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12-man Tiers

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The purpose of organizing 12-man encounters into tiers is to give players a reasonable estimation of the difficulty of the encounter, as well as links to individual bosses for each tier.

For encounters without 12-man restrictions, see Raid Tiers and 6-man Tiers.

Please discuss changes to encounter tiers on the talk page to gain input from other players.

You should note that using only the information provided here when making a request for game balancing from the staff is not sufficient.

Tier 1  • Tier 2  • Tier 3  • Tier 4  • Tier 5  • Tier 6  • Tier 7  • Tier 8  • Tier 9  • Tier 10  • Tier 11  • Tier 12  • Tier 13  • Tier 14  • See also

Tier 10

The Abyss