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Mana cost: 0 Range: 50 Spell skill: None
Cast time: Instant AE radius: 0 Resist type: Magic
Recharge time: 12 seconds AE duration: 0 Resist adjust: 0
Duration: Instant Target type: Single Restrictions: None
Not specified
Push back: 0 Auto Cast:
Not specified
Spell Type: Detrimental
Effects (from parser):
Slot 1: Stun for 2 seconds
Slot 2: Decrease Current Hit Points by 5 (L1) to 37 (L65)
Cast on You: You are stunned by a gust of air.
Additional notes: The attack that Magician Air Elemental pets do. This fairly short duration Stun is useful in any situation other stuns would be used, be it interruption of spells, Aggro generation, or just buying 2 more seconds for a heal to land. The amount of hate this generates for the pet is not to be underestimated; Air pets can hold aggro when your other pets would have no chance.