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Head Miner Kalko

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Adept information
Head Miner Kalko
Level 38
Max level to engage 35
Zone Warrens
Location (110,500)
Cave behind throne room
Respawn 17.5 hours
Known Loot
Class Warrior
Body Humanoid
Intelligence Semi-Intelligent
Health (Godlike)
Mana (Average)
Strength (Godlike)
Defense (Considerable)
Magic Resist (High)
Fire Resist (High)
Cold Resist (Average)
Poison Resist (Average)
Disease Resist (Average)

Kalko staked his claim in this mine, and he is not giving it up that easily.


Possibly the toughest adept.

Bard fear song.

Run back to HMK when ported away.

Slows on boss are very nice.

Group suggestions[edit]

At least 8 characters. 3 healers, a tank, and a bard.

Battle information[edit]

  • Special abilities
  • Max Hit: 450
    • Hit: ~320
  • Piercing/Erratic Strikes
    • Adds hit for no more than 55.
      • Add HP: ~2050
  • Teleports random players to far souuthwest caverns.
  • All Immune to Charm.
  • Adds can be mezzed and feared, invulnerable with armor.
  • Bard PBAOE mez is level capped too low to work.
  • Bard Fear does work on adds.
  • Random adds will emote, "bancak heavy infantry's armor becomes loose, and falls off." A bancak can then be attacked and killed.