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User:Rari/All Spells/2

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Weak Poison • Spell: Weak Poison • AA: Weak Poison
Poison • Spell: Poison • AA: Poison
Strong Poison • Spell: Strong Poison • AA: Strong Poison
Dark Poison • Spell: Dark Poison • AA: Dark Poison
Deadly Poison • Spell: Deadly Poison • AA: Deadly Poison
Bixie Poison • Spell: Bixie Poison • AA: Bixie Poison
Rabies • Spell: Rabies • AA: Rabies
Disease • Spell: Disease • AA: Disease
Alter Plane: Water • Spell: Alter Plane: Water • AA: Alter Plane: Water
Snaring Weeds • Spell: Snaring Weeds • AA: Snaring Weeds
Wasp Poison • Spell: Wasp Poison • AA: Wasp Poison
Strong Wasp Poison • Spell: Strong Wasp Poison • AA: Strong Wasp Poison
Strength of the Sun • Spell: Strength of the Sun • AA: Strength of the Sun
Strong Disease • Spell: Strong Disease • AA: Strong Disease
Froglok Poison • Spell: Froglok Poison • AA: Froglok Poison
Tearing Blow • Spell: Tearing Blow • AA: Tearing Blow
Admyrrza's Antechamber Portal • Spell: Admyrrza's Antechamber Portal • AA: Admyrrza's Antechamber Portal
Tiny Companion • Spell: Tiny Companion • AA: Tiny Companion
Complete Recovery • Spell: Complete Recovery • AA: Complete Recovery
Vessel of Althuna • Spell: Vessel of Althuna • AA: Vessel of Althuna
WaterElementalStrike • Spell: WaterElementalStrike • AA: WaterElementalStrike
EarthElementalStrike • Spell: EarthElementalStrike • AA: EarthElementalStrike
Empath Wave • Spell: Empath Wave • AA: Empath Wave
Modulation • Spell: Modulation • AA: Modulation
Banishment • Spell: Banishment • AA: Banishment
Greater Modulation • Spell: Greater Modulation • AA: Greater Modulation
Death Fatigue • Spell: Death Fatigue • AA: Death Fatigue
Lady's Shield • Spell: Lady's Shield • AA: Lady's Shield
Gracious Whispers • Spell: Gracious Whispers • AA: Gracious Whispers
Terror • Spell: Terror • AA: Terror
Lesser Runes of Healing • Spell: Lesser Runes of Healing • AA: Lesser Runes of Healing
Deadly Current • Spell: Deadly Current • AA: Deadly Current
Storm Strike • Spell: Storm Strike • AA: Storm Strike
Crystalline Scream of the Null • Spell: Crystalline Scream of the Null • AA: Crystalline Scream of the Null
Hellstorm • Spell: Hellstorm • AA: Hellstorm
Blessing of the Frost • Spell: Blessing of the Frost • AA: Blessing of the Frost
Chain Lightning • Spell: Chain Lightning • AA: Chain Lightning
Deathbolt • Spell: Deathbolt • AA: Deathbolt
Skysunder • Spell: Skysunder • AA: Skysunder
Shadow Slay • Spell: Shadow Slay • AA: Shadow Slay
Shadow Slay Recourse • Spell: Shadow Slay Recourse • AA: Shadow Slay Recourse
Sultan Sleep • Spell: Sultan Sleep • AA: Sultan Sleep
Color Spray • Spell: Color Spray • AA: Color Spray
Enthralling Beauty • Spell: Enthralling Beauty • AA: Enthralling Beauty
Shatter • Spell: Shatter • AA: Shatter
Empathic Return • Spell: Empathic Return • AA: Empathic Return
Invisibility to Undead • Spell: Invisibility to Undead • AA: Invisibility to Undead
Healing Increment VI • Spell: Healing Increment VI • AA: Healing Increment VI
Damage Increment VI • Spell: Damage Increment VI • AA: Damage Increment VI
Range Increment VI • Spell: Range Increment VI • AA: Range Increment VI
Corrupted Pus • Spell: Corrupted Pus • AA: Corrupted Pus
Bane Enhancement VI • Spell: Bane Enhancement VI • AA: Bane Enhancement VI
Breath of Corruption • Spell: Breath of Corruption • AA: Breath of Corruption
Greater Corrupted Pus • Spell: Greater Corrupted Pus • AA: Greater Corrupted Pus
Duration Increment VI • Spell: Duration Increment VI • AA: Duration Increment VI
Debilitating Death • Spell: Debilitating Death • AA: Debilitating Death
Reagent Conservation VI • Spell: Reagent Conservation VI • AA: Reagent Conservation VI
Mana Conservation VI • Spell: Mana Conservation VI • AA: Mana Conservation VI
Shock of the Void • Spell: Shock of the Void • AA: Shock of the Void
Companion Health VI • Spell: Companion Health VI • AA: Companion Health VI
Companion Strength VI • Spell: Companion Strength VI • AA: Companion Strength VI
Casting Speed Increment VI • Spell: Casting Speed Increment VI • AA: Casting Speed Increment VI
Affliction Enhancement VI • Spell: Affliction Enhancement VI • AA: Affliction Enhancement VI
Seductive Gaze • Spell: Seductive Gaze • AA: Seductive Gaze
Seductive Gaze Recourse • Spell: Seductive Gaze Recourse • AA: Seductive Gaze Recourse
Orxkras Bane • Spell: Orxkras Bane • AA: Orxkras Bane
Relic: Scion of the Beyond • Spell: Relic: Scion of the Beyond • AA: Relic: Scion of the Beyond
Relic: Spirit of Kaezul • Spell: Relic: Spirit of Kaezul • AA: Relic: Spirit of Kaezul
Spirit of Kaezul Recourse • Spell: Spirit of Kaezul Recourse • AA: Spirit of Kaezul Recourse
Bubonian Rabies • Spell: Bubonian Rabies • AA: Bubonian Rabies
Relic: Marlow's Cremation • Spell: Relic: Marlow's Cremation • AA: Relic: Marlow's Cremation
Relic: Light of Eternity • Spell: Relic: Light of Eternity • AA: Relic: Light of Eternity
Relic: Circle of Eternity • Spell: Relic: Circle of Eternity • AA: Relic: Circle of Eternity
Wild Spasms • Spell: Wild Spasms • AA: Wild Spasms
Relic: Nightfire • Spell: Relic: Nightfire • AA: Relic: Nightfire
Relic: Sihala's Empathy • Spell: Relic: Sihala's Empathy • AA: Relic: Sihala's Empathy
Relic: Essence of the Wild • Spell: Relic: Essence of the Wild • AA: Relic: Essence of the Wild
Illusion: Werefrog • Spell: Illusion: Werefrog • AA: Illusion: Werefrog
Relic: Woundbane • Spell: Relic: Woundbane • AA: Relic: Woundbane
Relic: Arcane Familiar • Spell: Relic: Arcane Familiar • AA: Relic: Arcane Familiar
Familiar Healing • Spell: Familiar Healing • AA: Familiar Healing
Relic: Lure of the Void • Spell: Relic: Lure of the Void • AA: Relic: Lure of the Void
Relic: Bladewind • Spell: Relic: Bladewind • AA: Relic: Bladewind
Relic: Cupola of Incineration • Spell: Relic: Cupola of Incineration • AA: Relic: Cupola of Incineration
Relic: Runecloak • Spell: Relic: Runecloak • AA: Relic: Runecloak
Blinding Smog • Spell: Blinding Smog • AA: Blinding Smog
Relic: Thoughtshatter • Spell: Relic: Thoughtshatter • AA: Relic: Thoughtshatter
Relic: Chant of Destruction • Spell: Relic: Chant of Destruction • AA: Relic: Chant of Destruction
Sun Burn • Spell: Sun Burn • AA: Sun Burn
Relic: Melody of the Shield • Spell: Relic: Melody of the Shield • AA: Relic: Melody of the Shield
Scion Drain Recourse • Spell: Scion Drain Recourse • AA: Scion Drain Recourse
Scion Drain • Spell: Scion Drain • AA: Scion Drain
Enforce Death • Spell: Enforce Death • AA: Enforce Death
Akhevan Fire • Spell: Akhevan Fire • AA: Akhevan Fire
Akhevan Frost • Spell: Akhevan Frost • AA: Akhevan Frost
Taraztu's Infernal Trap • Spell: Taraztu's Infernal Trap • AA: Taraztu's Infernal Trap
Taraztu's Healing Flames • Spell: Taraztu's Healing Flames • AA: Taraztu's Healing Flames
Illusion: Imp • Spell: Illusion: Imp • AA: Illusion: Imp
Fire Aura II • Spell: Fire Aura II • AA: Fire Aura II
Dreams of Ayonae • Spell: Dreams of Ayonae • AA: Dreams of Ayonae
Lupine Companion • Spell: Lupine Companion • AA: Lupine Companion
Summon Burning Rocks • Spell: Summon Burning Rocks • AA: Summon Burning Rocks
