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Spell: Misery of the Swamp

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Classes: ENC(65) Spell ID: 4026
Spell Category: Damage Over Time (Magic)
Mana cost: 138 Range: 200 Spell skill: Alteration
Cast time: 2.25 seconds AE radius: 0 Resist type: Magic
Recharge time: Instant AE duration: 0 Resist adjust: 0
Duration: 10 ticks (1 minute) Target type: Single Restrictions: None
Reagents: None Push back: 0 Auto Cast: None
Spell Type: Detrimental
Effects (from parser):
Slot 1: Decrease Current Hit Points by 232
Slot 2: Decrease STR by 52
Slot 3: Decrease AGI by 52
Slot 4: Decrease Hit Points by 261 for the initial tick then doing 18 less damage per tick
Slot 5: Increase Reverse Damage Shield by 17
Slot 6: Illusion: Froglok Ghoul
Cast on You: Your throat closes and your skin pales.
Additional notes: Causes your target's skin to pale as they weaken, lowering their strength and agility, initially doing damage and decaying damage every six seconds. The misery of the swamp overtakes them, causing them to appear as a Froglok, inflicting additional damage when they attack others.
Previous spell:
 Spell: Chokehold