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Instrument of Vengeance - Part V

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Instrument of Vengeance
Quest giver Grizimorp the Fallen
Previous quest

Instrument of Vengeance - Part IV

Starting Zone

Stinger's Bog

Other Zone(s)

Keep of Mielech

Suggested Level Range 45-52
Quest items used

Ring of Intense Vengeance

Item Reward(s)

Ring of Supreme Vengeance

Related overview

Find Grizimorp the Fallen (Stinger's Bog at 1189, 543, 17).

You say, 'Hail, Grizimorp the Fallen'
Grizimorp the Fallen says, 'The ring, it is getting powerful, yes? Well, you have yet to unlock its true potential. It is time you went after the true traitor... the one who held the knife as it sank into my back. He is powerful, and protected by magics that shield him away from the most powerful of entities. He calls himself 'Lord Commander Ragarati'. Kill him, and our Vengeance will be complete. Kill him. Make him suffer.'

kill Lord Commander Ragarati

The shade of Vengeance slams into you faster then you can see. You fly backward, and the ring on your finger burns wildly. The Vengeance overcomes you, and you feel the ring dissappate and flow into your bags.
You say, 'Hail, Grizimorp the Fallen'
Grizimorp the Fallen says, 'Ahahahah! You did it mortal, you have destroyed them all. Enjoy the ring, mortal. It is my essence, and I may move on.' The Ghost floats towards the ring, and is absorbed by it.

You gain 70000 experience!