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Damage Shield

1 damage

Spiky Armor

Item Source Type
Youngster's Shoulder Spikes Worn

2 damage

Hayden's Radiation

Item Source Type
Active Yclistinite Mining Pick Loot Clicky
Crimson-Spiked Belt Loot Worn
Irradiated Iron Sphere Loot Bash Proc
Radiant Coral Chunk Loot Worn

Burning Rage

Item Source Type
Embittered Moat Cleaner's Spare Uniform Loot Worn

3 damage

Hayden's Embers

Item Source Type
Glowing Greatsword Loot Melee Proc
Band of Prehistory Loot Worn
Glowing Greatsword/Faction Bound Loot Melee Proc

4 damage

Shield of Brambles

Item Source Type
Shim Woven Gloves Loot Must Wear Clicky
Spiked Breastplate Loot Worn

6 damage

Inferno Shield

Item Source Type
Pendant of Burning Bones Loot Worn

10 damage

Illusion: Icebone

Item Source Type
Frozen Beneath the Lake Loot Worn

Thorny Acumen

Item Source Type
Very Dusty Trinket Loot Worn
Ring of the Underwater Eye Loot Worn
Heavy Pink Terror Heart Loot Worn

15 damage

Cold Aura

Item Source Type
Breastplate of the Sentient Golem Loot Must Wear Clicky
Iced Glazed Robe Loot Worn
Crystalline War Maul Loot Melee Proc
Chilled Barbute Loot Worn
Gauntlets of Chilling Spores Loot Worn


Item Source Type
Shroud of Lightning Loot Worn

16 damage

Aura of Strife

Item Source Type
Thazeran's Wristguard of Strife Loot Worn

25 damage

Shield of Lava

Item Source Type
Living Wisp of Lava Loot Must Wear Clicky
Flowing Lava Sash Loot Worn