Blazing Bolt • Spell: Blazing Bolt • AA: Blazing Bolt
Taraztu's Healing Flames • Spell: Taraztu's Healing Flames • AA: Taraztu's Healing Flames
Aura of Ferocity • Spell: Aura of Ferocity • AA: Aura of Ferocity
Pocket Plane • Spell: Pocket Plane • AA: Pocket Plane
Scale of the Golden Wolf • Spell: Scale of the Golden Wolf • AA: Scale of the Golden Wolf
InstantBindMove • Spell: InstantBindMove • AA: InstantBindMove
Lycantrophy • Spell: Lycantrophy • AA: Lycantrophy
Word of Completion • Spell: Word of Completion • AA: Word of Completion
Trap Snaring Weeds • Spell: Trap Snaring Weeds • AA: Trap Snaring Weeds
Create Ship (Soon to work) • Spell: Create Ship (Soon to work) • AA: Create Ship (Soon to work)
Scream of the Overmind • Spell: Scream of the Overmind • AA: Scream of the Overmind
Scream of the Overmind • Spell: Scream of the Overmind • AA: Scream of the Overmind
Scream of the Overmind2 • Spell: Scream of the Overmind2 • AA: Scream of the Overmind2
Illusion: Skeleton • Spell: Illusion: Skeleton • AA: Illusion: Skeleton
Battle Visions • Spell: Battle Visions • AA: Battle Visions
Obsidian Shards • Spell: Obsidian Shards • AA: Obsidian Shards
Summon Throwing Dagger • Spell: Summon Throwing Dagger • AA: Summon Throwing Dagger
Cure Poison • Spell: Cure Poison • AA: Cure Poison
Force Shock • Spell: Force Shock • AA: Force Shock
Force Shield • Spell: Force Shield • AA: Force Shield
Elemental Vortex • Spell: Elemental Vortex • AA: Elemental Vortex
Mana Sieve • Spell: Mana Sieve • AA: Mana Sieve
Savage Rage • Spell: Savage Rage • AA: Savage Rage
Leech Bite Recourse • Spell: Leech Bite Recourse • AA: Leech Bite Recourse
Parasite • Spell: Parasite • AA: Parasite
Storm Lightning • Spell: Storm Lightning • AA: Storm Lightning
Noxious Cloud • Spell: Noxious Cloud • AA: Noxious Cloud
Fetch Rocks • Spell: Fetch Rocks • AA: Fetch Rocks
Wave of Heat • Spell: Wave of Heat • AA: Wave of Heat
Psionic Shockwave • Spell: Psionic Shockwave • AA: Psionic Shockwave
Psionic Impact • Spell: Psionic Impact • AA: Psionic Impact
Psionic Cry • Spell: Psionic Cry • AA: Psionic Cry
Psionic Scream • Spell: Psionic Scream • AA: Psionic Scream
Psionic Break • Spell: Psionic Break • AA: Psionic Break
Psionic Impulse • Spell: Psionic Impulse • AA: Psionic Impulse
Psionic Blast • Spell: Psionic Blast • AA: Psionic Blast
Psionic Rending • Spell: Psionic Rending • AA: Psionic Rending
Psionic Drain • Spell: Psionic Drain • AA: Psionic Drain
Psionic Shield • Spell: Psionic Shield • AA: Psionic Shield
Psionic Tearing • Spell: Psionic Tearing • AA: Psionic Tearing
Psionic Shatter • Spell: Psionic Shatter • AA: Psionic Shatter
Runeshatter • Spell: Runeshatter • AA: Runeshatter
Life Curse • Spell: Life Curse • AA: Life Curse
Life Curse Recourse • Spell: Life Curse Recourse • AA: Life Curse Recourse
Web of Chain • Spell: Web of Chain • AA: Web of Chain
Commander Shout • Spell: Commander Shout • AA: Commander Shout
Truesight • Spell: Truesight • AA: Truesight
Deafening Screech • Spell: Deafening Screech • AA: Deafening Screech
Harvest of the Wind • Spell: Harvest of the Wind • AA: Harvest of the Wind
Void Step • Spell: Void Step • AA: Void Step
Nimble as the Wind • Spell: Nimble as the Wind • AA: Nimble as the Wind
Deathly Chill • Spell: Deathly Chill • AA: Deathly Chill
Break Will • Spell: Break Will • AA: Break Will
Wrecking of the Sun • Spell: Wrecking of the Sun • AA: Wrecking of the Sun
Rage of the Frost • Spell: Rage of the Frost • AA: Rage of the Frost
Summon Sensei's Pouch • Spell: Summon Sensei's Pouch • AA: Summon Sensei's Pouch
Transcasting • Spell: Transcasting • AA: Transcasting
Transbinding • Spell: Transbinding • AA: Transbinding
Screamfire • Spell: Screamfire • AA: Screamfire
Illusion: Halfling • Spell: Illusion: Halfling • AA: Illusion: Halfling
Mind Fog • Spell: Mind Fog • AA: Mind Fog
Eternal Terror • Spell: Eternal Terror • AA: Eternal Terror
Vale Gate • Spell: Vale Gate • AA: Vale Gate
Open Bottle • Spell: Open Bottle • AA: Open Bottle
Instant Dragon • Spell: Instant Dragon • AA: Instant Dragon
Blessing of Light • Spell: Blessing of Light • AA: Blessing of Light
Blessing of Purity • Spell: Blessing of Purity • AA: Blessing of Purity
Empower • Spell: Empower • AA: Empower
Flash of Light • Spell: Flash of Light • AA: Flash of Light
Toss Rat • Spell: Toss Rat • AA: Toss Rat
Flitterdust • Spell: Flitterdust • AA: Flitterdust
Food of the Fae • Spell: Food of the Fae • AA: Food of the Fae
Blessing of Harmony • Spell: Blessing of Harmony • AA: Blessing of Harmony
Withering Flesh • Spell: Withering Flesh • AA: Withering Flesh
Wasted Flesh • Spell: Wasted Flesh • AA: Wasted Flesh
Blessing of Althuna • Spell: Blessing of Althuna • AA: Blessing of Althuna
Oozing Irritation • Spell: Oozing Irritation • AA: Oozing Irritation
Harmonic Cleansing • Spell: Harmonic Cleansing • AA: Harmonic Cleansing
Sacred Cleansing • Spell: Sacred Cleansing • AA: Sacred Cleansing
Illusion: Gender • Spell: Illusion: Gender • AA: Illusion: Gender
Divine Cleansing • Spell: Divine Cleansing • AA: Divine Cleansing
Overwhelm • Spell: Overwhelm • AA: Overwhelm
Frog Companion • Spell: Frog Companion • AA: Frog Companion
Froggy's Song of the Frogloks • Spell: Froggy's Song of the Frogloks • AA: Froggy's Song of the Frogloks
Death • Spell: Death • AA: Death
Bixie Sting • Spell: Bixie Sting • AA: Bixie Sting
Shiritri's Promise • Spell: Shiritri's Promise • AA: Shiritri's Promise
Blissful Apathy • Spell: Blissful Apathy • AA: Blissful Apathy
Waking Sleep • Spell: Waking Sleep • AA: Waking Sleep
Lecimka's Minor Abjuration • Spell: Lecimka's Minor Abjuration • AA: Lecimka's Minor Abjuration
Lecimka's Major Abjuration • Spell: Lecimka's Major Abjuration • AA: Lecimka's Major Abjuration
Lecimka's Greater Abjuration • Spell: Lecimka's Greater Abjuration • AA: Lecimka's Greater Abjuration
Mirror Shield • Spell: Mirror Shield • AA: Mirror Shield
Relic: Lcea's Lament • Spell: Relic: Lcea's Lament • AA: Relic: Lcea's Lament
Ancient: Lullaby of Shadows • Spell: Ancient: Lullaby of Shadows • AA: Ancient: Lullaby of Shadows
Mirror Ward • Spell: Mirror Ward • AA: Mirror Ward
Overthere • Spell: Overthere • AA: Overthere
Lesser Potion of Protection • Spell: Lesser Potion of Protection • AA: Lesser Potion of Protection
Lesser Potion of Strength • Spell: Lesser Potion of Strength • AA: Lesser Potion of Strength
Lesser Potion of Dexterity • Spell: Lesser Potion of Dexterity • AA: Lesser Potion of Dexterity
Lesser Potion of Agility • Spell: Lesser Potion of Agility • AA: Lesser Potion of Agility
Lesser Potion of Stamina • Spell: Lesser Potion of Stamina • AA: Lesser Potion of Stamina
Lesser Potion of Charisma • Spell: Lesser Potion of Charisma • AA: Lesser Potion of Charisma
Lesser Potion of the Mind • Spell: Lesser Potion of the Mind • AA: Lesser Potion of the Mind
Potion of Protection • Spell: Potion of Protection • AA: Potion of Protection
Foul Breath • Spell: Foul Breath • AA: Foul Breath
Potion of Strength • Spell: Potion of Strength • AA: Potion of Strength
Potion of Dexterity • Spell: Potion of Dexterity • AA: Potion of Dexterity
Froooark! • Spell: Froooark! • AA: Froooark!
