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User:Gnomish/Warrior Gear by Recommended Level/Head

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Head WAR

Item Reclvl Effect Focus Effect
Draconic Platemail Helm
Mastercrafted Copper Platemail Helm
Copper Chainmail Coif
Cougarskin Cap
Drakehide Cap
Furry Cap
Hard Goblin Helmet
Iron Chainmail Coif
Iron Platemail Helm
Mastercrafted Silver Chainmail Coif
Forceful Circlet Recovery IV
Mastercrafted Silver Platemail Helm
Pixie Silk Cap
Reinforced Cap
Rhino Wool Hood
Stormforged Platemail Helm
Studded Leather Cap
Fishbone Helm
Silver Chainmail Coif
Dust-Covered Runecoif
Twisted Orc Crown Range Increment I
Headmaster's Visage Illusion: Erudite
Ruby Crown
Wrought Iron Helm
Zombie Skin Cap Recovery I
Infused Chainmail Coif
Lavastone Tiara Companion Health IV
Crown of Victory
Platemail Helm
Pixie-Woven Hood Mana Conservation I
Crown of The Depths Enduring Breath
Coral Helmet
Pink Cap Ferocity II
Seething Scraps of Cloth Focused Blight
Crown of Blackfire Howl of the Banshee
Orcish Forged Helmet
Optimum Gear Haste Reagent Conservation I
Tortured Plate Helm
Hood of Ki'Sanard
Ringmail Coif of Recovery Recovery I
Mastercrafted Iron Platemail Helm
Troll Skull Helm
Twined Rat Hair Cap
Controlling Cap of the Elael
Bed Rage
Helmet of the Theron Mana Conservation I
Darkmesh Helm of War/Faction Bound
Reinforced Studded Cap
Darkstone Mail Coif
Horns of the Red Valiance I
Infernal Platemail Helm
Ironhide Hat Valiance II
Combine Platemail Helm Recovery V
Tamer's Helm Ferocity II
Netted Cap
Lakelord's Tiny Orbiter Haste
Chitin Helm
Hood of Hellfire Aura of Hellfire
Shadow Mail Coif
Mastercrafted Copper Chainmail Coif
Mastercrafted Iron Chainmail Coif
Sadri Guardian Helmet
Servant's Head
Mystic's Skullcage
Unspeakably Ugly Headfin Hat Everlasting Breath
Brilliant Flowing Silks Snare
Priceless Crown
Disgusting Felt Hat
Kelethinian Wreath
Turtle Skin Headband Haste Duration Increment I
Decorative Golden Helm
Frosted Berserker Greathelm
Rusty Orc Helm
Crown of the Supreme Hater Merciless Torture
Turtle Skin Sash Haste Damage Increment IV
Gleaming Scale Helmet/Faction Bound
Aged Runic Platemail Helm
Berserker's Cap
Antique Plate Helm
Aquatic Cap
Banded Giant Mail Coif
Battered Runnyeye Helm
Bloody Helm of the Night
Windfeather Headband Nimble as the Wind
Crown of the Hill Healing Increment I
Gleaming Scale Helmet
Helm of Endless Rage
Gemweave Coif
Gnollish Headwraps
Redmaw Hide Hood Aura of Battle Healing Increment III
Ratfur Cap
Painstone Coronet Blades of Torment
Harthuk Steel Coif
Headband of Anger Damage Increment IV
Headband of the Blood Sun
Needle Crown Barbcoat
Helm of Resilience
Lavarock Skullcage
Helmet of Spell Warding
Hollow Golem Head
Nadalia's Circlet of Focus Casting Speed Increment II
Hopper Hide Headband
Impenetrable Etched Helm
Kedge-Rimmed Hood Aura of Battle
Masterwork Golden Platemail Helmet
Keldath's Well-Worn Headpiece Mana Conservation III
Lightwrap Turban of Flight Gate
Gear Inlaid Helm Duration Increment IV
Render Crown of Sight Cure Blindness
Garland of the Sylph Shrink
Cowl of Focus
Soft Leather Cap
Bone Helmet
Bow-Tie Ribbon
Chainmail Coif
Silver Platemail Helm
Cloth Cap
Silk Headband
Cloth Pants
Cog-Linked Headpiece
Copper Platemail Helm
Scratched Runemail Coif
Fungoid Hide Skullcap
Cowl of the Darkest Night Affliction Enhancement II
Santa Hat
Crown of the Forgotten
Crude Kobold Crown Casting Speed Increment I
Cured Silk Headband
Darksun Master Headband
Flesh Studded Cap
Leather Skullcap
Underhill Zoo Safari Hat 5 Camouflage Duration Increment I
Hamatic Headpiece 6
Dem's Aliminium Pants 9 Sicken
Crown of the Fanatic 10 Damage Increment I
Spectral Plate Helmet 10
Adroit Coif 12 Haste
Bat-Fur Skullcap 15 Casting Speed Increment I
A Grafted Muscle 15 Recovery I
Royal Crown 18 Mana Conservation III
Mithril Platemail Helm 20
Sproutari Cap 20 Recovery IV
Ancient Construct Skullcage 20
Pantherskin Cap 20
Dalium Platemail Helm 20
Dalium Chainmail Coif 20
Obsidian Chainmail Coif 20
Sproutari Gloves 20 Recovery III
Mithril Chainmail Coif 20
Yclistine Scorched Skull 20
Mother's Iron Kettle 25
Living Poultice 25 Recovery II Healing Increment II
Anointed Bone Circlet 25 Bane Enhancement III
