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Spell: Blessing of Aegolism

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Classes: CLR(60) Spell ID: 2510
Spell Category: HP Buffs (Aegolism)
Mana cost: 10 Range: 100 Spell skill: Abjuration
Cast time: 0.3 seconds AE radius: 100 Resist type: Unresistable
Recharge time: Instant AE duration: 0 Resist adjust: 0
Duration: 102 ticks (10 minutes, 12 seconds) Target type: Group Restrictions: None
Reagents: None Push back: 0 Auto Cast: None
Spell Type: Beneficial
Effects (from parser):
Slot 1: Forced Spell Stacking Slot 3: Max Hit Points
Slot 2: Increase Max Hit Points by 1150
Slot 4: Increase AC by 58 (200 Spell AC)
Cast on You: You are filled with the power of Aegolism.
Additional notes: Cloaks your group in an aura of protection, granting them increased hit points and armor class. Consumes three peridots when cast.
Next spell:
Spell: Relic: Gift of Aegolism 
Previous spell:
 Spell: Aegolism
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