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Heritage in doubt (Scale Alliance)

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Lorekeeper Jaxos wants you to find the origin of the Storm Giants.

This article is about the Scale Alliance version of Heritage in doubt. For the Stormhammers version, see Heritage in doubt (Stormhammers).


Heritage in doubt
Quest giver Lorekeeper Jaxos
Previous quest

The Voice of Jayla's Quest

Starting Zone

The Grand Library

Other Zone(s)

Centaur Hills
Eastern Badlands
Dragonhorn Keep
Wyvernfang Coast

Suggested Level Range 65 plus
Faction Required Scale Alliance
Quest items used

World Map

Item Reward(s)

Ancient Scaled Warblade
Branch of Draconic Birthright
Harp of Dragon Flame
Melded Scale Dagger
Tome of Draconic Rituals

Experience Reward (Unknown)
Related overview


Find Lorekeeper Jaxos (The Grand Library at 230, -127, 6).

You say, 'Hail, Lorekeeper Jaxos'
Lorekeeper Jaxos says, 'Ah yes...<Player Name>, is it? I was just reading over this message from The Voice about your work here so far. Commendable. Are you ready to move onto the truly important work?'
You say, 'Yes, I have been waiting for this.'
Lorekeeper Jaxos says, 'Excellent. This job may end up being entirely safe, or it may end with you captured, locked in a cell and beaten until all that remains of you is a memory. Knowing this, do you still wish to continue?'
You say, 'I will take my chances.'
Lorekeeper Jaxos nods. 'Good. Now, listen closely. Firinis and I have been working on studying development of all the younger races, an event that started nearly 2500 years ago. The interaction of raw magical energy with human physiology produced wildly varying results. A great many of the races on Dalaya can trace their history back to Freeport around this time.
You say, 'Which ones can't?'
Lorekeeper Jaxos says, 'The Iksar for one. The Dragons for another. There was a time when I was convinced the Storm Giants in the north were one as well, but I have had my doubts over the past few years. Call it a hunch, if you will. This is the task I have for you. Travel to Stormkeep and find out whatever you can about their history.'
Note: It is quite possible that if you choose the opposite answer to what your faction is, you will have to reverse your faction in order to complete this quest
You say, 'I have killed those Giants more times than I can remember.'
Lorekeeper Jaxos says, 'Well, then you should seek out one likely to know more their history. Perhaps if you hit it hard enough it will tell you what you want to know.'

Kill Captain Vazan (Stormkeep at -838, 1157, -130) and loot Sojourn.

Give Sojourn to Lorekeeper Jaxos.

Lorekeeper Jaxos says, 'This is fairly vague, but it does hint that the Storm Giants have not always lived in Stormkeep. Interesting.'

You gain 25000 experience!!

Lorekeeper Jaxos returned Sojourn to you.

World Map

You say, 'What is the next step?'
Lorekeeper Jaxos reaches into the bookshelf and pulls out a map, which he unfolds. 'Let's make the assumption that the Storm Giants are indeed a Younger Race and that they did migrate north from Freeport 2000 years ago. This text makes mention of several landmarks. I know it will likely be a difficult task, but I would like you to seek out these landmarks and see if you can discover any remainder of the Giant's path. Perhaps once we have several locations, we can reconstruct the route that they took to get to Stormkeep. If my theory is right, that route will point to Freeport. Mark any points you find on this map.

You receive World Map from Lorekeeper Jaxos.

Visit Everfrost at (2750, -3500) (Climb to the highest point)

Based on the description given in the book, this has to be the huge ruin the writer referred to. You mark it on your map.

Visit Centaur Hills at (3470, 1020)

Based on the description given in the book, this has to be the lake the writer referred to. You mark it on your map.

Visit Eastern Badlands at (-1390, -960)

Based on the description given in the book, this has to be the peak the writer referred to. You mark it on your map.

Return to Lorekeeper Jaxos.

You say, 'Hail, Lorekeeper Jaxos'
Lorekeeper Jaxos says, 'Oh my, it is sad that the path doesn't go any further back than Eastern Badlands, but that clearly points towards Freeport. I can't believe I might actually get an answer to this question!'

You gain 50000 experience!!


You say, 'How do we find out for sure?'
Lorekeeper Jaxos says, 'I don't know, but one thing that has me curious is the talk of being drawn further on. The writer of the journal raises a good point. Why not just make a new home where they are? Why keep going so far to the north? What is in the north that the giants would want? Or would want the giants?'
You say, 'Snow kobolds?'
Lorekeeper Jaxos says, 'No, you idiot. The dragons! My goodness, maybe we will even find out why those two races are inexplicably in a constant state of war. Is it just a territorial issue, or is there something more? Go to the home of the dragons and poke around a bit. Maybe you can find out some more.'
Note: It is quite possible that if you choose the opposite answer to what your faction is, you will have to reverse your faction in order to complete this quest
You say, 'I have proven myself to those Dragons many times over.'
Lorekeeper Jaxos says, 'Well then, your task should be quite a bit easier.'

