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The Deviants

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Adept information
The Deviants
Level 25
Max level to engage 22
Zone Storm Sea
Location -1525, 1587, 45
The west side of the center island
Respawn 11 Hours
Known Loot

This is an event consisting of a group of unique individuals:

Should be noted if you are not a class on a given loot it will disappear from your inventory after looting.


Group suggestions

If using community toons:

Tank(monk probably preferred)

2 healers

maybe some dps

High MR is suggested to resist fear and other interrupting effects

Battle information

There is additional hint text in jaylas insight but will refrain from posting due to grace period.

Pansy the Deviant

  • Will complete heal herself if she is not the last to die
  • Immune to Root
  • Casts Spell: Disease Cloud

Scuff the Deviant

Fawn the Deviant

Grayer the Deviant