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Mana cost: 0 Range: 0 Spell skill: Divination
Cast time: Instant AE radius: 0 Resist type: Unresistable
Recharge time: Instant AE duration: 0 Resist adjust: 0
Duration: Instant Target type: Self Restrictions: None
Not specified
Push back: 0 Auto Cast:
Not specified
Spell Type: Beneficial
Effects (from parser):
Cast on You: Not specified
Additional notes: Helps a player in determining whether or not a zone has ore in it. By right-clicking on the Prospector's Satchel while it's equipped in the back slot, the satchel casts the effect to check for ore. It takes 30 seconds to complete the spell, and during that time, the user needs to remain standing still. Once the casting is complete, you will get a message telling you about the amount of ore that may be in the zone.
The following items have this effect:
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