Find Lord Rizhal (Dragonhorn Keep at -1350, -130).

You say, 'Hail, Lord Rizhal'
Lord Rizhal says, 'Greetings, <Player Race>. I am Rizhal, the High Priest of Wer'Zarad, and responsible for the maintainance of the hymn. What is that you wish?'
You say, 'Wer'Zarad? Would you be willing to share more?'
Lord Rizhal says, 'Wer'Zarad and Myr'Zarad were the two first of our kind. Myr'Zarad, the great mother, hatched the first brood of true dragons. They have long since ascended, but still watch over us, their children.'
You say, 'And who might the first brood be?'
Lord Rizhal says, 'The first brood consisted of one dragon of each of the colors, eight in total. Za`Yth, the first black. Zirvane, the first amber. Penerlia, the first grey. Vazak, the first red. Kyallor, the first green. Leskala, the first white. Yziar, the first gold. And finally Obana, the first blue.'
You say, 'Is Penerlia of importance to your kin?'
Lord Rizhal says, 'Lady Pernelia is our Empress, the ruler of the Scale. She is also one of Zirvane's Brood.'
You say, 'Who is this Zirvane you speak of?'
Lord Rizhal lowers his gigantic head, locking his gaze into yours, 'Very well, I shall tell you, though it is something I prefer to not bring up. Zirvane was a brilliant sorcerer and leader. In the early years of our glory, he acquired many followers, and did many successful experiments. He created the sub-races, our warriors. The drakes, the wyverns, the wyrms, are all his making.'
You say, 'So Zirvane enjoyed experimenting, then.'
Lord Rizhal says, 'Zirvane did not leave it at that. He wished perfection... stronger bodies for ourselves, not just for our armies. So he worked long and hard, perfecting spells of transmution. Eventually, he thought he had succeeded, and he and a select few intook the potions and magic he prepared. But the result was not quite as expected'
You say, 'What happened to them?'
Lord Rizhal says, 'Zirvane's spells made their wings longer, their bodies sleeker, their limbs stronger. But while they were a marvel to behold, the magics also warped the minds of most of the unfortunate subjects. Zirvane, and his close advisor Parcelan, both suffered from an insatiable hunger, a wish to devour the flesh of any living being.'
You say, 'So then, Zirvane was corrupted by his own magic?'
Lord Rizhal says, 'Zirvane fought to master this hunger, and in the end locked himself away in the north wing of our keep, where he still resides to this day. However, Parcelan failed to master it, succumbing to the lures. He began to steal away humanoids, animals... anything he could find, he ate. He even killed another dragon just to taste the flesh. We sought to slay him, but only managed to drive him away.'
You say, 'Where did Parcelan flee to?'
Lord Rizhal says, 'He fled to our graveyard, the Dragon Necropolis. We gathered a halfdozen of our own as well a large amount of soldiers and headed there, planning to end his scourge once and for all. But while there, we were met by creatures of all kinds.'
You say, 'Could you describe some of these creatures?'
Lord Rizhal says, 'Clans of ratmen living in the tunnels under the graveyard had taken to worshipping Parcelan, and fought us with sword and magic. Swarms of giant beasts scuttled at us, tearing and biting. But worst of all were the undead dragons.'
You say, 'Undead dragons, but how?'
Lord Rizhal says, 'Spirits of our dead brethren and animated bones of our deceased rose against us. Some seemed to have kept a semblance of their magic in death, and they were both numerous and formidable foes. I lost one more friend that day and in the end we were forced to flee. Thus Parcelan remains in Necropolis to this day, his followers kidnapping travelers and hunting animals to satiate his hunger. But, do you still wish to know what happened to Zirvane's Brood?'
You say, 'Of course. I am very interested.'
Lord Rizhal says, 'The remaining of Zirvane's Brood found themselves unable to reproduce, and without their master, no new could be created. However, being powerful fighters and mages, they became respected members of our society, and those that still live help protect our lands. Recently, the only still living female among them, Penerlia, succeded our previous ruler to the position of Empress of the Scale.'

Return to Lorekeeper Jaxos.

You say, 'Hail, Lorekeeper Jaxos'
Lorekeeper Jaxos says, 'Oh, now that is certainly interesting. Imagine what a power like that would do for someone without the moral willpower to stop themself. I wonder who else knows about this?'

You gain 25000 experience!!

