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Instrument of Vengeance - Part I

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Aid Grizimorp the Fallen in his quest for vengeance and be rewarded with a ring that will grow in power as you progress throughout the quest chain.

Instrument of Vengeance
Quest giver Grizimorp the Fallen
Next quest

Instrument of Vengeance - Part II

Starting Zone

Stinger's Bog

Suggested Level Range 5 - 10
Quest items used

A Hallowed Ring

Item Reward(s)

Ring of Paltry Vengeance

Related overview


Find Grizimorp the Fallen (Stinger's Bog at 1189, 543, 17).

You say, 'Hail, Grizimorp the Fallen'
The ghostly froglok turns his piercing green eyes towards you. The voice that comes out of him is raspy and harsh, 'You. Mortal. I seek Vengeance. I seek Vengeance for that which has been done to me. I seek Vengeance for the greatness that was stolen from me. I seek Vengeance, and I seek it through you.
Note: If the player chooses the negative response to the above dialog, Grizimorp the Fallen will become dismissive of the player and refuse to allow his quest to be undertaken; hailing him several times will eventually cause him to "forgive" the player, allowing access to the quest once again.


You say, 'Fight your own battles, spirit. I do not deal with the undead.'
Rage bellows from the spirit, 'Then begone, insect.
You say, 'Hail, Grizimorp the Fallen'
Grizimorp the Fallen says, 'Begone, insect. I have not yet forgotten your insolence.'
A massive force knocks you backwards.


You say, 'Vengeance? What would you have me do?'
The Fallen throws his head back in agony. His words come out sharp and angry, 'Mielech. I demand Vengeance against Mielech and the traitorous worms who rose up against me with him... and I will reward the mortal who brings me that Vengeance well. You would be well advised to aid me, mortal.'
You say, 'How would I aid you?'
Grizimorp the Fallen says, 'You will start slow, and grow into toppling those who stood directly against me. There is no turning back once you give your word, mortal. We will become bound to each other, with you as my sword.'
You say, 'You have my word. I will aid you.'
Strands of ghostly spirit run into your body as you speak the words, 'It is done, then. You shall be my instrument of Vengeance. Your first task is in front of you, mortal.'
You say, 'What is my first task?'
Grizimorp the Fallen says, 'You are young, and because of this we will start slow. The Vengeance in a spirit as powerful as I is a palpable thing, mortal. That is the gift I offer in exchange for your help - bring me Vengeance, and I will bestow that Vengeance unto you. Look below me, mortal. Take up and wear this bauble and I shall use it as a vessel in which to store my gift to you.'

Pick up A Hallowed Ring found on the ground near Grizimorp the Fallen and equip.

You say, 'Hail, Grizimorp the Fallen'
Grizimorp the Fallen says, 'Yesss... I can feel the empty vessel on your hand sing to me. You must wear this ring whenever you are working toward my Vengeance, mortal. It is what shall absorb its power, and make it ours. Your first task is a simple and unfocused one. It shall test the vessel and prepare you for what lies ahead. Are you ready, mortal?'
You say, 'I am ready.'
Grizimorp the Fallen says, 'Take the Ring, and go slay Frogloks of the swamp until you feel the ring has been filled with as many lowly spirits as it can hold. We shall prime the ring this way, and stretch it in preparation for greater exacted Vengeance. Take note, mortal. The more powerful the froglok slain, the more spirit that will fill the ring each time. It is your choice if you wish to kill few strong, or many weak. Go, and do not return until it is done.'

Your journal has been updated. [Instrument of Vengeance]

Journal Text: A Fallen Spirit in Stinger's Bog has chosen me to be his instrument of vengeance. I must wear the Hallowed Ring I found while slaying frogloks in Stinger's Bog. The more powerful the frogloks, the fewer I will have to slay. He told me I would know when it was time to return.
Note: Killing Froglok in Stinger's Bog will now result in a spirit of vengeance spawning and then being absorbed into your new ring.
Your Hallowed Ring absorbs the wisp of vengeance.

Continue to kill Froglok in Stinger's Bog until...

Your Hallowed Ring suddenly grows so hot that you rip it off your finger and throw it into your bags by sheer reflex.

You receive Ring of Paltry Vengeance.

Your journal has been updated. [Instrument of Vengeance]

Journal Text: The ring given to me by the Fallen thrums with hidden power after slaying many frogloks in the swamp. I feel it is time to return to Grizimorp.