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Ancient Spell Scroll

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Ancient Spell Scroll


Type Not specified
Zone(s) Eastern Wastelands
Dreadfang Spire
Dragonhorn Keep
Dropped by various
Dropped by
WT: 0.1 Size: Small 
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

Turned in to Apprentice Vaceth. He will return to you one of your possible Ancient Spells, which you do not yet possess. If you already have all your Ancients, or if you are not a caster, he will give you 200pp instead.

Many level 65 'raid' mobs drop these, including most Western Wastelands dragons, the outdoor giants in and around Stormkeep, the rare dragons in Dragon Necropolis, Pzrka the Bladelord in Mielech's Lair, Lord Ravenwing in Eastern Wastelands, Ancient Deepfiend in Ruins of First City and many, many others.

See Tier 1 Raid Mobs for a Larger (though not complete) list of targets.

It should be noted that turning in multiple scrolls without memorizing one first, could result you in recieving the same spell twice. Memorizing the spells between turn ins will prevent this.