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Rust Key quest (The Rust)

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To get the Key to the Factory, indifferent faction must be obtained from one of the three factions in The Rust and then complete a quest for them.

Walkthrough (The Rust)

Rust Key quest
Quest giver Rust Lord Syvinal
Starting Zone

The Rust

Suggested Level Range 65 plus
Faction Required The Rust (Faction)
Quest items used

Scavenger's Gloves

Item Reward(s)

Key to the Factory

Related overview

Kill The Iron Dead until Indifferent with The Rust.

Find a Rust gardener (The Rust).

You say, 'Hail, a Rust gardener'
a Rust gardener says, 'Hail, outsider. The scrap is beautiful today, is it not? No, don't answer that, you outland folk have no appreciation for beauty'
You say, 'I'm looking for Rust Lord Syvinal. Could you get him for me?'
a Rust gardener says, 'Very well, I've seen you around enough to trust your intent.
The druid releases a small rat which scurries off into the scrap. Rust Lord Syvinal arrives in the usual place after a moment.'

Find Rust Lord Syvinal (The Rust at 1930, -146, -93).

You say, 'Hail, Rust Lord Syvinal'
Rust Lord Syvinal says, 'Welcome, <Player Name>. You look like someone with questions. Ask them, and I'll answer as I am able.'
You say, 'Who are you?'
Rust Lord Syvinal says, 'My people call me leader, for what little good that does. I keep them from killing each other while they eke out a living in the scrap'
You say, 'Tell me about your people'
Rust Lord Syvinal motions at the scarp around him. 'What you see is all there is to tell. We live among the scrap, live off it, scavenge what we can, eat what out druids and rangers can meke grow, and try not to fail ill. We take what we can from the machines that leave the factory. The other things that come out, we avoid'
You say, 'How much do you know about the factory?'
Rust Lord Syvinal says, 'Very little. What goes inside is none of our concern, so long as we can still scavenge among its refuse'
You say, 'I want to get inside. Do you know how?'
The Rust Lord pauses before answering. When he does speak, he chooses his words carefully. 'Yes, I do. I have a key for the barrier.'
You say, 'May I have it?'
Rust Lord Syvinal says, '...yes, if you must. I would rather you not go, but I can tell from your expression that if I don't help you, you'll keep looking until you find someone who will. Seek out the leader of the undead, called Jaklin. My key was hidden in a pair of gloves he stole from me some time ago. Get them back to me and I'll give you the key inside them.'

Kill Jaklin, Traitor to the Machine (The Rust at 1518, 974, -37) and Loot (Unknown).

Give Scavenger's Gloves to Rust Lord Syvinal.


You receive Key to the Factory from Rust Lord Syvinal.