Guide Journey • Spell: Guide Journey • AA: Guide Journey
Potion of Agility • Spell: Potion of Agility • AA: Potion of Agility
Potion of Stamina • Spell: Potion of Stamina • AA: Potion of Stamina
Potion of Charisma • Spell: Potion of Charisma • AA: Potion of Charisma
Potion of the Mind • Spell: Potion of the Mind • AA: Potion of the Mind
Greater Potion of Protection • Spell: Greater Potion of Protection • AA: Greater Potion of Protection
Greater Potion of Strength • Spell: Greater Potion of Strength • AA: Greater Potion of Strength
Greater Potion of Dexterity • Spell: Greater Potion of Dexterity • AA: Greater Potion of Dexterity
Greater Potion of Agility • Spell: Greater Potion of Agility • AA: Greater Potion of Agility
Terror of Darkness • Spell: Terror of Darkness • AA: Terror of Darkness
Terror of Shadows • Spell: Terror of Shadows • AA: Terror of Shadows
Terror of Death • Spell: Terror of Death • AA: Terror of Death
Terror of Marlow • Spell: Terror of Marlow • AA: Terror of Marlow
Voice of Darkness • Spell: Voice of Darkness • AA: Voice of Darkness
Voice of Shadows • Spell: Voice of Shadows • AA: Voice of Shadows
Voice of Death • Spell: Voice of Death • AA: Voice of Death
Voice of Marlow • Spell: Voice of Marlow • AA: Voice of Marlow
Greater Potion of Stamina • Spell: Greater Potion of Stamina • AA: Greater Potion of Stamina
Greater Potion of Charisma • Spell: Greater Potion of Charisma • AA: Greater Potion of Charisma
Greater Potion of the Mind • Spell: Greater Potion of the Mind • AA: Greater Potion of the Mind
Lesser Essence of Raptor • Spell: Lesser Essence of Raptor • AA: Lesser Essence of Raptor
Lesser Essence of Rhino • Spell: Lesser Essence of Rhino • AA: Lesser Essence of Rhino
Lesser Essence of Cat • Spell: Lesser Essence of Cat • AA: Lesser Essence of Cat
Lesser Essence of Gorilla • Spell: Lesser Essence of Gorilla • AA: Lesser Essence of Gorilla
Lesser Essence of Panther • Spell: Lesser Essence of Panther • AA: Lesser Essence of Panther
Lesser Essence of Bear • Spell: Lesser Essence of Bear • AA: Lesser Essence of Bear
Explosion2 • Spell: Explosion2 • AA: Explosion2
Essence of Raptor • Spell: Essence of Raptor • AA: Essence of Raptor
Essence of Rhino • Spell: Essence of Rhino • AA: Essence of Rhino
Essence of Cat • Spell: Essence of Cat • AA: Essence of Cat
Essence of Gorilla • Spell: Essence of Gorilla • AA: Essence of Gorilla
Essence of Panther • Spell: Essence of Panther • AA: Essence of Panther
Essence of Bear • Spell: Essence of Bear • AA: Essence of Bear
Greater Essence of Raptor • Spell: Greater Essence of Raptor • AA: Greater Essence of Raptor
Greater Essence of Rhino • Spell: Greater Essence of Rhino • AA: Greater Essence of Rhino
Greater Essence of Cat • Spell: Greater Essence of Cat • AA: Greater Essence of Cat
Greater Essence of Gorilla • Spell: Greater Essence of Gorilla • AA: Greater Essence of Gorilla
Greater Essence of Panther • Spell: Greater Essence of Panther • AA: Greater Essence of Panther
Greater Essence of Bear • Spell: Greater Essence of Bear • AA: Greater Essence of Bear
Lesser Magic Resistance • Spell: Lesser Magic Resistance • AA: Lesser Magic Resistance
Lesser Cold Resistance • Spell: Lesser Cold Resistance • AA: Lesser Cold Resistance
Lesser Fire Resistance • Spell: Lesser Fire Resistance • AA: Lesser Fire Resistance
Lesser Disease Resistance • Spell: Lesser Disease Resistance • AA: Lesser Disease Resistance
Staff of the Magi • Spell: Staff of the Magi • AA: Staff of the Magi
Accuracy • Spell: Accuracy • AA: Accuracy
Lesser Poison Resistance • Spell: Lesser Poison Resistance • AA: Lesser Poison Resistance
Magic Resistance • Spell: Magic Resistance • AA: Magic Resistance
Cold Resistance • Spell: Cold Resistance • AA: Cold Resistance
Fire Resistance • Spell: Fire Resistance • AA: Fire Resistance
Disease Resistance • Spell: Disease Resistance • AA: Disease Resistance
Poison Resistance • Spell: Poison Resistance • AA: Poison Resistance
Greater Magic Resistance • Spell: Greater Magic Resistance • AA: Greater Magic Resistance
Greater Cold Resistance • Spell: Greater Cold Resistance • AA: Greater Cold Resistance
Poisoned Dart • Spell: Poisoned Dart • AA: Poisoned Dart
Greater Fire Resistance • Spell: Greater Fire Resistance • AA: Greater Fire Resistance
Greater Disease Resistance • Spell: Greater Disease Resistance • AA: Greater Disease Resistance
Greater Poison Resistance • Spell: Greater Poison Resistance • AA: Greater Poison Resistance
Kolomber's Vanishing Fluid • Spell: Kolomber's Vanishing Fluid • AA: Kolomber's Vanishing Fluid
Kolomber's Vanishing Ointment • Spell: Kolomber's Vanishing Ointment • AA: Kolomber's Vanishing Ointment
Kolomber's Crypt Fluid • Spell: Kolomber's Crypt Fluid • AA: Kolomber's Crypt Fluid
Kolomber's Crypt Ointment • Spell: Kolomber's Crypt Ointment • AA: Kolomber's Crypt Ointment
Helt's Abridged Breathlessness • Spell: Helt's Abridged Breathlessness • AA: Helt's Abridged Breathlessness
Reflection Shield • Spell: Reflection Shield • AA: Reflection Shield
Helt's Extended Breathlessness • Spell: Helt's Extended Breathlessness • AA: Helt's Extended Breathlessness
Curtailed Essence of Wolf • Spell: Curtailed Essence of Wolf • AA: Curtailed Essence of Wolf
Essence of Wolf • Spell: Essence of Wolf • AA: Essence of Wolf
Stasis • Spell: Stasis • AA: Stasis
Amplified Essence of Wolf • Spell: Amplified Essence of Wolf • AA: Amplified Essence of Wolf
Emotion: Fear • Spell: Emotion: Fear • AA: Emotion: Fear
Emotion: Sleep • Spell: Emotion: Sleep • AA: Emotion: Sleep
Insidious Thoughts • Spell: Insidious Thoughts • AA: Insidious Thoughts
Celestial Cleansing • Spell: Celestial Cleansing • AA: Celestial Cleansing
Valiant Companion • Spell: Valiant Companion • AA: Valiant Companion
Summon Companion • Spell: Summon Companion • AA: Summon Companion
Expedience • Spell: Expedience • AA: Expedience
Cassindra's Chant of Clarity • Spell: Cassindra's Chant of Clarity • AA: Cassindra's Chant of Clarity
Divine Glory • Spell: Divine Glory • AA: Divine Glory
Strengthen Death • Spell: Strengthen Death • AA: Strengthen Death
Chloroblast • Spell: Chloroblast • AA: Chloroblast
Lesser Potion of Rejuvenation • Spell: Lesser Potion of Rejuvenation • AA: Lesser Potion of Rejuvenation
Potion of Rejuvenation • Spell: Potion of Rejuvenation • AA: Potion of Rejuvenation
Greater Potion of Rejuvenation • Spell: Greater Potion of Rejuvenation • AA: Greater Potion of Rejuvenation
placeholder • Spell: placeholder • AA: placeholder
placeholder • Spell: placeholder • AA: placeholder
Cinder Jolt • Spell: Cinder Jolt • AA: Cinder Jolt
Word of Command • Spell: Word of Command • AA: Word of Command
Flowing Thought I • Spell: Flowing Thought I • AA: Flowing Thought I
Flowing Thought II • Spell: Flowing Thought II • AA: Flowing Thought II
Flowing Thought III • Spell: Flowing Thought III • AA: Flowing Thought III
Flowing Thought IV • Spell: Flowing Thought IV • AA: Flowing Thought IV
Flowing Thought V • Spell: Flowing Thought V • AA: Flowing Thought V
Flowing Thought VI • Spell: Flowing Thought VI • AA: Flowing Thought VI
Flowing Thought VII • Spell: Flowing Thought VII • AA: Flowing Thought VII
Flowing Thought VIII • Spell: Flowing Thought VIII • AA: Flowing Thought VIII
Flowing Thought IX • Spell: Flowing Thought IX • AA: Flowing Thought IX
Flowing Thought X • Spell: Flowing Thought X • AA: Flowing Thought X
Antashi's Reduction • Spell: Antashi's Reduction • AA: Antashi's Reduction
Multvan's Novice of Meditation • Spell: Multvan's Novice of Meditation • AA: Multvan's Novice of Meditation
Multvan's Meditation • Spell: Multvan's Meditation • AA: Multvan's Meditation
Multvan's Master of Meditation • Spell: Multvan's Master of Meditation • AA: Multvan's Master of Meditation
Scarab Storm • Spell: Scarab Storm • AA: Scarab Storm
Festering Sores • Spell: Festering Sores • AA: Festering Sores
Lesser Essence of Fungi • Spell: Lesser Essence of Fungi • AA: Lesser Essence of Fungi
Essence of Fungi • Spell: Essence of Fungi • AA: Essence of Fungi
Greater Essence of Fungi • Spell: Greater Essence of Fungi • AA: Greater Essence of Fungi
Bakatak's Trivial Anti-Toxin • Spell: Bakatak's Trivial Anti-Toxin • AA: Bakatak's Trivial Anti-Toxin
Bakatak's Anti-Toxin • Spell: Bakatak's Anti-Toxin • AA: Bakatak's Anti-Toxin
Bakatak's Splendid Anti-Toxin • Spell: Bakatak's Splendid Anti-Toxin • AA: Bakatak's Splendid Anti-Toxin
Thurgadin Gate • Spell: Thurgadin Gate • AA: Thurgadin Gate
Potion of Healing • Spell: Potion of Healing • AA: Potion of Healing
Translocate: West • Spell: Translocate: West • AA: Translocate: West
Helt's Small Fuzzy Culture • Spell: Helt's Small Fuzzy Culture • AA: Helt's Small Fuzzy Culture
