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Gertund's Favor

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Gertund`s Favor
Quest giver Gertund the Trapper
Previous quest

Curiouser and Curiouser

Starting Zone

The Murk

Other Zone(s)


Suggested Level Range 65 plus
Faction Required The Gruplok
Quest items used

Trapping Needle x20
Inky Poison Gland x20
Gruplok Snaretrap
Trapped Cockatrice x2
Petrified Chunk of Dreadwood x4
Gruplok Stonetrap
Vaszak's Head

Item Reward(s)

Scrimshaw Blowgun
Muddy Shield

Positive (+) Faction

The Gruplok

Experience Reward 460,000

Find Gertund the Trapper (The Murk at -1057, -1260, 28 • In spider caves near Dreadlands zone).

You say, 'Hail, Gertund the Trapper'
Gertund the Trapper tells you, 'Listen, I heard what you did for Genklog and I have to say I'm impressed. You didn't have to go out there and help a crazy old Grup by staring death in the teeth, but you did and it's more than we could do for him. Also the way you handled Hrugtah--Hah! The crew are still laughing about that one. Look I'll admit I had the wrong idea about you and your friends, but that's all in the past. There's more important problems in this swamp and, if you'd like, you can start helping me deal with them.'
You say, 'Sure, I'm happy to help.'
Gertund the Trapper tells you, 'Great! The truth is we trappers are in a bit of a bind with not being able to leave the swamp. I have a feeling it would be a job just to find four or fives Grups who cared enough to make the trip! You've got a good spirit about you, though, so I'm sure you can manage this. We need materials and we need them pretty badly. Have you been out to the Dreadlands, yet? Well, either way. If and when you do, see if you can't bring me back a big pile of needles from the spiny ones out that way. A full twenty of them should keep us well-stocked for the immediate future. Keep in mind, the ones we need only drop from the female of the species.'

Go to Dreadlands and kill a wasteland succulent. Randomly you will automatically receive a Trapping Needle in your inventory after certain kills.

Gather and give twenty Trapping Needle to Gertund the Trapper.

Your faction standing with The Gruplok has gotten better!

You gain 15000 experience!!

Gertund the Trapper tells you, 'Excellent! You do pretty good work for someone new to this place. In the old days, these needles were used for every kind of trap. Snares, paralyzers, stone-fall, anything. These days, we're forced by circumstance to use only the crudest methods possible... and that really shortens the list of things we can capture reliably, believe me. This load of needles will do a lot of good! Thanks plenty and remember there's always more work to do.'
You say, 'Hail, Gertund the Trapper'
Gertund the Trapper tells you, 'Well, we've recently run out of the soporific we use to coat our snares. I wish I had known about this sooner, maybe I would have saved you some running! You see, the venom we use comes from the furry brown spiders out there in the Dreadlands! I know, I know, like I said, I wish I'd known. It's important that you don't just go bringing me any random spider venom you happen to find.. that'll just kill our critters and anything that happens to eat them! Very bad for the swamp. No, the spiders in the Dreadlands carry a smaller, darker venom gland deep on the inside. Looks worthless to the untrained eye, but if you know what you're doing, it's plain as day. I'll need twenty of these, too. What can I say? We've been cut off from proper supplies for a long time.'

Go to Dreadlands and kill a giant brown recluse. Randomly you will automatically receive an Inky Poison Gland in your inventory after certain kills.

Gather and give twenty Inky Poison Gland to Gertund the Trapper.

Your faction standing with The Gruplok has gotten better!

You gain 15000 experience!!

Gertund the Trapper tells you, 'Phew! I guess I had forgotten how bad these things smell. I hope you didn't mind carrying them all the way back here, though I bet none of the swamp beasts were brave enough to get close to a stench that powerful! Hah! I sure wish I'd had these glands when I went out for old Hrugtah, would have made things a lot easier that's for sure. Anyway, thanks again and remember: if you've got the spare time, I've got work to fill it.'
You say, 'Hail, Gertund the Trapper'
Gertund the Trapper tells you, 'I suppose you've done a lot of gathering sticks and stone for me and the others, but how would you like to try your hand in real live trapping? It's as fun as it sounds, and what you bring back will really help the village. What do you say?'
You say, 'Trapping? Sounds like fun.'
Gertund the Trapper tells you, 'Great! Today, we're after the cockatrice chicks that litter the Dreadlands. Dead ones won't do. Just sneak up on them and use your snare-trap while they're unaware. It won't work on all of them, some have developed a resistance to the spider goo, but just keep trying and you'll land a live one. If you try to trap one and it fails, there's no sense trying again, just get rid of it and look for another. Here's one of the snare-traps made from the materials you brought. We're only looking for two live chicks, let's not go overboard.'

You receive Gruplok Snaretrap from Gertund the Trapper.

Travel to Dreadlands and find a wasteland cockatrice. Use the Gruplok Snaretrap on the cockatrice(should be very close when you do won't agro on proximity) and it will either capture it or fail and possibly stun you. If it fails this cockatrice is immune and should be killed. Continue until you have bagged two of them.

Gather and give 2 Trapped Cockatrice along with the Gruplok Snaretrap to Gertund the Trapper.

Your faction standing with The Gruplok has gotten better!

You gain 15000 experience!!

