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Akrakt's Eternal Flame

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Akrakt's Eternal Flame


Type Equipment
Dropped by
Advanced Item Effects FT: +2 CS: +1% 
Skill Mod 2H Blunt +10
Elemental Damage Fire DMG +50
Focus Effect Affliction Enhancement VIII
  • 1: Increase Spell Damage from Damage over Time spells by 24%

Effects Akrakt's Flame
Single target, Instant, Detrimental

  • 1: Decrease Hit Points by 100
Recourse: Akrakt's Flame Recourse
Single target, 3 ticks, Beneficial

  • 2: Increase Spell Damage from Damage over Time spells by 15%
Lore The embodiment of the everburning fire inside of Akrakt.
Slot: Chest 
AC: 90 
Focus Effect: Affliction Enhancement VIII
Fire DMG: 50
Effect: Akrakt's Flame (Spell Reactive Proc, 2.4%)
Skill Mod: 2H Blunt +10
STR: +25 STA: +45 AGI: +25 DEX: +25 WIS: +22 INT: +22 CHA: +25 HP: +175 MANA: +285 
Flowing Thought: +2
Critical Strike: +1%
WT: 16.6 Size: Large 
Race: ALL
Slot 1 type 2: empty