the jungles outside. The portal was built by an ancient race, and is a direct gateway to the world of the dead. There is one spirit that might know the answers to this question.'

Kill Tylazik`s Remains and loot Remains.

Ritual of summoning

Note: You may collect the quest items for the next step ahead of time, if you prefer.

Spawn Spirit of Tylazik (Greenmist Jungle) by clicking on the book (old Plane of Fear Portal) at the Greenmist Portal with (Unknown) Remains in your inventory.

Spirit of Tylazik says, 'Ahh... we are here. I sense the pull of the spirit world. Listen closely, for we must prepare a ritual of summoning. The ritual itself is far from being without peril, but even the collection of required things could prove difficult. There are four things needed to properly execute such a ritual. The first is a blessed dagger of sacrifice. The second is the entrails of a great beast. The third is the soil of a dead land. And the fourth is the skull of a Tal Yan priest.'
You say, 'Tell me about the blessed dagger of sacrifice.'
Spirit of Tylazik says, 'Simple Sacrificial Daggers are carried by the ritualists [sic] of many races, but beyond recovering such a dagger, you must also bless it by tempering it in waters of a frozen grotto spring using a forge.'
You say, 'Tell me about the entrails of a great beast.'
Spirit of Tylazik says, 'I heard once in my youth of armored creatures of gargantuan size that lived among the frozen waters of the far north. One such creature might do.'
You say, 'Tell me about the soil of a dead land.'
Spirit of Tylazik says, 'Only the soil from a land blasted and barren can be used to call those who have gone beyond, into the wasteland of the dead.'

Collect and combine in any forge to create Blessed Sacrifical Dagger:

  • Frosted Water
  • Sacrifical Dagger

Gather and give Spirit of Tylazik:

  • Priest's Skull
  • Magmatic Soil
  • Gargantuan Turtle Entrails
  • Blessed Sacrifical Dagger
Note: Before spawning Spirit of Tylazik and handing these items in, have strong force with you as you will be assaulted by a group of around 20 to 30 undead once the hand in is complete. Be warned, the Spirit of Tylazik is relatively weak and the undead may target him. The undead will spawn near the old plane of fear portal. Tylazik cannot be healed and if he dies the fight is lost.
Spirit of Tylazik says, 'Yes... this will do amply... I will begin the summoning. Make sure you are prepared for battle, as there is no telling what will come through the portal before we contact the spirit we want!'

The Pulsating Athame

Spirit of Jirryik (Greenmist Jungle) spawns from the Greenmist Portal.

Spirit of Jirryik says, 'Tylazik, yil traa en julai.'
Spirit of Tylazik says, 'Speak not the forgotten tongue, brother of the dead. There are living among us, living who would put a stop to the sleeping doom.'
Spirit of Jirryik glances around with dead eyes, 'Is it true so, as the First Speaker says?'
You say, 'It is true.'
Spirit of Jirryik says, 'Yes... perhaps it is. I sense courage within your form. Listen then, living one. I have dwelled in the earth, among the dead, for a thousand years. In my unrest, I have discovered the very root of that which Yaralith drew to transform himself and our entire people. His folly is greater than any of us could have imagined. In his quest for power, he delved into the depths of the lower planes, the warping chaos from which all existance was once formed. Things live in that chaos - things which should never enter this world. And now they have. For the link to be severed, those creatures which escaped entrapment must first be destroyed.'
You say, 'I will destroy them.'
Spirit of Jirryik says, 'There are three such creatures - all are elusive and shifting, waiting only for their Master's return, hiding among the fragmented lands. I do not know where they skulk, but you must destroy them, and collect their essences in this athame. The first of these creatures has appeared in my vision, hiding among mind horrors that live in the depths of cold stone. The other two have evaded me, but once you have learned how to recognize their appearance... it should prove easier to find them as well. Only with the collected essence of all three can we proceed. Once you have collected their essences, return to the altar here. I shall come to your call.'

You receive Ornate Athame from Spirit of Jirryik.

Find Efreeti Progenitor (Fire Grottos). Kill an efreetis or any efreeti types until he spawns.

Give Ornate Athame to Efreeti Progenitor.

Note: Takes approximately 6 hours to complete
Efreeti Progenitor shrieks as <Player Name> plunges the athame into its heart. It rapidly dissolves into a dark mist that sinks into the blade. The vision of a scaled, water-dwelling creature briefly passes before your eyes, and you know it is your next target.

You receive Shimmering Athame from Efreeti Progenitor.

Find Render Spawnfather (Wyvernfang Coast at -743, -695). Kill a renders until he spawns.

Give Shimmering Athame to Render Spawnfeather.