Cap of Addled Thought 25 Reagent Conservation III
Warpmetal Platemail Helm 30
Fungus Encrusted Crown 30
Helmet of the Bone Captain 30
Wyrmhide Cap 30
Ghostmetal Chainmail Coif 30
Wyvernhide Cap 30
Warpmetal Chainmail Coif 30
Ghostmetal Platemail Helm 30
Black Silk Cap 30
Hammered Coldsteel Helmet 35
Rusty Makeshift Helm 35
Frozen Headband 35 Bane Enhancement IV
Crystalline Halo 35 Range Increment III
Exquisite Silk Headband 35
Dondo's Favorite Feathered Cap 35
Helm of the Warden 35 Recovery IV
Helm of the Giantkin 40
Cap of Instability 40 Shadow Step Reagent Conservation V
Preserved Skull 45
Dragonforged Skullcage 45 Eyes of the Cat
Deepmetal Platemail Helm 45
Black Headband of War 45 Haste
Beastcrown 45
Shadow Silk Headband 45
Crown of the Malkieri 45 Mana Conservation V
Snappy Barbute 45 Aura of Ferocity
Deepmetal Chainmail Coif 45
Circlet of Health 45
Coronet of the Goblin Queen 45 Healing Increment III
Prototype Recall Mechanism 45
Imp Hide Cap 45
Circlet of Energy 45
Sproutari King's Crown 50
Flamewarder/Faction Bound 50
Blazing Crown 50 Taraztu's Healing Flames Mana Conservation IV
Disgusting Helmet 50
Runed Helm of the Blizzard 50
Crown of the Elements 50 Illusion: Fire Elemental Chromatic Fury I
Frost King's Crown/Faction Bound 50 Recovery II Bane Enhancement V
Coralsha Family Crown 50 Duration Increment V
Funerary Shroud of the High Seas 50 Haste
Mithril Helm of Rage 50 Rampage Effect
Sisera's Darkmesh Coif 50
Infused Chainmail Coif/Faction Bound 50
Enforcer's Barbute/Faction Bound 50
Enforcer's Barbute 50
Darkmesh Helm of War 50
Coralsha Family Crown/Faction Bound 50 Duration Increment V
Flamewarder 50
Adamant Kirt`sek Exoskull 50
Granite Helm 50
Worn Mining Helmet 50 Prospect Mana Conservation IV
The Jester's Cap 50 Illusion: Treefrog
Frost King's Crown 50 Recovery II Bane Enhancement V
Crown of the Coldest Night 50
White Wyvern Helmet 55
Ornate Draconic Platemail Helm 55
Ornate Stormforged Platemail Helm 55
Garland of the Good 55 Blessing of Purity Healing Increment V
Mandible Circlet 55 Aura of Battle
The Roll Master's Head 55 Illusion: Iksar
Helm of Unyielding Stone 55 Aura of the Unyielding
Malath's Sacred Helmet 55 Aura of Battle
Lavishly Jeweled Headress 55 Summon Peridot
Thingy of the GODS 55 Light Healing Casting Speed Increment V
Underling's Cowl 55 Companion Strength V
Lost Crown of the Forest King 55
Enduring Barbute 57 Healing Increment V
Gladiator's Helmet 60 Serpent Sight
Sparking Mining Helmet 60 Lightning Aura
Headband of Sinister Thoughts 60 Damage Increment V
Dragonhorn Helm 60
Impetuous Skullcap 60 Haste Damage Increment IV
Rhinoceros Skullcage 60
Destructo Helmet 60
Ancient Dragon Skullcage 60
Virtuous Coif 60
Ignis Enforcer 65 Death's Embrace Raging Inferno
Crown of the Pirate King 65 Benevolence Fiery Chaos
Frozenflame 65
Ignis Enforcer II 65 Death's Embrace Raging Inferno
Melius Inscription 65
Knowledge of the End 65 Companion Strength VI
Helm of Clear Thought 65 Jayla's Impact
Abomination of Tortured Souls II 65 Tortured Souls Unnatural Pestilence
Frozen Beneath the Lake 65 Illusion: Icebone Unnatural Pestilence
Abomination of Tortured Souls 65 Tortured Souls Unnatural Pestilence
Mercury's Head 65
Immaculate Runic Helm 65
Circlet of Evanescence 65 Bane Enhancement VIII
Cerulean Corona 65 Relentless Arcana
Blackice Shawl 65
Crown of Greatness 65 Grow Duration Increment IX
Infected Hood 65 Ferocity IV
Barbute of Heavenly Radiance 65 Heavenly Wrath
Ancient Elhasaur Hide Cap 65 Valiance VIII
Barbute of Corrupted Fury 65
Helmet of Stinging Strikes 65 Ferocity IV
Diadem of Tarhyl's Anointed 65 Haste Tarhyl's Rage
Resolute Headguard 65
Domination 65
Halo of Transformation 65 Mind Hunger Casting Speed Increment VI
Childish Dreams 65
Excavator's Helmet 65 Ferocity VIII Damage Increment VIII
Fury, Cold Hate of the Beaten 65 Ferocity V Damage Increment VII
Barbute of Vengeance 65
Numbing Barbute 65
Barbute of the Giant Smashing 65 Valiance VII
Storm Tyrant's Crown 65 Haste
Circlet of Growth 65 Vaporous Regeneration
Scalped Skull 65
Rime Covered Skull 65 Dead Man Floating
Flowing Blood-Metal Barbute 65 Lifespike Healing Increment VIII
Circlet of Blemishless Purity 65 Recovery V