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Starting area guides

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These guides are for new or old players who want a bit of an eased introduction to their starting area. They include a map of all the 'newbie' quests in an area as well as a bit of introductory lore.


Wood Elves and High Elves: Kelethin and Athica Starting Guide

Gnomes (Good) and Dwarves: Underhill Starting Guide

Old World

Ogres, Trolls, Iksars and Dark Elves: Grobb and Oggok Starting Guide

Humans, Halflings, Half Elves and Gnomes (Evil): Newport, Newport Sewers and Surefall Starting Guide

Barbarians: Halas Starting Guide

Taldorian: Sadri Malath Starting Guide

Vah Shir: The Mountain Crags of Tarhyl Starting Guide


Erudites: Erudin Starting Guide