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Anlir Bloodscalp's quests - Part IV

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Anlir Bloodscalp's next task is for you to show your proficiencies with weapons. He gives you a Twisted Palm Satchel and asks that you to kill bandits in Western Badlands and collect their heads. There's a grouping of tents on the map north-east of where the main road turns south shortly after the merchants. The bandits there have a quick respawn time and once you break the camp single pulls are no problem. The drop rate is kind of low considering that the bandits probably wouldn't be running around without heads, but the experience is excellent. Combine the 10 heads in the satchel to make Closed Twisted Palm Satchel. Turn the satchel in to Anlir and he gives you the Rogue's Hood.


Anlir Bloodscalp's quests - Part IV
Quest giver Anlir Bloodscalp
Next quest

Anlir Bloodscalp's quests - Part V

Previous quest

Anlir Bloodscalp's quests - Part III

Starting Zone

Northern Newport

Other Zone(s)

Western Badlands

Class Required


Suggested Level Range 11 - 20
Quest items used

Twisted Palm Satchel
Closed Twisted Palm Satchel
Bandit Head x 10

Item Reward(s)

Rogue's Hood

Currency Reward (Unknown)
Experience Reward 2,000
Related overview

Find Anlir Bloodscalp (Northern Newport).

You say, 'Hail, Anlir Bloodscalp.'
Anlir Bloodscalp says, 'Welcome back, Burglar. What's your business? Training? Or are you here to advance again?
You say, 'I'd like to advance my rank.'
Anlir Bloodscalp says, 'Heh. Most don't advance beyond your rank. Not enough skill. But if you want to try and take the Rogues test, let me know.
You say, 'Yeah, I'm up for it.'
Anlir Bloodscalp says, 'To become a full rogue of the Twisted Palm, you must show skill with weapons, to defend us from our enemies. The various bandits, desperates and scavengers inhabiting the Badlands are an annoying factor for us - we tend to take the blame for what they do, and they take from our business. Heh. Get yourself out there and slay as many as you can. I want at least ten heads collected though. Put them in this, and don't come back without the filled satchel.'

You receive Twisted Palm Satchel from Anlir Bloodscalp.

Gather and combine ten Bandit Head in Twisted Palm Satchel to create Closed Twisted Palm Satchel.

Give Closed Twisted Palm Satchel to Anlir Bloodscalp.

Anlir Bloodscalp says, 'Good job. Since you apparently can dance with the blades as well as the coins, you are promoted to Rogue.'

You gain 2000 experience!

You receive Burglar's Hood from Anlir Bloodscalp.

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