Helt's Fuzzy Culture • Spell: Helt's Fuzzy Culture • AA: Helt's Fuzzy Culture
Helt's Large Fuzzy Culture • Spell: Helt's Large Fuzzy Culture • AA: Helt's Large Fuzzy Culture
Aura of Hellfire • Spell: Aura of Hellfire • AA: Aura of Hellfire
Aura of Battle • Spell: Aura of Battle • AA: Aura of Battle
Akhevan Quake • Spell: Akhevan Quake • AA: Akhevan Quake
Call Lightning • Spell: Call Lightning • AA: Call Lightning
Potion of Greater Healing • Spell: Potion of Greater Healing • AA: Potion of Greater Healing
Potion of Superior Healing • Spell: Potion of Superior Healing • AA: Potion of Superior Healing
Cannibalize IV • Spell: Cannibalize IV • AA: Cannibalize IV
Potion of Mana • Spell: Potion of Mana • AA: Potion of Mana
Translocate: Group • Spell: Translocate: Group • AA: Translocate: Group
Potion of Greater Mana • Spell: Potion of Greater Mana • AA: Potion of Greater Mana
Potion of Superior Mana • Spell: Potion of Superior Mana • AA: Potion of Superior Mana
Translocate: Mistwoods • Spell: Translocate: Mistwoods • AA: Translocate: Mistwoods
Barbs in a Bottle • Spell: Barbs in a Bottle • AA: Barbs in a Bottle
Spikes in a Bottle • Spell: Spikes in a Bottle • AA: Spikes in a Bottle
Alter Plane: Air • Spell: Alter Plane: Air • AA: Alter Plane: Air
Bakalak's Liquid Gnome • Spell: Bakalak's Liquid Gnome • AA: Bakalak's Liquid Gnome
Draft of Audaciousness • Spell: Draft of Audaciousness • AA: Draft of Audaciousness
Warhol's Ecumenical Resists • Spell: Warhol's Ecumenical Resists • AA: Warhol's Ecumenical Resists
Body by Rekaj • Spell: Body by Rekaj • AA: Body by Rekaj
Reinhardt's Rapid Return • Spell: Reinhardt's Rapid Return • AA: Reinhardt's Rapid Return
Zephyr • Spell: Zephyr • AA: Zephyr
Muscle Rot • Spell: Muscle Rot • AA: Muscle Rot
Scourge Breath • Spell: Scourge Breath • AA: Scourge Breath
Greater Agony • Spell: Greater Agony • AA: Greater Agony
Sludgefilth • Spell: Sludgefilth • AA: Sludgefilth
Jaw Lock • Spell: Jaw Lock • AA: Jaw Lock
Ripple of Force • Spell: Ripple of Force • AA: Ripple of Force
Leechscream • Spell: Leechscream • AA: Leechscream
Black Hand of Pain • Spell: Black Hand of Pain • AA: Black Hand of Pain
Black Hand of Pain Recourse • Spell: Black Hand of Pain Recourse • AA: Black Hand of Pain Recourse
Lich Tap • Spell: Lich Tap • AA: Lich Tap
Spreading Shock • Spell: Spreading Shock • AA: Spreading Shock
Evenglow • Spell: Evenglow • AA: Evenglow
Voice of the Null • Spell: Voice of the Null • AA: Voice of the Null
Sightless Deeds • Spell: Sightless Deeds • AA: Sightless Deeds
Pulse of Pain • Spell: Pulse of Pain • AA: Pulse of Pain
Seeking Agony • Spell: Seeking Agony • AA: Seeking Agony
Greater Mana Breath • Spell: Greater Mana Breath • AA: Greater Mana Breath
Blistering Sores • Spell: Blistering Sores • AA: Blistering Sores
Aura of Madness • Spell: Aura of Madness • AA: Aura of Madness
Blades of Torment • Spell: Blades of Torment • AA: Blades of Torment
Strike of Torment • Spell: Strike of Torment • AA: Strike of Torment
Gaze of Confusion • Spell: Gaze of Confusion • AA: Gaze of Confusion
Burst • Spell: Burst • AA: Burst
Pathing Fear • Spell: Pathing Fear • AA: Pathing Fear
Cocoon • Spell: Cocoon • AA: Cocoon
Corpsevenom • Spell: Corpsevenom • AA: Corpsevenom
Dissolving Poison • Spell: Dissolving Poison • AA: Dissolving Poison
Dissolving Poison • Spell: Dissolving Poison • AA: Dissolving Poison
Destructive Breath • Spell: Destructive Breath • AA: Destructive Breath
Shroud of Undeath • Spell: Shroud of Undeath • AA: Shroud of Undeath
Shout of Agony • Spell: Shout of Agony • AA: Shout of Agony
Control Enhancement I • Spell: Control Enhancement I • AA: Control Enhancement I
Speed of the Wind • Spell: Speed of the Wind • AA: Speed of the Wind
Circle of Healing • Spell: Circle of Healing • AA: Circle of Healing
Greater Circle of Healing • Spell: Greater Circle of Healing • AA: Greater Circle of Healing
Superior Circle of Healing • Spell: Superior Circle of Healing • AA: Superior Circle of Healing
Circle of Recovery • Spell: Circle of Recovery • AA: Circle of Recovery
Circle of Completion • Spell: Circle of Completion • AA: Circle of Completion
Close Wounds • Spell: Close Wounds • AA: Close Wounds
Barbed Web • Spell: Barbed Web • AA: Barbed Web
Rapturous Terror • Spell: Rapturous Terror • AA: Rapturous Terror
Sivyana's Wail of Silence • Spell: Sivyana's Wail of Silence • AA: Sivyana's Wail of Silence
Entrapping Embers • Spell: Entrapping Embers • AA: Entrapping Embers
Taeshlin's Greater Inferno • Spell: Taeshlin's Greater Inferno • AA: Taeshlin's Greater Inferno
Dead Men Floating • Spell: Dead Men Floating • AA: Dead Men Floating
Lightning Call • Spell: Lightning Call • AA: Lightning Call
Gangrenous Touch of Zum'uul • Spell: Gangrenous Touch of Zum'uul • AA: Gangrenous Touch of Zum'uul
Maelstrom of Electricity • Spell: Maelstrom of Electricity • AA: Maelstrom of Electricity
TaeshlinMeteor • Spell: TaeshlinMeteor • AA: TaeshlinMeteor
Meteor Flames • Spell: Meteor Flames • AA: Meteor Flames
Heavenstorm • Spell: Heavenstorm • AA: Heavenstorm
Circle of Faentharc • Spell: Circle of Faentharc • AA: Circle of Faentharc
Faentharc Portal • Spell: Faentharc Portal • AA: Faentharc Portal
Monster Summoning I • Spell: Monster Summoning I • AA: Monster Summoning I
Summon Shard of the Core • Spell: Summon Shard of the Core • AA: Summon Shard of the Core
Monster Summoning II • Spell: Monster Summoning II • AA: Monster Summoning II
Elemental Maelstrom • Spell: Elemental Maelstrom • AA: Elemental Maelstrom
Monster Summoning III • Spell: Monster Summoning III • AA: Monster Summoning III
Wrath of the Elements • Spell: Wrath of the Elements • AA: Wrath of the Elements
Taeshlin's Escape • Spell: Taeshlin's Escape • AA: Taeshlin's Escape
Wandering Mind • Spell: Wandering Mind • AA: Wandering Mind
Gift of Magic • Spell: Gift of Magic • AA: Gift of Magic
Heavenly Wrath • Spell: Heavenly Wrath • AA: Heavenly Wrath
Gift of Brilliance • Spell: Gift of Brilliance • AA: Gift of Brilliance
Controller's Gift of Health • Spell: Controller's Gift of Health • AA: Controller's Gift of Health
Chilling Embrace • Spell: Chilling Embrace • AA: Chilling Embrace
Corpal Empathy • Spell: Corpal Empathy • AA: Corpal Empathy
Augmentation of Death • Spell: Augmentation of Death • AA: Augmentation of Death
Torbas' Acid Blast • Spell: Torbas' Acid Blast • AA: Torbas' Acid Blast
Arch Lich • Spell: Arch Lich • AA: Arch Lich
Frosthorn Gate • Spell: Frosthorn Gate • AA: Frosthorn Gate
Frosthorn Portal • Spell: Frosthorn Portal • AA: Frosthorn Portal
O'Keils Flickering Flame • Spell: O'Keils Flickering Flame • AA: O'Keils Flickering Flame
Invisibility to Undead • Spell: Invisibility to Undead • AA: Invisibility to Undead
Enticement of Flame • Spell: Enticement of Flame • AA: Enticement of Flame
Translocate • Spell: Translocate • AA: Translocate
Great Divide Portal • Spell: Great Divide Portal • AA: Great Divide Portal
Taeshlin's Morph • Spell: Taeshlin's Morph • AA: Taeshlin's Morph
Wyvernfang Portal • Spell: Wyvernfang Portal • AA: Wyvernfang Portal
Ice Spear of Solist • Spell: Ice Spear of Solist • AA: Ice Spear of Solist
Shock of the Tainted • Spell: Shock of the Tainted • AA: Shock of the Tainted
Tumultuous Strength • Spell: Tumultuous Strength • AA: Tumultuous Strength
Blast of Poison • Spell: Blast of Poison • AA: Blast of Poison
Spirit Quickening • Spell: Spirit Quickening • AA: Spirit Quickening
Form of the Great Bear • Spell: Form of the Great Bear • AA: Form of the Great Bear
Focus of Spirit • Spell: Focus of Spirit • AA: Focus of Spirit
Ring of Frosthorn • Spell: Ring of Frosthorn • AA: Ring of Frosthorn
Circle of Frosthorn • Spell: Circle of Frosthorn • AA: Circle of Frosthorn
Torrent of the Blizzard • Spell: Torrent of the Blizzard • AA: Torrent of the Blizzard
Fixation of Tarhyl • Spell: Fixation of Tarhyl • AA: Fixation of Tarhyl
Tarhyl's Fiery Sundering • Spell: Tarhyl's Fiery Sundering • AA: Tarhyl's Fiery Sundering
Circle of Great Divide • Spell: Circle of Great Divide • AA: Circle of Great Divide
Fury of Air • Spell: Fury of Air • AA: Fury of Air
Circle of Wyvernfang • Spell: Circle of Wyvernfang • AA: Circle of Wyvernfang
Admyrrza's Inner Prison Portal • Spell: Admyrrza's Inner Prison Portal • AA: Admyrrza's Inner Prison Portal
Protection of the Glades • Spell: Protection of the Glades • AA: Protection of the Glades
Turning of the Unnatural • Spell: Turning of the Unnatural • AA: Turning of the Unnatural
Celestial Healing • Spell: Celestial Healing • AA: Celestial Healing
Armor of Protection • Spell: Armor of Protection • AA: Armor of Protection
Stun Command • Spell: Stun Command • AA: Stun Command
