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Trap Master Gorlir's quest

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Trap Master Gorlir's quest
Quest giver Trap Master Gorlir
Starting Zone

Northern Newport

Class Required


Suggested Level Range 21 - 30

Find Trap Master Gorlir (Northern Newport at 10, 190, -30).

You say, 'Hail, Trap Master Gorlir'
Trap Master Gorlir looks up at you with a horrifically burned face, 'You have come to learn from the powder master! Good - it is with great pleasure that I spread my craft. There is no better powderman in all of Dalaya.
You say, 'How do you know you are the best powderman?'
Trap Master Gorlir shouts at you, 'HOW DO I KNOW I AM THE BEST POWDERMAN? If I was a bad powderman I would not even be here talking to you now would 'ay? One crossed wire, one wayward pinch of potassium chloride... one errant twitch and BOOM' Gorlir slaps his leg, 'A steaming pile of entrails. Now do you want to learn how to make powder traps or not?'
You say, 'I did come to you, afterall. Teach me powder traps.'
A horrific looking grin settles on Gorlir's face, 'Then teach you I will! Aha this sort of work is what I was born for. I aint gonna have your smoking corpse on my conscious though. You get to learn one type of powder trap now and one when your experianced to handle it. So - Do you want to blow things up or knock the wits right out of them? You can either learn how to make Blast Traps or Concussion Traps. Your choice is final.
(NOTE: There are four main trap types - Bolt, Powder, Oil and Snare - with two kinds of trap each. You may learn one kind of each trap type at levels 20 and 50. Which kind of each trap type you learn first is a choice you must make.)
You say, 'Whats the difference between the two?'
Trap Master Gorlir says, 'Blast traps are metal balls with as much powder as you can pack in em buried in the ground. You shave down the casing so the moment someone steps near one KABLOOEY!' Spit flies out of Gorlir's mouth as he screams the word. He snorts and chuckles before continuing, 'Concussion traps use less powder but are mixed to create a large flash and sound. These stun your targets senseless instead of blasting them to bits. So - Do you want to learn Blast Traps or Concussion Traps? It's gonna cost you three platinum either way.'