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Nalia the Psychic

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This article is about an Adept. For the merchant in Erudin Palace who shares a similar name, see Nalia (Merchant).

Adept information
Nalia the Psychic
Level 58
Max level to engage 55
Zone North Freeport
Location 55, 100
Balcony of the Jade Tiger, inn near bank
Known Loot
Class Enchanter
Body Undead
Intelligence Intelligent
Health (Monstrous)
Mana (Hardy)
Strength (Considerable)
Defense (Average)
Magic Resist (Average)
Fire Resist (Average)
Cold Resist (Average)
Poison Resist (Average)
Disease Resist (Average)
Uses Offensive Magic

From atop her balcony, Nalia struggles to remember the bygone days she spent as one of Freeport's most renowned Enchanters, second only to Garos.


  1. At zoneline, cast buffs and Spell: Illusion: Skeleton or Spell: Invisibility versus Undead on everyone.
  2. Get to Nalia the Psychic's area.
  3. Clear an undead guardsman in the area.
    1. One on the balcony not far from Nalia the Psychic.
    2. Two in the courtyard.
    3. Any mobs in the area will add if a mental projection gets near them. Be careful projections don't run through the floor to reach people in the yard or you'll get adds.
  4. Engage.
    1. Position tanks on balcony and casters / ranged in courtyard.
    2. Mez adds with Enchanter - Bards cannot mezz the adds due to the hard-coded level cap of 54 for bard mezz and the projections being level 58
    3. Rooting is useless as the adds blink to whomever they're agroed on.
    4. Mez breaks immediately if your enchanter is charmed. LoS does not seem to be effective at preventing her charming the chanter. Just hope this doesn't happen?
    5. When lacking an Enchanter, a 2-tank method (with a DPS-change hotkey to kill the adds when they spawn) has been proven to be an effective alternative

Group suggestions[edit]

Group of six+ adept geared characters. One cleric is barely sufficient for a well geared/on level tank.

Battle information[edit]

Nalia the Psychic[edit]

  • Undead
  • Max Hit
    • Hit: 269
    • Non-melee: 1017
  • Special abilities
    • Spawns 1 A mental projection add at 80% and 2-3 more times through the fight, these will likely blink straight to the healer.
  • Note: This NPC is unique among Adepts in that she does not have the Summon special ability; this is likely due to her constant spellcasting and the cramped quarters of this encounter.
  • Spells
    • Beneficial (Self-Buffs)
      • (Unknown) Haste, Mana regen, etc.
    • Detrimental
      • (Unknown) Charm - have not seen her charm the tank in ~10 fights.
      • Color Swirl -- AE Stun + Mana Drain (Resistable with ~230+ MR)
      • Relic: Chaotic Visions -- 1000+ single-target DD (Resistable with (Unknown) MR)

A mental projection[edit]

  • Max Hit
    • Hit: 393
    • Non-melee: 385
  • Special abilities
    • A mental projection unleashes a series of MENTAL strikes!