Aegolism • Spell: Aegolism • AA: Aegolism
Cantata of Soothing • Spell: Cantata of Soothing • AA: Cantata of Soothing
Admyrrza's Sanctuary Portal • Spell: Admyrrza's Sanctuary Portal • AA: Admyrrza's Sanctuary Portal
Shield of Songs • Spell: Shield of Songs • AA: Shield of Songs
Occlusion of Sound • Spell: Occlusion of Sound • AA: Occlusion of Sound
Healing Increment VII • Spell: Healing Increment VII • AA: Healing Increment VII
Damage Increment VII • Spell: Damage Increment VII • AA: Damage Increment VII
Flame of Light • Spell: Flame of Light • AA: Flame of Light
Wave of Healing • Spell: Wave of Healing • AA: Wave of Healing
Divine Strength • Spell: Divine Strength • AA: Divine Strength
Shroud of Hate • Spell: Shroud of Hate • AA: Shroud of Hate
Shroud of Pain • Spell: Shroud of Pain • AA: Shroud of Pain
Shroud of Death • Spell: Shroud of Death • AA: Shroud of Death
Death Peace • Spell: Death Peace • AA: Death Peace
Call of Sky • Spell: Call of Sky • AA: Call of Sky
Call of Earth • Spell: Call of Earth • AA: Call of Earth
Call of Fire • Spell: Call of Fire • AA: Call of Fire
Call of the Predator • Spell: Call of the Predator • AA: Call of the Predator
Range Increment VII • Spell: Range Increment VII • AA: Range Increment VII
Bane Enhancement VII • Spell: Bane Enhancement VII • AA: Bane Enhancement VII
Duration Increment VII • Spell: Duration Increment VII • AA: Duration Increment VII
Casting Speed Increment VII • Spell: Casting Speed Increment VII • AA: Casting Speed Increment VII
Affliction Enhancement VII • Spell: Affliction Enhancement VII • AA: Affliction Enhancement VII
Purify Body • Spell: Purify Body • AA: Purify Body
ShroudOfDeathEffect • Spell: ShroudOfDeathEffect • AA: ShroudOfDeathEffect
Burnout IV • Spell: Burnout IV • AA: Burnout IV
Purify Soul • Spell: Purify Soul • AA: Purify Soul
Boon of the Garou • Spell: Boon of the Garou • AA: Boon of the Garou
Nature Walker's Behest • Spell: Nature Walker's Behest • AA: Nature Walker's Behest
Reagent Conservation VII • Spell: Reagent Conservation VII • AA: Reagent Conservation VII
Manticore Poison • Spell: Manticore Poison • AA: Manticore Poison
Mana Conservation VII • Spell: Mana Conservation VII • AA: Mana Conservation VII
Companion Health VII • Spell: Companion Health VII • AA: Companion Health VII
Companion Strength VII • Spell: Companion Strength VII • AA: Companion Strength VII
Mark of Purity • Spell: Mark of Purity • AA: Mark of Purity
Ritual: Eternity of Ice • Spell: Ritual: Eternity of Ice • AA: Ritual: Eternity of Ice
Ritual: Bind the Flesh • Spell: Ritual: Bind the Flesh • AA: Ritual: Bind the Flesh
Ritual: Cage the Soul • Spell: Ritual: Cage the Soul • AA: Ritual: Cage the Soul
Ritual: Thoughts to Ashes • Spell: Ritual: Thoughts to Ashes • AA: Ritual: Thoughts to Ashes
Call to Battle • Spell: Call to Battle • AA: Call to Battle
Ritual: Seal the Secrets • Spell: Ritual: Seal the Secrets • AA: Ritual: Seal the Secrets
Ritual: Undo the Divine • Spell: Ritual: Undo the Divine • AA: Ritual: Undo the Divine
Vandathian Aegis • Spell: Vandathian Aegis • AA: Vandathian Aegis
Wave of Heat • Spell: Wave of Heat • AA: Wave of Heat
Slime Mist • Spell: Slime Mist • AA: Slime Mist
Control • Spell: Control • AA: Control
Vandathian Bolt • Spell: Vandathian Bolt • AA: Vandathian Bolt
Flame Jet • Spell: Flame Jet • AA: Flame Jet
Vandathian Lightning • Spell: Vandathian Lightning • AA: Vandathian Lightning
Lightning Slice • Spell: Lightning Slice • AA: Lightning Slice
Vandathian Light • Spell: Vandathian Light • AA: Vandathian Light
Seeper's Hunt • Spell: Seeper's Hunt • AA: Seeper's Hunt
Breath of Insanity • Spell: Breath of Insanity • AA: Breath of Insanity
Breath of Frozen Crystals • Spell: Breath of Frozen Crystals • AA: Breath of Frozen Crystals
Wings of Desolation • Spell: Wings of Desolation • AA: Wings of Desolation
Modulation • Spell: Modulation • AA: Modulation
Modulating Rod • Spell: Modulating Rod • AA: Modulating Rod
Renew Elements • Spell: Renew Elements • AA: Renew Elements
Renew Summoning • Spell: Renew Summoning • AA: Renew Summoning
Mother's Corruption • Spell: Mother's Corruption • AA: Mother's Corruption
Seeper's Scream • Spell: Seeper's Scream • AA: Seeper's Scream
Asystole • Spell: Asystole • AA: Asystole
Leach • Spell: Leach • AA: Leach
Shadow Compact • Spell: Shadow Compact • AA: Shadow Compact
Scent of Dusk • Spell: Scent of Dusk • AA: Scent of Dusk
Scent of Shadow • Spell: Scent of Shadow • AA: Scent of Shadow
Scent of Darkness • Spell: Scent of Darkness • AA: Scent of Darkness
Portal of Sacrifice • Spell: Portal of Sacrifice • AA: Portal of Sacrifice
Word of Woe • Spell: Word of Woe • AA: Word of Woe
Flip • Spell: Flip • AA: Flip
Fear of the Father • Spell: Fear of the Father • AA: Fear of the Father
Remedy • Spell: Remedy • AA: Remedy
Divine Light • Spell: Divine Light • AA: Divine Light
Word of Vigor • Spell: Word of Vigor • AA: Word of Vigor
Word of Restoration • Spell: Word of Restoration • AA: Word of Restoration
Celestial Elixir • Spell: Celestial Elixir • AA: Celestial Elixir
Word of Redemption • Spell: Word of Redemption • AA: Word of Redemption
Reviviscence • Spell: Reviviscence • AA: Reviviscence
Antidote • Spell: Antidote • AA: Antidote
Annul Magic • Spell: Annul Magic • AA: Annul Magic
Trepidation • Spell: Trepidation • AA: Trepidation
Exile Undead • Spell: Exile Undead • AA: Exile Undead
Exile Elemental • Spell: Exile Elemental • AA: Exile Elemental
Banishment of Shadows • Spell: Banishment of Shadows • AA: Banishment of Shadows
Banishment • Spell: Banishment • AA: Banishment
Dread of Night • Spell: Dread of Night • AA: Dread of Night
Heroism • Spell: Heroism • AA: Heroism
Yaulp IV • Spell: Yaulp IV • AA: Yaulp IV
Symbol of Marzin • Spell: Symbol of Marzin • AA: Symbol of Marzin
Heroic Bond • Spell: Heroic Bond • AA: Heroic Bond
Puppet Gaze • Spell: Puppet Gaze • AA: Puppet Gaze
Heroic Bond • Spell: Heroic Bond • AA: Heroic Bond
Fortitude • Spell: Fortitude • AA: Fortitude
Aegis • Spell: Aegis • AA: Aegis
Wake of Tranquility • Spell: Wake of Tranquility • AA: Wake of Tranquility
Upheaval • Spell: Upheaval • AA: Upheaval
Reckoning • Spell: Reckoning • AA: Reckoning
Enforced Reverence • Spell: Enforced Reverence • AA: Enforced Reverence
The Unspoken Word • Spell: The Unspoken Word • AA: The Unspoken Word
Puppet ManaGaze • Spell: Puppet ManaGaze • AA: Puppet ManaGaze
Death Pact • Spell: Death Pact • AA: Death Pact
Doom • Spell: Doom • AA: Doom
Wizard Mastery • Spell: Wizard Mastery • AA: Wizard Mastery
Repulse Animal • Spell: Repulse Animal • AA: Repulse Animal
Circle of Winter • Spell: Circle of Winter • AA: Circle of Winter
Circle of Summer • Spell: Circle of Summer • AA: Circle of Summer
Call of the Wild • Spell: Call of the Wild • AA: Call of the Wild
Spirit of Scale • Spell: Spirit of Scale • AA: Spirit of Scale
Ulazzaria's Skystorm • Spell: Ulazzaria's Skystorm • AA: Ulazzaria's Skystorm
Sihala's Request • Spell: Sihala's Request • AA: Sihala's Request
Girdle of Shojar • Spell: Girdle of Shojar • AA: Girdle of Shojar
Bladecoat • Spell: Bladecoat • AA: Bladecoat
Natureskin • Spell: Natureskin • AA: Natureskin
Shield of Blades • Spell: Shield of Blades • AA: Shield of Blades
Legacy of Thorn • Spell: Legacy of Thorn • AA: Legacy of Thorn
Form of the Howler • Spell: Form of the Howler • AA: Form of the Howler
Form of the Hunter • Spell: Form of the Hunter • AA: Form of the Hunter
Spirit of Oak • Spell: Spirit of Oak • AA: Spirit of Oak
Mask of the Hunter • Spell: Mask of the Hunter • AA: Mask of the Hunter
Egress • Spell: Egress • AA: Egress
Succor • Spell: Succor • AA: Succor
Regrowth • Spell: Regrowth • AA: Regrowth
Regrowth of the Grove • Spell: Regrowth of the Grove • AA: Regrowth of the Grove
Talisman of Jasinth • Spell: Talisman of Jasinth • AA: Talisman of Jasinth
Talisman of Shadoo • Spell: Talisman of Shadoo • AA: Talisman of Shadoo
Cannibalize III • Spell: Cannibalize III • AA: Cannibalize III
Insidious Decay • Spell: Insidious Decay • AA: Insidious Decay
Spirit of the Howler • Spell: Spirit of the Howler • AA: Spirit of the Howler
Acumen • Spell: Acumen • AA: Acumen
Torpor • Spell: Torpor • AA: Torpor
Malosini • Spell: Malosini • AA: Malosini
Malo • Spell: Malo • AA: Malo
Talisman of the Cat • Spell: Talisman of the Cat • AA: Talisman of the Cat
Talisman of the Brute • Spell: Talisman of the Brute • AA: Talisman of the Brute
Talisman of the Rhino • Spell: Talisman of the Rhino • AA: Talisman of the Rhino
Talisman of the Serpent • Spell: Talisman of the Serpent • AA: Talisman of the Serpent
Talisman of the Raptor • Spell: Talisman of the Raptor • AA: Talisman of the Raptor
