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Mareks Missions

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Councilor Marek wants you to retrieve some books for him.

Note: In order to get your drops you will need to have the appropriate portion of your quest active. You cannot loot in advance all the pieces you need. All drops are very rare.
Note: This is part 1 of the Jayla Augment. The remaining part(s) are riddles and cannot be posted.


Marek's Missions - Part I
Quest giver Councilor Marek
Next quest

Cillans Courier Service - Part I
Goblin Miners
No Legs
Concerning the Gods
People of the Plains

Previous quest

The High Price of Knowledge

Starting Zone

The Grand Library

Other Zone(s)

Warpstone Caverns
King's Pass
Siren's Grotto

Suggested Level Range 65 plus
Alignment Required Jayla
Quest items used

A Note to Marek
A Dusty Old Book
A Noble's Journal x 4
Brughwar Scribings x 4
Strange Rune x4

Experience Reward (Unknown)
Related overview
These two may be completed in any order
These four may be completed in any order

Find Councilor Marek (The Grand Library at -855, 1155) and give him A Note to Marek

Councilor Marek pushes his glasses further up his nose. 'Hmm, what's this? A note from Lurek.' He grumbles as he slices open the seal on the letter and reads it silently. 'Glad I took the time to read that.'
You say, 'Uhh, Sir Marek? Is there something I can help you with?'
Councilor Marek says, 'What? Who are you?'
You say, 'I'm new here, but I want to help.'
Councilor Marek says, 'Great...yet another new worshipper. Ok, look kid. If you want to show me you can be of use, just do what I say, and don't give me any lip. I haven't time for every starry-eyed youngster that hops in here. Now, it's real simple. So try not to mess it up. In the cave system in the Sundered Mountains, I need you to find me a book. The older of the Vulfwere are more likely to keep books. Bring it to me. Oh, and stay away from Cillan. If you really are going to be of use, I want you to help me, and not that old windbag.'

Warpstone vulfweres

Find and give A Dusty Old Book to Councilor Marek (The Grand Library at -855, 1155)

Well how about that. The new guy did something.

You gain 5000 experience!!

It was really easy. What else do you need done?
Councilor Marek says, 'Easy, kid. Don't get too excited. I just had this desk refinished. If you're still so eager to please, go to King's Pass. The undead there seem to have a fascination with books of their former lives, particularly journals. I have no idea why, but they carry them around everywhere they go. Either way, bring me four to show your continued devotion. And make it snappy. Cillan seems to have gotten some new recruit too. Can't have him showing me up.'

King's Pass

Find and give 4 A Noble's Journal to Councilor Marek (The Grand Library at -855, 1155)

Councilor Marek says, 'Humph... I'm beginning to think you might actually be worth something, kid.'

You gain 7500 experience!!

You say 'Jayla forbid'
Councilor Marek says, 'I've been doing this longer than you've been alive. So no more lip or I'll send you packing so fast your head will be spinning next week."
You say 'I'm sorry. What else do you want?'
Councilor Marek says, 'That's better. Now, this time, I want you to go to Siren's Grotto. The Brughwar there have developed a rudimentary written language, though how they could keep anything dry there, I have no idea. Go find me four of their scribblings. Any one of them could potentially be there next Monrin Ital. Also, Cillan isn't giving up without a fight. Hurry up!'

Siren's Grotto

Find and give 4 Brughwar Scribings to Councilor Marek (The Grand Library at -855, 1155)

Councilor Marek says, 'How 'bout that. They can write. Huh, learn something new every day. Good job, kid.'

You gain 10000 experience!!

You receive 30 platinum pieces.

You say, 'Is this all going somewhere, or am I just an errand boy?'
Councilor Marek says, 'You ask too many questions. You'll have to wait a while, since I need to talk some stuff over with Jayla.'
Note: At this point you will have to complete Cillans Courier Service - Part I if you have not already done so.
You say, 'Is this all going somewhere, or am I just an errand boy?'

Return the Strange Runes to either Councilor Cillan (The Grand Library at -666, 605, 17) or Councilor Marek (The Grand Library at -855, 1155).