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Bundle of journal pages

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Bundle of journal pages

Ground spawn

Type Quest item
Location -30, -290, 57
Respawn Time 1 minute
Quest item for Highkeep riddle quest
Zone(s) Highkeep
See also Text
The Book is closed.
WT: 0.1 Size: Tiny 
Class: None
Race: None

[This note appears to have been written by a steady and skilled hand]

The Lady Tarlisha called on my services today. She had a transcript that she wanted four copies of. Four copies! Furthermore, the transcript was gibberish, utterly unreadable. Oh well - I am her scribe, and I will do as she pleases... in that aspect, I am not entirely unlike the venerated High King. Heh.

Today was a strange day. Asides from the constant war, it appears we've had a series of bizarre thefts in the keep. Personal affections, often value-less, have gone missing. The thieves seem particularily intent on stealing every key they can get their hands on. I say thieves, because one, a young noble boy...

... to leave it there, where noone would look. Maybe I should consider finding a hiding place for the key to THAT room in turn...

I've made some headway into the translation of the copies Lady Tarlisha asked me to make. My theory is that the writing she asked me to look at needs a code to be solved. Yes! The writing is meaningless without the code...