Shroud of the Spirits • Spell: Shroud of the Spirits • AA: Shroud of the Spirits
Talisman of Kragg • Spell: Talisman of Kragg • AA: Talisman of Kragg
Ice Strike • Spell: Ice Strike • AA: Ice Strike
Torrent of Poison • Spell: Torrent of Poison • AA: Torrent of Poison
Turgur's Insects • Spell: Turgur's Insects • AA: Turgur's Insects
Tigir's Insects • Spell: Tigir's Insects • AA: Tigir's Insects
Bane of Althuna • Spell: Bane of Althuna • AA: Bane of Althuna
Pox of Gradalsh • Spell: Pox of Gradalsh • AA: Pox of Gradalsh
Cripple • Spell: Cripple • AA: Cripple
Maniacal Strength • Spell: Maniacal Strength • AA: Maniacal Strength
Deliriously Nimble • Spell: Deliriously Nimble • AA: Deliriously Nimble
Riotous Health • Spell: Riotous Health • AA: Riotous Health
Mortal Deftness • Spell: Mortal Deftness • AA: Mortal Deftness
Unfailing Reverence • Spell: Unfailing Reverence • AA: Unfailing Reverence
Dragon SpellShield • Spell: Dragon SpellShield • AA: Dragon SpellShield
Shackles of the Father • Spell: Shackles of the Father • AA: Shackles of the Father
Breath of Tarhyl • Spell: Breath of Tarhyl • AA: Breath of Tarhyl
Winged Death • Spell: Winged Death • AA: Winged Death
Blizzard • Spell: Blizzard • AA: Blizzard
Scoriae • Spell: Scoriae • AA: Scoriae
Shackles of the Father • Spell: Shackles of the Father • AA: Shackles of the Father
Frost • Spell: Frost • AA: Frost
Fist of Shojar • Spell: Fist of Shojar • AA: Fist of Shojar
Wildfire • Spell: Wildfire • AA: Wildfire
Entrapping Roots • Spell: Entrapping Roots • AA: Entrapping Roots
Manaskin • Spell: Manaskin • AA: Manaskin
Shield of the Magi • Spell: Shield of the Magi • AA: Shield of the Magi
Gold of the Heavens • Spell: Gold of the Heavens • AA: Gold of the Heavens
Quivering Veil of Xarn • Spell: Quivering Veil of Xarn • AA: Quivering Veil of Xarn
Deflux • Spell: Deflux • AA: Deflux
Chill Bones • Spell: Chill Bones • AA: Chill Bones
Soul Leech • Spell: Soul Leech • AA: Soul Leech
Vexing Mordinia • Spell: Vexing Mordinia • AA: Vexing Mordinia
Pyrocruor • Spell: Pyrocruor • AA: Pyrocruor
Touch of Night • Spell: Touch of Night • AA: Touch of Night
Devouring Darkness • Spell: Devouring Darkness • AA: Devouring Darkness
Splurt • Spell: Splurt • AA: Splurt
Minion of Shadows • Spell: Minion of Shadows • AA: Minion of Shadows
Servant of Bones • Spell: Servant of Bones • AA: Servant of Bones
Emissary of Kaezul • Spell: Emissary of Kaezul • AA: Emissary of Kaezul
Thrall of Bones • Spell: Thrall of Bones • AA: Thrall of Bones
Fear of the Mother • Spell: Fear of the Mother • AA: Fear of the Mother
Levant • Spell: Levant • AA: Levant
Abscond • Spell: Abscond • AA: Abscond
Evacuate • Spell: Evacuate • AA: Evacuate
Enslave Death • Spell: Enslave Death • AA: Enslave Death
Simulate Death • Spell: Simulate Death • AA: Simulate Death
Atol's Spectral Shackles • Spell: Atol's Spectral Shackles • AA: Atol's Spectral Shackles
Plainsight • Spell: Plainsight • AA: Plainsight
Fetter • Spell: Fetter • AA: Fetter
Tishan's Discord • Spell: Tishan's Discord • AA: Tishan's Discord
Markar's Discord • Spell: Markar's Discord • AA: Markar's Discord
Invert Gravity • Spell: Invert Gravity • AA: Invert Gravity
Draught of Fire • Spell: Draught of Fire • AA: Draught of Fire
Lure of Flame • Spell: Lure of Flame • AA: Lure of Flame
Voltaic Draught • Spell: Voltaic Draught • AA: Voltaic Draught
Lure of Lightning • Spell: Lure of Lightning • AA: Lure of Lightning
Draught of Ice • Spell: Draught of Ice • AA: Draught of Ice
Lure of Frost • Spell: Lure of Frost • AA: Lure of Frost
Draught of Jiva • Spell: Draught of Jiva • AA: Draught of Jiva
Pillar of Flame • Spell: Pillar of Flame • AA: Pillar of Flame
Pillar of Lightning • Spell: Pillar of Lightning • AA: Pillar of Lightning
Pillar of Frost • Spell: Pillar of Frost • AA: Pillar of Frost
Tears of Tarhansar • Spell: Tears of Tarhansar • AA: Tears of Tarhansar
Tears of Tarhyl • Spell: Tears of Tarhyl • AA: Tears of Tarhyl
Tears of Jayla • Spell: Tears of Jayla • AA: Tears of Jayla
Inferno of Al'Kabor • Spell: Inferno of Al'Kabor • AA: Inferno of Al'Kabor
Retribution of Al'Kabor • Spell: Retribution of Al'Kabor • AA: Retribution of Al'Kabor
Vengeance of Al'Kabor • Spell: Vengeance of Al'Kabor • AA: Vengeance of Al'Kabor
Jyll's Static Pulse • Spell: Jyll's Static Pulse • AA: Jyll's Static Pulse
Jyll's Zephyr of Ice • Spell: Jyll's Zephyr of Ice • AA: Jyll's Zephyr of Ice
Jyll's Wave of Heat • Spell: Jyll's Wave of Heat • AA: Jyll's Wave of Heat
Thunderbold • Spell: Thunderbold • AA: Thunderbold
Winds of Gelid • Spell: Winds of Gelid • AA: Winds of Gelid
Sunstrike • Spell: Sunstrike • AA: Sunstrike
Scintillation • Spell: Scintillation • AA: Scintillation
Char • Spell: Char • AA: Char
Scars of Sigil • Spell: Scars of Sigil • AA: Scars of Sigil
Sirocco • Spell: Sirocco • AA: Sirocco
Shock of Steel • Spell: Shock of Steel • AA: Shock of Steel
Seeking Flame of Seukor • Spell: Seeking Flame of Seukor • AA: Seeking Flame of Seukor
Manastorm • Spell: Manastorm • AA: Manastorm
Phantasmal Armor • Spell: Phantasmal Armor • AA: Phantasmal Armor
Cadeau of Flame • Spell: Cadeau of Flame • AA: Cadeau of Flame
Boon of Immolation • Spell: Boon of Immolation • AA: Boon of Immolation
Aegis of Tarhyl • Spell: Aegis of Tarhyl • AA: Aegis of Tarhyl
Velocity • Spell: Velocity • AA: Velocity
Vocarate: Earth • Spell: Vocarate: Earth • AA: Vocarate: Earth
Vocarate: Water • Spell: Vocarate: Water • AA: Vocarate: Water
Vocarate: Fire • Spell: Vocarate: Fire • AA: Vocarate: Fire
Vocarate: Air • Spell: Vocarate: Air • AA: Vocarate: Air
Greater Vocaration: Earth • Spell: Greater Vocaration: Earth • AA: Greater Vocaration: Earth
Greater Vocaration: Water • Spell: Greater Vocaration: Water • AA: Greater Vocaration: Water
Greater Vocaration: Fire • Spell: Greater Vocaration: Fire • AA: Greater Vocaration: Fire
Greater Vocaration: Air • Spell: Greater Vocaration: Air • AA: Greater Vocaration: Air
Mining • Spell: Mining • AA: Mining
Soul Call • Spell: Soul Call • AA: Soul Call
Call of Life • Spell: Call of Life • AA: Call of Life
Rimfrost • Spell: Rimfrost • AA: Rimfrost
Lifeblood of Malath • Spell: Lifeblood of Malath • AA: Lifeblood of Malath
Harvester's Hatred • Spell: Harvester's Hatred • AA: Harvester's Hatred
Reality Warp • Spell: Reality Warp • AA: Reality Warp
Theft of Thought • Spell: Theft of Thought • AA: Theft of Thought
Collaboration • Spell: Collaboration • AA: Collaboration
Enlightenment • Spell: Enlightenment • AA: Enlightenment
Rune V • Spell: Rune V • AA: Rune V
Fascination • Spell: Fascination • AA: Fascination
Glamour of Kintaz • Spell: Glamour of Kintaz • AA: Glamour of Kintaz
Rapture • Spell: Rapture • AA: Rapture
Clarity II • Spell: Clarity II • AA: Clarity II
Boon of the Clear Mind • Spell: Boon of the Clear Mind • AA: Boon of the Clear Mind
Gift of Pure Thought • Spell: Gift of Pure Thought • AA: Gift of Pure Thought
Color Slant • Spell: Color Slant • AA: Color Slant
Recant Magic • Spell: Recant Magic • AA: Recant Magic
Dementia • Spell: Dementia • AA: Dementia
Wind of Tashani • Spell: Wind of Tashani • AA: Wind of Tashani
Torment of Argli • Spell: Torment of Argli • AA: Torment of Argli
Overwhelming Splendor • Spell: Overwhelming Splendor • AA: Overwhelming Splendor
Tashanian • Spell: Tashanian • AA: Tashanian
Asphyxiate • Spell: Asphyxiate • AA: Asphyxiate
Wind of Tashanian • Spell: Wind of Tashanian • AA: Wind of Tashanian
Boltran's Agacerie • Spell: Boltran's Agacerie • AA: Boltran's Agacerie
Boltran's Agacerie • Spell: Boltran's Agacerie • AA: Boltran's Agacerie
Dictate • Spell: Dictate • AA: Dictate
Aanya's Quickening • Spell: Aanya's Quickening • AA: Aanya's Quickening
Wonderous Rapidity • Spell: Wonderous Rapidity • AA: Wonderous Rapidity
Visions of Grandeur • Spell: Visions of Grandeur • AA: Visions of Grandeur
Demolish Mind • Spell: Demolish Mind • AA: Demolish Mind
Forlorn Deeds • Spell: Forlorn Deeds • AA: Forlorn Deeds
Bedlam • Spell: Bedlam • AA: Bedlam
Memory Flux • Spell: Memory Flux • AA: Memory Flux
Largarn's Lamentation • Spell: Largarn's Lamentation • AA: Largarn's Lamentation
Scent of Terris • Spell: Scent of Terris • AA: Scent of Terris
Shadowbond • Spell: Shadowbond • AA: Shadowbond
Finger of Darkness • Spell: Finger of Darkness • AA: Finger of Darkness
Engorging Roots • Spell: Engorging Roots • AA: Engorging Roots
Smashing Blow • Spell: Smashing Blow • AA: Smashing Blow
Unswerving Hammer of Faith • Spell: Unswerving Hammer of Faith • AA: Unswerving Hammer of Faith
Flaming Sword of Xuzl • Spell: Flaming Sword of Xuzl • AA: Flaming Sword of Xuzl
Zumaik's Animation • Spell: Zumaik's Animation • AA: Zumaik's Animation
Disintegrate • Spell: Disintegrate • AA: Disintegrate