30 damage

Poison Aura

Item Source Type
Shield of Coalesced Leech Venom Loot Worn

35 damage

Embodiment of Jyre

Item Source Type
Jyre quest Melee Proc


Melee Haste

Item Source Type
Nethunian Battle Beads Loot Worn
Veil of Fevered Madness Loot Worn
Witbound Necklace Loot Worn
Earring of the Sudden Tempest Loot Worn
Flowing Wind Wisps Loot Worn
Wristband of the Old Empire Loot Worn
Summoned: Gruplok Collar Summoned Worn
Honor Blade of the Rujik Loot Combat
Flowing Black Silk Sleeves Loot Worn
Belt of Darting Blades Loot Worn
Cloak of Blind Rage Loot Worn
Cane of Blinding Strikes Loot Worn
Choker of Rapidity Loot Worn
Black Headband of War Loot Worn
Bloody Cloak of the Offering Loot Worn
Chestwraps of the Tranquil Quest Worn
Boots of Martial Discipline Loot Worn
Cloak of Pernicity Loot Worn
Chosen Sorcerer Bauble Loot Worn
Cajaf, Choker of Recollection Loot Worn
Cloak of the Infernal Loot Worn
Cloak of Velocity Loot Worn
Cloak of Valor Loot Worn
Boots of Wonderous Motion Loot Worn
Attuned Control Ring Loot Worn
Ciadrian Crystal Loot Worn
Disciple's Chestwraps of Balance Quest Worn
Crystal-Shard Band Loot Worn
Rage Loot Worn
Dauntless, Ruby of Enthann Loot Worn
Fossilized Bone Fragment Loot Worn
Cowl of Choleric Impulse Loot Worn
Diadem of Tarhyl's Anointed Loot Worn
Dragonskin Sash Loot Worn
Girdle of Lightning Quest Worn
Emerald Scale Cloak Loot Worn
Heavily Padded Shoes Loot Worn
Shamgar's Darkplate Visor Loot Worn
Heartstone of the Caverns Loot Worn
Gem of Chrono Shifting Loot Worn
Legwraps of Woven Quintessence Loot Worn
Legguards of Deception Quest Worn
Golem Pacemaker Loot Worn
Manleather Handwraps Loot Worn
Mantle of Swift Decisions Loot Worn
Platinum Jacinth Earring Jewelcrafting Worn
Ripped Black Cloak Loot Worn
Platinum Jacinth Ring Jewelcrafting Worn
Robes of the Dark Loot Worn
Pneumatic Support Brace Loot Worn
Scratches on the Wall Loot Worn
Raptor Claw Effigy Quest Worn
Sash of Twitching Flesh Loot Worn
Idol of Melee Loot Worn
Shoulderpads of Alacrity Loot Worn
Seamless Cloak of Grace Loot Worn
Vile Girdle of Fury Loot Worn
Vest of Intangible Speed Loot Worn
Turtle Skin Sash Loot Worn
Throes of the Immolated Loot Worn
Ugahn's Broken Earhoop Loot Worn
Summoned: Bauble of Battle Summoned Worn
Summoned: Ring of Velocity Summoned Worn
Totem of the Claw-Leader Loot Worn
Ysthar Battle Finery Loot Worn
Vile, Boots of the First Flesh Loot Worn
Sash of the Disciple Loot Worn
Juggernaught's Baton of Frenzy Loot Worn
Charred Bolster Belt Loot Worn
Id, Barbed Choker of Pride Loot Worn
Whispers of Zealous Rapture Loot Worn
Ring of Sealed Souls Loot Worn
Shroud of Delusion Loot Worn
Platinum Jacinth Necklace Jewelcrafting Worn
Quickstream Bracers Loot Worn
Funerary Shroud of the High Seas Loot Worn
Swift Brood Claws Loot Worn
Impetuous Skullcap Loot Worn
Choker of Viciousness Loot Worn
Gloves of Violent Paroxysms Loot Worn
Aeron Mithril Mantle Loot Worn
Shadow-stitched Tunic Loot Worn
Sight of Recklessness Loot Worn
Sash of the Animation Loot Worn
Shroud of the Battlemaster Loot Worn
Fuzzy Fur Drape Loot Worn
Piercing of the False Avatar Loot Worn
Mask of Persistent Strikes Loot Worn
Shroud of Misery Loot Worn
Confine of the Rushing Stream Loot Worn
Hellhound Flesh Robe Loot Worn
Optimum Gear Staff Gift Worn
Belahfri, Plates of Brutal Impact Loot Worn
Gauntlets of Altered Perception Loot Worn
Pauldrons of Dragonkin Loot Worn
Strands of the Severed Fate Loot Worn
Pauldrons of Dragonkin/Faction Bound Loot Worn
Quiver of Strategy Loot Worn
Black Sash of Swiftness Loot
Scabbard of Vengeful Spirits Loot Worn
Girdle of Frenzied Spirits Loot Worn
Shiny Orb of Radiating Ore Loot Worn
Faceplate of Alacrity Loot Worn
Quickstep Clogs Loot Worn
Speckled Obsidian Compass Worn
Vile Girdle of Fury/Faction Bound Loot Worn
Raging Wraps Loot Worn
Pre Sentient Yclistinite Pick Loot Worn
Imperceptible Bonds Loot Worn
Strands of Reanimation Loot Worn
Prismatic Visage Loot Worn
Silkenmail Sleeves Loot Worn
Cloak of Velocity/Faction Bound Loot Worn
Battlepriest's Bulwark Loot Worn
Visor of Elemental Abandon Loot Worn
Halasian Berserker Belt Quest Worn
Prophetic Visions Loot Worn
Streaming Fungus Strain Sash Loot Worn
Soulstone Loot Worn
Frenzied Focus Bead Loot Worn
Turtle Skin Headband Loot Worn
Runed Bolster Belt Loot Worn
A Broken Flame Razor Ground Spawn Worn
Idol of Melee/Faction Bound Loot Worn
Dragon Collar Loot Worn
Igneous Cummerbund Loot Worn
Storm Tyrant's Crown Loot Worn
Flowing Silt Cap Loot Worn
Faemetal Legplates Loot Worn
Froglok Skull Pauldrons Loot Worn
Cape of Rotting Flesh Loot Worn
Quickstone Cloak Loot Worn
Wind Phoenix Cape Loot Worn
Decadent Royal Greaves Loot Worn
Burdensome Bonemask Loot Worn
Blackiron Shackles Loot Worn
Gift of the Fire Mephit Loot Worn
Bancak Mining Pick Loot Worn
Feral Collar Loot Worn
Golem Lubricant Loot Worn
Vibrating Tunnel Gem Loot Worn
Fungus-Infested Brain Matter Loot Worn
Shadowwalker Loot Worn
Snapper's Claw Loot Worn
Digger's Shovel Loot Worn
Shrunken Head on a String Loot Worn
Tadpole's Habit Quest Worn
Pupil's Habit Quest Worn
Scholar's Habit Quest Worn
Elder's Habit Quest Worn
Impetus Loot Worn
Stewardship Loot Worn
Awendela's Prowess Loot Worn
Cloak of the Wayward Dragon Loot Worn
Bellator, Brute of the Razad Quest Worn
Smear of Pink Tentacle Blood Loot Worn
Harusk's Brutality Loot Worn
Bellator, Brute of the Razad II Quest Worn
Impetus, Fury of the Razad Quest Worn
Impetus, Treachery of the Razad II Quest Worn
Impetus, Treachery of the Razad Quest Worn
Shadowwalker II Quest Worn
Golem Grip Loot Worn
Stewardship II Quest Worn
Speedy Servo Loot Worn
Bead of the Chosen Loot Worn
Yclistinite Gavel Loot Worn
Expeditious Cape Loot Worn
Gloves of Reparation Loot Worn
Harusk's Brutality II Quest Worn
Femme Fatale's Fragrance Loot Worn
Sash of Midnight Loot Must Wear Clicky
Scornwood Drum Loot Worn
Impetus, Fury of the Razad II Quest Worn
Scimitar of Misbegotten Elements Loot Worn
Pretender's Longsword Loot Worn
Ank'Ai, the Corporeal Curse Forge Combine Worn
Haze From the Unknown Loot Worn
Dark Shield of the Entropic Recruit Quest Worn
Bodyguard's Knuckles Loot Worn
Shiny Berserker Chestplate Quest Worn
Enameled Berserker Chestplate Quest Worn
Twirling Sandals Loot Worn
Adroit Coif Loot Worn
Runed Berserker Chestplate Quest Worn