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--You have looted a '''Fried Ooze Bits''' x 40.
--You have looted a '''Fried Ooze Bits''' x 40.
{{journaltext|That was disgusting, but at least it's over}}

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Gloruk, in the Field of Bone, has asked for a portion of gelatinous cube so that he can... eat it.


Adventures in Cuisine
Quest giver Gloruk
Starting Zone

Field of Bone

Other Zone(s)


Suggested Level Range 65 plus
Faction Required The Gruplok
Quest items used

Sample of Ooze

Item Reward(s)

Fried Ooze Bits x 40

Positive (+) Faction

The Gruplok

Experience Reward 30,000

Find Gloruk (Field of Bone at -1780, -320, -52).

You say, 'Hail, Gloruk'
Gloruk tells you, 'Shh! Don't talk so loud! Listen, I need a favor from you and you have to not tell anyone you've done this for me.'
You say, 'What favor?'
Gloruk tells you, 'I'm not even supposed to be all the way out here, the other Gruploks would go insane if they--.. I'm wasting time. Look, I have been watching this place for some time. And what I see is people go in, people go out, and at night this becomes a very dangerous place.'
You say, 'Okay, where are you going with this?'
Gloruk tells you, 'Some of the people who come out.. they are covered in this gelatinous mess, and some speak of fighting something made of this goop. It is disgusting to look at and to smell, but...'
You say, 'I'm afraid to ask, but...'
Gloruk tells you, 'A vision has stolen into my head and will not let me go! It's become an obsession! To look at this slime is revolting, but.. just imagine if you can.. properly spiced.. cooked over an open flame. It must be magnificent! It must be the food of Gruthulk, himself!'
You say, 'So, you want me to bring you some slime to...'
Gloruk tells you, 'To eat! Yes! Well, to prepare and then to eat. I know it sounds crazy, but I can't stop thinking about it.. I am convinced it will be heavenly!'

Gather and give Sample of Ooze to Gloruk

Your faction standing with The Gruplok has gotten better!

Gloruk tells you, 'Oh, yes, perfect! I can't wait, it has to be cooked right this instant. Please stay! I will pay you for this, but I must taste it first!'
Gloruk pulls a variety of cookware from his pack and begins working in earnest.

You gain 10,000 experience!!!

Gloruk says, 'Oh, yes. Oh it smells better already and that's just with the seasonings.'
Gloruk starts a small fire and begins to roast the slime. Despite what he claims, the scent is repulsive.
Gloruk says, 'What a magnificent aroma! And now the final touch...'
Gloruk removes the slime and slices it into four small pieces.
Gloruk says, 'I have waited for so long.. so very long...'
Gloruk Selects one particular slice and devours it. A blissful smile plays across his countenance.
Gloruk says, 'Oh! It is perfect! Exactly as I imagined it! Heaven in a single bite! Now, as for-..'
Gloruk stops abruptly, his jaw goes slack.
Gloruk doubles over in pain, emitting horrible sounds.. gagging and burbling.
What in the world...
a horrible concoction explodes out of Gorluk's torso!
Gloruk died.
Note: A horrible concoction will spawn from Gloruk corpse.

Kill A horrible concoction

You have slain a horrible concoction!

You gain 20,000 experience!!

--You have looted a Fried Ooze Bits x 40.

Journal Text: That was disgusting, but at least it's over