Render Spawnfather shrieks as <Player Name> plunges the athame into its heart. It rapidly dissolves into a dark mist that sinks into the blade. As it dissappears, another vision flashes before your eyes - a massive creature, a living tree. You know it is the last of your targets.

You receive Glowing Athame from Render Spawnfeather.

Find Shadowbark Treant (Shadowdale). Kill a shadow treants until he spawns.

Give Glowing Athame to Shadowbark Treant.

Shadowbark Treant shrieks as <Player Name> plunges the athame into its heart. It rapidly dissolves into a dark mist that sinks into the blade.

You receive Pulsating Athame from Shadowbark Treant.

Return to the Greenmist Portal to spawn Spirit of Jirryik.

Spirit of Jirryik says,'You have done this task well, with skill and care. I begin to think that Tylazik's trust in you was well placed. Listen now. With this Athame, we can destroy the link between Yaralith and the chaotic matter that feeds his power, but we cannot possibly get close enough to do so - the very power of Yaralith himself will repel us. We must use one he trusts. Use whatever friends or means you have available, and charm Yaralith's most trusted servant - his Hand - so that his allegiances change. Give the Athame to the Hand, and instruct him on how to use it. Through his treachery, we can overcome the sleeping one.

Find and charm The Hand of Yaralith (Hidden Temple of Yaralith at 358, 188, -14).

When he is charmed the others will attack him. The hand can be healed.

Give Pulsating Athame to The Hand of Yaralith.

Find Spirit of Tylazik in Yaralith the Forgotten's room.

Spirit of Jirryik says,'Something... Something is wrong. The link is severed, the deed is done, but yet the dark energies feed Yaralith. Quickly, we must escape here, before the servants of Yaralith sense us and come to destroy us. Meet me back at the portal, living one.

Find Spirit of Tylazik at the portal.

Note: Have an open inventory slot for a container.
Spirit of Tyzalik says 'I watched your attack on the sleeping one, but though it was succesful to what purpose it had, it was not enough. The taint has gone farther than any of us could have thought. It had settled in the very land itself, fed into the roots ad grass of this jungle. As long as this taint remains, Yaralith can still draw upon his warped energies, is still unstoppable. I have thought of this, and came to the only possible conclusion. The land itself must be cleansed. This however, is no easy task. Can I trust you to carry it out, living one?
You say 'you can trust me'
I thought as much. I am pleased. Listen then. To perform the ritual of cleansing, four prophets are required, and we have but two. I do not dare use the portal to contact another, so we must go about this in a different manner. First you must return to blighted Yaralith. Among the pained souls that stalk its passageways, there are those who clutch onto the remains of our brothers, those which they tore to pieces. Assemble the remains of one such brother, Uzilath, into this container. The second brother, Lisaath, was one of the few to escape the temple, being in the outside world at the day of Yaralith's damnation. He wadered the world for a time, and eventually died, forgotten by all who live. We do not know where he finally fell, only that it is a place of everlasting cold, where damned and insane creatures roam.

You receive Reanimation Jar from Spirit of Tylazik.

All that Remains

Collect and combine in Reanimation Jar to create Uzilath's Remains:

  • Mutilated Skeletal Right Legbone
  • Mutilated Skeletal Left Legbone
  • Mutilated Skeletal Fists
  • Mutilated Skeletal Torso
  • Mutilated Skeletal Armbones
  • Mutilated Skeletal Head

Gather Lisaath's Remains.

Note: Both remains must be in your inventory to spawn the spirits. Have a raid party formed to kill Yaralith The Forgotten.

Spawn Spirit of Tylazik.

Spirit of Tyzalik says "We will begin the ritual from here, but you must conclude it in a different place. The time has come, brave one. Once we sever Yaralith from the source of his dark power, he will strive towards wakefulness, to reclaim what is his. You cannot allow it, it must be stopped. You must awaken him yourself, before he is ready to meet you, and destroy his weakened form. Take this. It is the key to awakening the Forgotten. I wish you luck, even weakened... he is formidable.

You receive Orb of Green Matter from Spirit of Tylazik.

Give Orb of Green Matter to Yaralith the Forgotten (Hidden Temple of Yaralith).

Kill Yaralith The Forgotten and loot Heart of the Forgotten.

Spirit of Tyzalik spawns.

Give Heart of the Forgotten to Spirit of Tyzalik.

You receive The Ancestral Mask of the Tal`Yan from Spirit of Tyzalik.

Spirit of Tyzalik says "Incredible, you have done what I thought impossible. The Forgotten is dead, and will never threaten the world again. I realize there is nothing I can do to truly repay you for this, for granting peace to these lands - and to myself, for my task is done now - but I can offer you this, the most treasured of relics wielded by the Prophets of the Tal'Yan. May it serve you well."