Jaxos' Theroy

You say, 'Surely the giants didn't know about the power when they migrated north.'
Lorekeeper Jaxos says, 'Agreed, there is no way they could have known. And yet, these two races have been in a constant state of war for generations...unless they were being manipulated. It can't be that simple...My god, it actually might be!'
You say, 'Uhh, what are you talking about?'
Lorekeeper Jaxos says, 'There's no way to verify this, but let me ask you a question. What do you know about Shojar?'
You say, 'He's an elemental right?'
Lorekeeper Jaxos says, 'He's not just any elemental, you fool. He's one of The Four, second in power only barely to Tarhyl himself! Now if you remember your studies, which I hope you completed as a youngster, you'll remember Shojar is famous for his deviousness, and the intricateness of his plotting. He's also part of the shaky truce that The Four agreed on after the great war.'
You say, 'So what does he have to do with this?'
Lorekeeper Jaxos says, 'This is all conjecture, but I think Shojar has been using the Giants, maybe even as far back as when they first left Freeport over 2000 years ago.'
You say, 'Why would he do that?'
Lorekeeper Jaxos says, 'To get at the power that Zirvane created. He couldn't attack the Dragons directly, but I bet he did go demand allegiance from them, which I'm sure they spurned. I'm sure this infuriated him even more, so he went looking for a roundabout, drawn-out method of getting what he wanted, just like he always does.'
You say, 'That's a little far-fetched, don't you think?'
Lorekeeper Jaxos shrugs. 'Maybe, maybe not. It all seems to fit.'
You say, 'What do we do? Tell the Giants and Dragons about this?'
Lorekeeper Jaxos says, 'Goodness, no. We do not interfere, we are merely observers. It is not our place to use the knowledge we uncover. We are neutral. I do thank you for your help in this work, PlayerName. It is very interesting, especially if my theory is true.'

Urgent news

Note: Beyond this point Ally faction with Scale Alliance is required.

Return to Lord Rizhal (Dragonhorn Keep at -1350, -130).

You say, "Hail, Lord Rizhal."
Lord Rizhal says, "Greetings <Player Race>. I am Rizhal, the High Priest of Wer'Zarad, and responsible for the maintainance of the hymn. What is it that you wish?"
You say, "I have urgent news for you!"
Lord Rizhal blinks. "Oh? You have done much to aid my kind. I would hear your news, little one"
You say, "It appears Shojar has been using the Storm Giants to try to aquire the power that Zirvane uncovered."
Lord Rizhal roars loudly. "Is that so?! The Four should know better than to interfere with our business. We will teach Shojar a lesson by destroying his followers on the field of battle. We have a scout placed in Wyvernfang Coast, though he will be in hiding. Go there and speak with him and we shall show Shojar the true might of the dragons!"


Note: For the next part of this quest, a group is highly suggested.
Scout Krazir will only spawn if you are Ally with Scale Alliance.

Find Scout Krazir (Wyvernfang Coast at -1360, -1490).

You catch a glimpse of movement out of the corner of your eye.
You say, 'Hail, Scout Krazir'
Scout Krazir says, 'Greetings, <Player Name>. You have gotten here in just the nick of time. I have been watching the enemy marshalling troops across the Coast for some time now. I suspect a full scale assault may occur at any time. You should gather as many friends as you can. I think we will need your help to win this fight.'
Timer: 00:00
You say, 'My friends and I are gathered and ready to assist DragonHorn Keep!'
Scout Krazir says, 'Excellent, <Player Name>. Please go and speak with General Grizar. He will instruct you on how best to help us win this conflict.'
General Grizar shouts, 'Rally to me! The enemy is approaching!'

General Grizar spawns on the big rock.

Note: If General Grizar dies the event is failed.
Your primary role is to defend General Grizar from the flanking attacks.
Let General Grizar fight or you will miss out on a large chunk of dps.

You have entered combat...

Note: You are locked into combat by the event even if you do not have agro.
Timer: 00:25
General Grizar shouts, 'Good thing you have finally arrived. Stormkeep has gotten word of our gathering, and is amassing a force to counter our advances. I suspect they will attack shortly. Assist my defenders in holding this position!'

The Scale Alliance army spawns:

The Stormhammers army spawns:

Wave 1

Timer: 01:25
General Grizar shouts, 'They come! Stand ready!'

A wave of attacking giants engage the defensive drake force.

Timer: 02:25
General Grizar shouts, 'They are trying to flank us. All my troops are engaged already. Defend us from this attack, little ones!'

A wave of flanking giants attack General Grizar from behind.

Wave 2

Timer: 05:25
General Grizar shouts, 'They come again. Be on guard!'

A wave of attacking giants engage the defensive drake force.

Timer: 06:10
General Grizar shouts, 'They flank us again, those cowards!'

A wave of flanking giants attack General Grizar from behind.