Gertund the Trapper tells you, 'Whoa! Careful where you point those things! Just because they're a little sleepy doesn't mean those eyes won't pack a punch if you look right into 'em. Hah! I was going to let you in on what these beauties are for, but if you can't see the trapping applications of a beast whose very eyes can turn a living creature to stone, well, you're beyond my help. I'll tell you, things have been uh.. getting a little crazy about here, I.. well I guess there's more you can do I just.. Hmm..'
You say, 'Hail, Gertund the Trapper'
Gertund the Trapper tells you, 'Well, sorry there Cyrl I guess I'm a bit distracted. One of the children told me that.. well you know what that's not really your problem, is it? What we need done here is more trapping work, right.. trapping.' The Gruplok's eyes snap open as if struck by a sudden thought, but he quickly regains his composure. 'You know,' he says, 'we could use some petrified dreadwood. In fact, yes.. in fact that's a very common ingredient in our traps. It, again, requires a special eye to notice. In the giant valley of the Dreadlands, there is a small valley heading north into a very, very dangerous land. I do not recommend poking around that particular place, mind you, but in the small valley leading north there is the outer-most fringe of an ancient forest. Yes, petrified dreadwood should be all around there if you can find it.'
You say, 'How will I find it?'
Gertund the Trapper tells you, 'Simple.. simple since I'm telling you. As you walk around the trees in that tiny valley, you'll inevitably brush against them. If you hear a cracking sound, get out of the way! Usually it's a hunk of petrified dreadwood. Sometimes it's not, so be prepared for the worst. In fact, I'd bring a friend or two. You bring back four good-sized pieces and I'll.. well I'll have something very interesting for you to work on. Very interesting.'
You say, 'All right, I'll head out now'
Gertund the Trapper tells you, 'Great! Good. Four pieces. I have to go check on something, excuse me.'

Travel to the wooded area in Dreadlands right near the center north wall. As you brush past the trees in this area every now and then you will get an emote. It will give one of three outcomes:

  • Nothing will happen.
  • It will spawn a dreadwasp(DB to a 65) which will attack you. You can run or kill it.
  • It will put a piece of Petrified Chunk of Dreadwood automatically into your inventory.

Gather and give four pieces of Petrified Chunk of Dreadwood to Gertund the Trapper.

Your faction standing with The Gruplok has gotten better!

You gain 15000 experience!!

Gertund the Trapper tells you, 'Yes, this is perfect.. I do have another thing for you to do, I do. But.. you know hold on a moment.'
You say, 'Hail, Gertund the Trapper'
Gertund the Trapper tells you, 'Well I'll be honest with you: it's like I've been slowly waking up from a terrible dream over these last few days. And when the children came to me... well I'd better start at the beginning.'
You say, 'Yes, please start at the beginning.'
Gertund tells you a long story about how a particularly vicious Kaezulian, called Second Lieutenant Vaszak by his men, stormed the village ranting madly from house to house. At each house, he ordered his men to search for signs of children living there. If a toy, or drawing, or anything of the sort was found, Vaszak flew into an insane rage and tore the home to shreds. In his rantings, he yelled about conspiracies, plots and schemes, all being perpatrated by Gruplok children! Here, Gertund pauses to catch his breath...
You say, 'Please go on.'
Gertund the Trapper tells you, 'Well, I can't ask you to do what I want you to do. I can't even hint at what needs to be done... what I, personally, need to see happen to that Kaezulian bastard. If the merest whisper of any action were to reach the ears of any Kaezul, they would rain down pain and misery on this village that would make us beg for the early days of conquering. No, all I can tell you is what is common knowledge. That Vaszak travels the continent searching for conspiracies. That there is a tunnel leading out of the Dreadlands full of dangerous spider-beings that Vaszak tours with impunity because his entourage makes him effectively invulnerable. That without this entourage propping him up, he is in all probability one of the weaker Kaezul as evidenced by his low rank.'
You say, 'Are you asking me to-'
Gertund the Trapper tells you, 'I can tell you nothing else without endangering the entire village. And, since you may not see me again, let me give you a parting gift. This is one of the traps you helped to build. With spider venom, the petrified dreadwood, the needles, and some unpleasant parts of a live cockatrice, the boys have managed to slap together an old Gruplok stone-trap. It hardens the muscles and stiffens the ligaments of any creature, Gruploks of long ago used this to capture beasts that could otherwise outrun us. This one probably won't hold together very long, and it's unlikely that I will be able to build you another. Still, it should suffice...'

You receive Gruplok Stonetrap from Gertund the Trapper.

Find Gertund the Trapper (Prophet's Landing at 208, 5800, -66 • In spider caves near Dreadlands zone).

Note: When you hail him next Second Lieutenant Vaszak from the west in the tunnels and head toward you. It is suggested that you come with a group prepared for this fight before triggering it. If you fail you have to wait 24 hours of real time to try again.
You say, 'Hail, Gertund the Trapper'
Gertund the Trapper tells you, 'There's no time! He's coming from the west! Go east and hide! Good luck!'

You now want to move a bit east, and take the north path until you see a message in your log saying you have been hidden. Face south and use Gruplok Stonetrap on the adds as they path east. Do not go unhidden or you will fail. Kill Second Lieutenant Vaszak once his minions are down.

After this fight Gertund the Trapper will be back in the Murk.

Give Vaszak's Head to Gertund the Trapper.

Your faction standing with The Gruplok has gotten better!

You gain 150000 experience!!

Gertund the Trapper tells you, 'Hah! Er.. Thank you for doing what I asked you to do! I've been asked to give you this by a mutual friend. See you around the village!'

You receive Scrimshaw Blowgun from Gertund the Trapper.

Once you have reached ally faction with The Gruplok, Hail Gertund the Trapper for your final reward.

You say, 'Hail, Gertund the Trapper'
Gertund the Trapper winks at Cyrl and says, "Nice to see you again!"
You say, 'I am honored to call myself an ally to the Gruploks.'
Gertund the Trapper tells you, 'And we are proud to have you for one. Please accept this modest gift, Cyrl. It will remind you of us always.'"

You gain 250000 experience!!

You receive Muddy Shield from Gertund the Trapper.