Cull Storm • Spell: Cull Storm • AA: Cull Storm
Sunskin • Spell: Sunskin • AA: Sunskin
Legacy of Spike • Spell: Legacy of Spike • AA: Legacy of Spike
Manasink • Spell: Manasink • AA: Manasink
Augment • Spell: Augment • AA: Augment
Surge of Torment • Spell: Surge of Torment • AA: Surge of Torment
Illusion: Female • Spell: Illusion: Female • AA: Illusion: Female
Finger of Rage • Spell: Finger of Rage • AA: Finger of Rage
Convergence • Spell: Convergence • AA: Convergence
Spell Shatter • Spell: Spell Shatter • AA: Spell Shatter
Will Reaper • Spell: Will Reaper • AA: Will Reaper
Red Dream • Spell: Red Dream • AA: Red Dream
Star Dust • Spell: Star Dust • AA: Star Dust
Words of Thunder • Spell: Words of Thunder • AA: Words of Thunder
Cloud of Spores • Spell: Cloud of Spores • AA: Cloud of Spores
Calefaction • Spell: Calefaction • AA: Calefaction
Jolt • Spell: Jolt • AA: Jolt
Bobbing Corpse • Spell: Bobbing Corpse • AA: Bobbing Corpse
Divine Favor • Spell: Divine Favor • AA: Divine Favor
Harvest • Spell: Harvest • AA: Harvest
Smell the Roses • Spell: Smell the Roses • AA: Smell the Roses
FireElementalAura2 • Spell: FireElementalAura2 • AA: FireElementalAura2
Brusco's Bombastic Bellow • Spell: Brusco's Bombastic Bellow • AA: Brusco's Bombastic Bellow
FireElementalAura3 • Spell: FireElementalAura3 • AA: FireElementalAura3
Kazumi's Note of Preservation • Spell: Kazumi's Note of Preservation • AA: Kazumi's Note of Preservation
Selo's Song of Travel • Spell: Selo's Song of Travel • AA: Selo's Song of Travel
Largo's Absonant Binding • Spell: Largo's Absonant Binding • AA: Largo's Absonant Binding
Nillipus' March of the Wee • Spell: Nillipus' March of the Wee • AA: Nillipus' March of the Wee
Song of Twilight • Spell: Song of Twilight • AA: Song of Twilight
Song of Dawn • Spell: Song of Dawn • AA: Song of Dawn
Song of Highsun • Spell: Song of Highsun • AA: Song of Highsun
Song of Midnight • Spell: Song of Midnight • AA: Song of Midnight
Vilia's Chorus of Celerity • Spell: Vilia's Chorus of Celerity • AA: Vilia's Chorus of Celerity
Selo's Assonant Strane • Spell: Selo's Assonant Strane • AA: Selo's Assonant Strane
Cantata of Replenishment • Spell: Cantata of Replenishment • AA: Cantata of Replenishment
McVaxius' Rousing Rondo • Spell: McVaxius' Rousing Rondo • AA: McVaxius' Rousing Rondo
Cassindra's Insipid Ditty • Spell: Cassindra's Insipid Ditty • AA: Cassindra's Insipid Ditty
Jonthan's Inspiration • Spell: Jonthan's Inspiration • AA: Jonthan's Inspiration
Niv's Harmonic • Spell: Niv's Harmonic • AA: Niv's Harmonic
Denon's Bereavement • Spell: Denon's Bereavement • AA: Denon's Bereavement
Solon's Charismatic Concord • Spell: Solon's Charismatic Concord • AA: Solon's Charismatic Concord
Eat • Spell: Eat • AA: Eat
Bonds of Sihala • Spell: Bonds of Sihala • AA: Bonds of Sihala
Corpal Empathy Recourse • Spell: Corpal Empathy Recourse • AA: Corpal Empathy Recourse
Lure of Ice • Spell: Lure of Ice • AA: Lure of Ice
Greater Tearing • Spell: Greater Tearing • AA: Greater Tearing
Call of the Hero • Spell: Call of the Hero • AA: Call of the Hero
Mala • Spell: Mala • AA: Mala
Yinazra's Miniscule Mirror • Spell: Yinazra's Miniscule Mirror • AA: Yinazra's Miniscule Mirror
Twitching Flesh • Spell: Twitching Flesh • AA: Twitching Flesh
Twitching Flesh • Spell: Twitching Flesh • AA: Twitching Flesh
Snowskin's Breath • Spell: Snowskin's Breath • AA: Snowskin's Breath
Spell Break • Spell: Spell Break • AA: Spell Break
Flurry • Spell: Flurry • AA: Flurry
Summon Bandages • Spell: Summon Bandages • AA: Summon Bandages
Arrow Poison • Spell: Arrow Poison • AA: Arrow Poison
Mist Poison • Spell: Mist Poison • AA: Mist Poison
Summon Construct • Spell: Summon Construct • AA: Summon Construct
Stream of Maggots • Spell: Stream of Maggots • AA: Stream of Maggots
Gem Shards • Spell: Gem Shards • AA: Gem Shards
EmpressToss • Spell: EmpressToss • AA: EmpressToss
Torment • Spell: Torment • AA: Torment
Zombie Flies • Spell: Zombie Flies • AA: Zombie Flies
Stream of Maggots • Spell: Stream of Maggots • AA: Stream of Maggots
Razor Stalks • Spell: Razor Stalks • AA: Razor Stalks
Fleshflower Roots • Spell: Fleshflower Roots • AA: Fleshflower Roots
Hinder • Spell: Hinder • AA: Hinder
Abolish Enchantment • Spell: Abolish Enchantment • AA: Abolish Enchantment
Blinding Light • Spell: Blinding Light • AA: Blinding Light
Warpstone Chill • Spell: Warpstone Chill • AA: Warpstone Chill
Warpstone Shards • Spell: Warpstone Shards • AA: Warpstone Shards
Sonic Strike • Spell: Sonic Strike • AA: Sonic Strike
Sonic Strike • Spell: Sonic Strike • AA: Sonic Strike
Warpstone Scream • Spell: Warpstone Scream • AA: Warpstone Scream
Warpstone Tomb • Spell: Warpstone Tomb • AA: Warpstone Tomb
Angar's Theft of Life • Spell: Angar's Theft of Life • AA: Angar's Theft of Life
Froglok Poison • Spell: Froglok Poison • AA: Froglok Poison
Breath of Embers • Spell: Breath of Embers • AA: Breath of Embers
Rain of Molten Gold • Spell: Rain of Molten Gold • AA: Rain of Molten Gold
Companion Health I • Spell: Companion Health I • AA: Companion Health I
Companion Health II • Spell: Companion Health II • AA: Companion Health II
Companion Health III • Spell: Companion Health III • AA: Companion Health III
Companion Health IV • Spell: Companion Health IV • AA: Companion Health IV
Cone of Frost • Spell: Cone of Frost • AA: Cone of Frost
Phantom Fists • Spell: Phantom Fists • AA: Phantom Fists
Blast of Evercold • Spell: Blast of Evercold • AA: Blast of Evercold
Companion Health V • Spell: Companion Health V • AA: Companion Health V
Reanimation • Spell: Reanimation • AA: Reanimation
Disjunction • Spell: Disjunction • AA: Disjunction
Sebilite Pox • Spell: Sebilite Pox • AA: Sebilite Pox
Companion Strength I • Spell: Companion Strength I • AA: Companion Strength I
Companion Strength II • Spell: Companion Strength II • AA: Companion Strength II
Companion Strength III • Spell: Companion Strength III • AA: Companion Strength III
Companion Strength IV • Spell: Companion Strength IV • AA: Companion Strength IV
Primal Essence • Spell: Primal Essence • AA: Primal Essence
Living Shadows • Spell: Living Shadows • AA: Living Shadows
Companion Strength V • Spell: Companion Strength V • AA: Companion Strength V
Red Mist • Spell: Red Mist • AA: Red Mist
Storm of Divine Rage • Spell: Storm of Divine Rage • AA: Storm of Divine Rage
Seeking Mind • Spell: Seeking Mind • AA: Seeking Mind
Cloud of Spores • Spell: Cloud of Spores • AA: Cloud of Spores
Seeking Mind • Spell: Seeking Mind • AA: Seeking Mind
Seeking Mind • Spell: Seeking Mind • AA: Seeking Mind
Blackbloat • Spell: Blackbloat • AA: Blackbloat
Lesser Tomb Rot • Spell: Lesser Tomb Rot • AA: Lesser Tomb Rot
Heartland Gate • Spell: Heartland Gate • AA: Heartland Gate
Heartland Portal • Spell: Heartland Portal • AA: Heartland Portal
Blinding Poison I • Spell: Blinding Poison I • AA: Blinding Poison I
Paralyzing Poison I • Spell: Paralyzing Poison I • AA: Paralyzing Poison I
Poison Animal I • Spell: Poison Animal I • AA: Poison Animal I
Poison Summoned I • Spell: Poison Summoned I • AA: Poison Summoned I
Blades of Immolation • Spell: Blades of Immolation • AA: Blades of Immolation
Blades of Frost • Spell: Blades of Frost • AA: Blades of Frost
Blades of Steel • Spell: Blades of Steel • AA: Blades of Steel
Blinding Poison II • Spell: Blinding Poison II • AA: Blinding Poison II
Blinding Poison III • Spell: Blinding Poison III • AA: Blinding Poison III
Paralyzing Poison II • Spell: Paralyzing Poison II • AA: Paralyzing Poison II
Paralyzing Poison III • Spell: Paralyzing Poison III • AA: Paralyzing Poison III
Poison Animal II • Spell: Poison Animal II • AA: Poison Animal II
Poison Animal III • Spell: Poison Animal III • AA: Poison Animal III
Poison Summoned II • Spell: Poison Summoned II • AA: Poison Summoned II
Poison Summoned III • Spell: Poison Summoned III • AA: Poison Summoned III
Blades of Venom • Spell: Blades of Venom • AA: Blades of Venom
Blades of Scourge • Spell: Blades of Scourge • AA: Blades of Scourge
Blades of Magi • Spell: Blades of Magi • AA: Blades of Magi
Vapor Breath • Spell: Vapor Breath • AA: Vapor Breath
Weakening Poison II • Spell: Weakening Poison II • AA: Weakening Poison II
Weakening Poison III • Spell: Weakening Poison III • AA: Weakening Poison III
Strike of Immolation • Spell: Strike of Immolation • AA: Strike of Immolation
Strike of Cold • Spell: Strike of Cold • AA: Strike of Cold
Strike of Steel • Spell: Strike of Steel • AA: Strike of Steel
Strike of Venom • Spell: Strike of Venom • AA: Strike of Venom
Strike of Scourge • Spell: Strike of Scourge • AA: Strike of Scourge
Strike of Magi • Spell: Strike of Magi • AA: Strike of Magi
