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Jagen's Shipment

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Jagen is Newport's only tobacco merchant, depending on the Silver Crown for the goods he sells. However, his supplier, Trader Barak, has missed the last two deliveries. (See below for NPC locations.) Jagen asks you to pay a visit to Barak and see what the problem is. You are then asked to visit Kemlik McGandor in Halas and get the shipment. Bring the shipment back to Jagen for a Bargainer's Charm and a reward of some experience and a few coin.

Note: You can also complete another quest for Barak at the same time. He wants you to deliver a letter to his brother Parak in Halas.


Jagen's Shipment
Quest giver Jagen
Starting Zone

Northern Newport

Other Zone(s)


Suggested Level Range 1 - 5
Quest items used

(Unknown) Note
(Unknown) Shipment

Item Reward(s)

Bargainer's Charm

Note: Quest NPCs are all Daylight hours only.

Find Jagen (Northern Newport at -20, 15).

You say, 'Hail, Jagen'
Jagen says, 'Oh, hello there. I'm Jagen, Newport's one and only tobacco merchant. With all the [troubles] that brings, heh.
You say, 'troubles'
Jagen says, 'Are you really interested in my little problems? Ah well, if you absolutely want to hear... Tobacco isn't natively made here, the stuff comes from Halas, and so thus I need to rely on the Silver Crown for my supplies, since their boys are the only ones who cross the passes with wares... I'd do it myself, if I was younger and didn't have the shop to tend to though, trust me, heh. However that is, the last two shipments have been absent, and I'm far too busy trying to make a living to have had time to rat out the trader I'm dealing with, Barak. Probably lodged away in a bar someplace... regardless, I need to find someone to [talk to him] for me.'
You say, 'talk to him'
Jagen says, 'You will? Well, I don't know why you'd do this, but I'm absolutely not going to turn you down... please find Trader Barak and tell him [Jagen wants his shipment].'

Find Trader Barak (Northern Newport).

You say, 'Jagen wants his shipment'
Trader Barak says, 'Huh? Augh... look it's not my fault, alright? The Silver Crown gets Jagen his tobacco from Halas, and someone has to fetch it... I had a boy that did the fetching, but last trip, heading over there, he got attacked by gnolls and half beaten to death... made it back to town, but he refuses to ever set foot in the passes again. Youth these days... no spirit in them. Eehh, regardless... until I find someone to [carry the shipment] there's nothing I can do.'
You say, 'I will carry the shipment'
Trader Barak says, 'Oh, you will? Just get this note to Kemlik McGandor in Halas, then. I can't pay you for a single trip though, but if you want a permanent job... alright, alright, nevermind I mentioned it. I'm sure Jagen will give you something for doing him this favor... oh, and hey, wait... while you're heading to Halas anyways, won't you [deliver a message] for me, too?'
You say, 'I will deliver a message'
Trader Barak says, 'You're a life-saver. Get this to Trader Parak in Halas. He should give you something for your troubles.'

You receive (Unknown) Note from Trader Barak

You receive Letter for Parak from Trader Barak.

Give (Unknown) Note to Kemlik McGandor (Halas at 252, 272).

Kemlik McGandor takes the note and briefly looks it over, then grunts and points you to a large crate in the corner.

You recieve Tobacco Shipment from Kemlik McGandor.

Give (Unknown) Shipment to Jagen.


You recieve Bargainer's Charm from Jagen.