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The Voice of Jayla's Quest

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The Voice of Jayla asks you to assist the Junior Lorekeepers with their tasks. Upon completing this quest, you will be able to travel to the senior lorekeepers.

Note: You do not need to be aligned with Jayla to do these quests


The Voice of Jayla's Quest
Quest giver The Voice of Jayla
Next quest

Firinis Theory

Previous quest

Helping Rollins
Athica and the Mist
Mind games
Tyners Promotion
Erias Collectables

Starting Zone

The Grand Library

Ending Zone The Grand Library
Suggested Level Range 65 plus
Item Reward(s)

Investigator's Signet

Find The Voice of Jayla (The Grand Library at -4, 458).

You say, 'Hail, The Voice of Jayla'
The Voice of Jayla says, 'Welcome to the Grand Athenaeum, home of Jayla, Keeper of Lore. While here, no combat is allowed. Please respect the sanctity of our home. Are you interested in aiding in our search for knowledge?'
You say, 'Yes, how can I help?'
The Voice of Jayla says, 'Great, Jayla is always looking for those who value knowledge and lore. However, you must first prove yourself with our lorekeepers before being able to assist us in truly worthwhile quests for knowledge. To begin, you should seek out the Junior Lorekeepers, those that are but newly promoted from the rank and file. They are tasked with some of the more mundane assignments, but all knowledge is important, and you must learn that quickly here if you wish to be of any help.'
You say, 'Is there anything else I can do?'
The Voice of Jayla says, 'Perhaps one of our archaeologists could use some assistance. They have been scouring Dalaya for ancient relics and artifacts that will assist them in revealing the truth about our world's history.'
You say, 'How would I go about helping one of them?'
The Voice of Jayla says, 'You should begin by speaking with Certus, as he has spoken with me about needing some help with his work. I wish you luck during your time here.'

Junior Lorekeepers

Complete the following quests:

Find The Voice of Jayla (The Grand Library at -4, 458).

You say, 'Hail, The Voice of Jayla'
The Voice of Jayla says, 'Welcome back, <Player Name>. I have heard from all of our Junior Lorekeepers that you have assisted them in their search for knowledge. I have passed word along to the rest of the staff that you are to be trusted. However, please do not bother the Councilors, The Cheif Librarian or Jayla herself. They are incredibly busy. If you continue to prove yourself useful, they may have some tasks for you in the future. Check with the Lorekeepers for further assignments. For now, please take this item as a thank you from our entire staff.'

You receive Investigator's Signet from The Voice of Jayla.

Senior Lorekeepers