Ring of Heartlands • Spell: Ring of Heartlands • AA: Ring of Heartlands
Circle of Heartlands • Spell: Circle of Heartlands • AA: Circle of Heartlands
Vorpal Cut • Spell: Vorpal Cut • AA: Vorpal Cut
Jinx • Spell: Jinx • AA: Jinx
Nejax's Striking Curse • Spell: Nejax's Striking Curse • AA: Nejax's Striking Curse
Nejax's Sapping Curse • Spell: Nejax's Sapping Curse • AA: Nejax's Sapping Curse
Injected Poison II • Spell: Injected Poison II • AA: Injected Poison II
Injected Poison III • Spell: Injected Poison III • AA: Injected Poison III
Injected Poison IV • Spell: Injected Poison IV • AA: Injected Poison IV
Nejax's Rending Curse • Spell: Nejax's Rending Curse • AA: Nejax's Rending Curse
Strike of War • Spell: Strike of War • AA: Strike of War
Capture Dryad • Spell: Capture Dryad • AA: Capture Dryad
Refresh Summoning • Spell: Refresh Summoning • AA: Refresh Summoning
Skin Rot • Spell: Skin Rot • AA: Skin Rot
Beatific Grace • Spell: Beatific Grace • AA: Beatific Grace
Fury of Air • Spell: Fury of Air • AA: Fury of Air
Fireworks • Spell: Fireworks • AA: Fireworks
Crushing Despair • Spell: Crushing Despair • AA: Crushing Despair
Shatter Armor • Spell: Shatter Armor • AA: Shatter Armor
Weakening Poison IV • Spell: Weakening Poison IV • AA: Weakening Poison IV
Sunder Armor • Spell: Sunder Armor • AA: Sunder Armor
Frozen Claws • Spell: Frozen Claws • AA: Frozen Claws
Touch of Blight • Spell: Touch of Blight • AA: Touch of Blight
Soul Grip • Spell: Soul Grip • AA: Soul Grip
Injected Poison V • Spell: Injected Poison V • AA: Injected Poison V
Soul Scream • Spell: Soul Scream • AA: Soul Scream
Scream of the Tormented • Spell: Scream of the Tormented • AA: Scream of the Tormented
Earthtrap • Spell: Earthtrap • AA: Earthtrap
Earthtrap2 • Spell: Earthtrap2 • AA: Earthtrap2
Lethal Poison Dart • Spell: Lethal Poison Dart • AA: Lethal Poison Dart
Mana Whisper • Spell: Mana Whisper • AA: Mana Whisper
Howl of the Banshee • Spell: Howl of the Banshee • AA: Howl of the Banshee
Storm Lightning • Spell: Storm Lightning • AA: Storm Lightning
Athica Gate • Spell: Athica Gate • AA: Athica Gate
Gravity Throw • Spell: Gravity Throw • AA: Gravity Throw
Mind Hunger • Spell: Mind Hunger • AA: Mind Hunger
Relic: Til's Elemental Ward • Spell: Relic: Til's Elemental Ward • AA: Relic: Til's Elemental Ward
Chloroplast • Spell: Chloroplast • AA: Chloroplast
Open Bottle • Spell: Open Bottle • AA: Open Bottle
Open Bottle • Spell: Open Bottle • AA: Open Bottle
Open Bottle • Spell: Open Bottle • AA: Open Bottle
Ancient: Burnout Blaze • Spell: Ancient: Burnout Blaze • AA: Ancient: Burnout Blaze
Ancient: Guardian of Jayla • Spell: Ancient: Guardian of Jayla • AA: Ancient: Guardian of Jayla
Relic: Manifest Elements • Spell: Relic: Manifest Elements • AA: Relic: Manifest Elements
Open Seal • Spell: Open Seal • AA: Open Seal
Open Seal • Spell: Open Seal • AA: Open Seal
Open Seal • Spell: Open Seal • AA: Open Seal
Open Seal • Spell: Open Seal • AA: Open Seal
Open Seal • Spell: Open Seal • AA: Open Seal
Explosion • Spell: Explosion • AA: Explosion
Open Seal • Spell: Open Seal • AA: Open Seal
Effects1 • Spell: Effects1 • AA: Effects1
Effects2 • Spell: Effects2 • AA: Effects2
Effects3 • Spell: Effects3 • AA: Effects3
Effects4 • Spell: Effects4 • AA: Effects4
Lesser Fear • Spell: Lesser Fear • AA: Lesser Fear
Chillburn • Spell: Chillburn • AA: Chillburn
Crippling Blow • Spell: Crippling Blow • AA: Crippling Blow
Coldfire • Spell: Coldfire • AA: Coldfire
Deadly Current • Spell: Deadly Current • AA: Deadly Current
Rage of the Wind Queen • Spell: Rage of the Wind Queen • AA: Rage of the Wind Queen
Tornado • Spell: Tornado • AA: Tornado
TornadoEffect • Spell: TornadoEffect • AA: TornadoEffect
Rapturous Bliss • Spell: Rapturous Bliss • AA: Rapturous Bliss
Chaotic Gravity • Spell: Chaotic Gravity • AA: Chaotic Gravity
Wonderous Visions • Spell: Wonderous Visions • AA: Wonderous Visions
Venomous Kiss • Spell: Venomous Kiss • AA: Venomous Kiss
Seductive Word • Spell: Seductive Word • AA: Seductive Word
Slave of Shiritri • Spell: Slave of Shiritri • AA: Slave of Shiritri
Summon Heathen • Spell: Summon Heathen • AA: Summon Heathen
placeholder • Spell: placeholder • AA: placeholder
Warcry • Spell: Warcry • AA: Warcry
Warcry • Spell: Warcry • AA: Warcry
Warcry • Spell: Warcry • AA: Warcry
Helt's Breathlessness • Spell: Helt's Breathlessness • AA: Helt's Breathlessness
Deadly Poison • Spell: Deadly Poison • AA: Deadly Poison
Brusco's Arrogant Bellow • Spell: Brusco's Arrogant Bellow • AA: Brusco's Arrogant Bellow
Brusco's Overbearing Bellow • Spell: Brusco's Overbearing Bellow • AA: Brusco's Overbearing Bellow
Denon's Requiem Finale • Spell: Denon's Requiem Finale • AA: Denon's Requiem Finale
Brusco's Braggart Bellow • Spell: Brusco's Braggart Bellow • AA: Brusco's Braggart Bellow
Helt's Berserker Formula • Spell: Helt's Berserker Formula • AA: Helt's Berserker Formula
Helt's Wild Berserker Formula • Spell: Helt's Wild Berserker Formula • AA: Helt's Wild Berserker Formula
Helt's Berserker Insanity • Spell: Helt's Berserker Insanity • AA: Helt's Berserker Insanity
Frost Breath • Spell: Frost Breath • AA: Frost Breath
Molten Breath • Spell: Molten Breath • AA: Molten Breath
Relic: Hymn of the Saviour • Spell: Relic: Hymn of the Saviour • AA: Relic: Hymn of the Saviour
Metallic Net • Spell: Metallic Net • AA: Metallic Net
Wetlung • Spell: Wetlung • AA: Wetlung
Spore Fever • Spell: Spore Fever • AA: Spore Fever
Greenmoss Spores • Spell: Greenmoss Spores • AA: Greenmoss Spores
Ice breath • Spell: Ice breath • AA: Ice breath
Whirling Smash • Spell: Whirling Smash • AA: Whirling Smash
Clockwork Shout • Spell: Clockwork Shout • AA: Clockwork Shout
Trap Poison I • Spell: Trap Poison I • AA: Trap Poison I
Trap Poison II • Spell: Trap Poison II • AA: Trap Poison II
Trap Poison III • Spell: Trap Poison III • AA: Trap Poison III
DrakeBreathBig • Spell: DrakeBreathBig • AA: DrakeBreathBig
Putrefy Flesh • Spell: Putrefy Flesh • AA: Putrefy Flesh
Trap Poison IV • Spell: Trap Poison IV • AA: Trap Poison IV
Trap Poison V • Spell: Trap Poison V • AA: Trap Poison V
Burning Hands • Spell: Burning Hands • AA: Burning Hands
Electrocute • Spell: Electrocute • AA: Electrocute
Electrofield • Spell: Electrofield • AA: Electrofield
Electrozap I • Spell: Electrozap I • AA: Electrozap I
Electrozap II • Spell: Electrozap II • AA: Electrozap II
LifetapEffect2 • Spell: LifetapEffect2 • AA: LifetapEffect2
LifetapEffectNormal • Spell: LifetapEffectNormal • AA: LifetapEffectNormal
LifetapEffectSK • Spell: LifetapEffectSK • AA: LifetapEffectSK
Clockwork Noise • Spell: Clockwork Noise • AA: Clockwork Noise
Condemnation of Zarad • Spell: Condemnation of Zarad • AA: Condemnation of Zarad
Behemoth Heal • Spell: Behemoth Heal • AA: Behemoth Heal
Summon No Los • Spell: Summon No Los • AA: Summon No Los
InstantGate • Spell: InstantGate • AA: InstantGate
Halfling Horde • Spell: Halfling Horde • AA: Halfling Horde
Woefrost • Spell: Woefrost • AA: Woefrost
Blood Fountain • Spell: Blood Fountain • AA: Blood Fountain
Greater Deflux • Spell: Greater Deflux • AA: Greater Deflux
Shroud of the Stormhammers • Spell: Shroud of the Stormhammers • AA: Shroud of the Stormhammers
Light of Shojar • Spell: Light of Shojar • AA: Light of Shojar
Aura of the Arcane • Spell: Aura of the Arcane • AA: Aura of the Arcane
Aura of the Valiant • Spell: Aura of the Valiant • AA: Aura of the Valiant
Runes of Supremacy • Spell: Runes of Supremacy • AA: Runes of Supremacy
Mana Combust • Spell: Mana Combust • AA: Mana Combust
Divine Rage • Spell: Divine Rage • AA: Divine Rage
Divine Rage • Spell: Divine Rage • AA: Divine Rage
Divine Rage • Spell: Divine Rage • AA: Divine Rage
Black Wind • Spell: Black Wind • AA: Black Wind
DivineRageI • Spell: DivineRageI • AA: DivineRageI
DivineRageII • Spell: DivineRageII • AA: DivineRageII
DivineRageIII • Spell: DivineRageIII • AA: DivineRageIII
Piercing Terror • Spell: Piercing Terror • AA: Piercing Terror
Piercing Terror • Spell: Piercing Terror • AA: Piercing Terror
Spreading Rash • Spell: Spreading Rash • AA: Spreading Rash
Cleanse Water • Spell: Cleanse Water • AA: Cleanse Water
Practice Trap Poison • Spell: Practice Trap Poison • AA: Practice Trap Poison
Life Fire • Spell: Life Fire • AA: Life Fire
Life Fire • Spell: Life Fire • AA: Life Fire
Chains of the Inferno • Spell: Chains of the Inferno • AA: Chains of the Inferno
House Door • Spell: House Door • AA: House Door
Touch of Chaos • Spell: Touch of Chaos • AA: Touch of Chaos
Dujek's Reduction • Spell: Dujek's Reduction • AA: Dujek's Reduction
Form of the Gladiator • Spell: Form of the Gladiator • AA: Form of the Gladiator