Wave 3

Timer: 11:10
General Grizar shouts, 'They are committing all their remaining troops to the field! Stand ready! If we defeat this rush, we will be victorious!'

A wave of attacking giants engage the defensive drake force.

Timer: 11:25
General Grizar shouts, 'By Myr'Zarad, look at all of them! I will have to take to the field myself, little ones. They will likely try to flank us again now that I am engaged. Be prepared, lest we lose this day!'

General Grizar moves forwards to join the battle.

Timer: 11:50
General Grizar shouts, 'I was right, they are flanking again! Get them, little ones! Defend our rear!'

A wave of flanking giants attack from behind.


When the last giant dies...

Timer: 00:00
General Grizar shouts, 'I will have to retreat, little ones. My wounds are too severe.'
Timer: 00:10
General Grizar clasps the talisman around his neck and vanishes in a flash of light. As the General leaves the field, the will to fight seems to drain from his troops.

General Grizar despawns.

Timer: 00:17
Booming laughter echoes from the east.
Timer: 00:42
General Fazar shouts, 'Without your General to defend you, you are nothing! I shall defeat you myself. Have no fear, allies of Zarad, your deaths will be swift!'
Timer: 00:45
General Fazar shouts, 'Ready yourselves, fools. Your death is coming!'
General Fazar vanishes in a flash of light though the air remains heavy with his malice.

General Fazar despawns.

Timer: 03:15
General Fazar reappears, his huge frame dominating the cliffside.

General Fazar reappears near the defensive drake force and attacks.

When General Fazar reaches 60% health:

Scout Krazir shouts, 'I can observe no longer! I come to help you defeat this minion of Shojar.'

Scout Krazir joins to help kill General Fazar.

Note: If Scout Krazir dies the event is failed.

When General Fazar reaches 20% health:

Scout Krazir cries out in pain as a claw cuts deeply into his wing, stepping back from battle. Scout Krazir shouts, 'You will have to finish this battle on your own.'

Scout Krazir stops helping.

General Fazar becomes ENRAGED.

After Battle

Scout Krazir begins to fly slowly west along the cliff. He says, 'I thank you for your help this day, little ones. I must return to Dragonhorn Keep and tell my Lord of what has befallen our army here this day. Walk with me a ways.'

Scout Krazir stops and looks off into the ocean. 'Whoever uncovered the information that led us to this point, please approach me.'
You say, 'Hail Scout Krazir'
Scout Krazir says, 'You have done a great deed for our people, Player. I will speak highly of you to Lord Rizhal.'
You say, 'How have I done a great deed? Look at how many are dead!'
Scout Krazir says, Though we have suffered grave losses this day, we have dealt a blow to Stormkeep they will not soon recover from. It was a good day. Speak with Lord Rizhal when you return to Dragonhorn Keep. I can make my way home by myself, Player. Good day to you.'


Find Lord Rizhal.

You say, 'Hail, Lord Rizhal'
Lord Rizhal says, 'I have heard of your efforts to help us in the Battle of Wyvernfang Coast, Player. We are grateful.'
You say, 'What will you do now?'
Lord Rizhal says, 'About what?'
You say, 'About the fact that Shojar has been using the Giants to try to steal Zirvane's power from you.'
Lord Rizhal says, 'We will do what we have been doing. Fighting the Giants of Stormkeep. We could not challenge Shojar directly, so we will fight her chosen instead. This war will continue, as it has for as long as I can remember. Please take this gift as a reward for your work in the battle.'

You receive Branch of Draconic Birthright from Lord Rizhal.

Note: If you are not of a class that can use the initial reward, you may return it to Lord Rizhal in exchange for another reward.

Give Branch of Draconic Birthright to Lord Rizhal.

Lord Rizhal says, 'How about this instead?

You receive Harp of Dragon Flame from Lord Rizhal.
You receive Ancient Scaled Warblade from Lord Rizhal.
You receive Melded Scale Dagger from Lord Rizhal.
You receive Tome of Draconic Rituals from Lord Rizhal.


Return to Lorekeeper Jaxos.

You say, 'Hail, Lorekeeper Jaxos'
Lorekeeper Jaxos says, 'So even after I told you not to interfere with this conflict, you did so anyways, PlayerName? I hope you did not do so as a representative of Jayla.'
You say, 'I did not.'
Lorekeeper Jaxos says, 'Good. What did you learn from this?'
You say, 'They will continue fighting, even knowing the truth.'
Lorekeeper Jaxos says, 'Of course they will. Religious devotion is a powerful thing, PlayerName. Belief can blind you to the truth, the knowledge that is right in front of your eyes can be overlooked as faith clouds your vision. Those two races will probably fight until they exterminate each other, with little regard for the damage they do to the land they live in, or to the livelihood of their children. Do not make the same mistake.'