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This page is about an active player guild.
The contents of this page are player-managed and do not represent official Shards of Dalaya lore.

Language English
Leader(s) Paxit Granitetail
Faction Dragon Alliance
Priority cooperative gameplay and casual raiding
# of members 60+
Time zone Central, cst.

Dragonkin's primary raid / group time is in the CST timezone USA. We are currently tier 1 - 10. We raid Friday 5pm - 10 pm cst. and/or Saturday 3pm - 9pm cst. If we have enough activity we do many things on the fly also . Dragonkin likes to get to know our players so be available to group several times before we decide on membership. We enjoy many questing and exploring forays as well as 6 man and 12 man encounters. Dragonkin is 99% dragon alliance faction but we accept Giant lovers as well now, just dont expect us to help faction stormhammers.


We would LIKE for you to be level 60 - 65 or very near it. Boxing is a plus but not required. Loot is randomed dice rolled. Be available to group up ! The worst way to join a guild is to apply and not make yourself available.

Recruitment thread:

Contact information



In game:

Contact any one of us in game or on our guildsite for more information or with any questions you might have. Guildleader: Paxit, Officers: Ishlana , Sikkael , Shnoz , Banna , Vankarse (inactive: Kazmik , Zagler , Baldrik)