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Abyss (Item)

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This article is about an item. For the Ikisith zone with a similar name, see The Abyss.

Abyss (Item)


Type Equipment
Dropped by
Resists SvM: +35 
Advanced Item Effects SR: +10% 
Focus Effect Affliction Enhancement VII
  • 1: Increase Spell Damage from Damage over Time spells by 21%

Effects Item effect may have diminished potency.
Spell: Theft of Thought
Lifetap target, Instant, Detrimental

  • 1: Decrease Current Mana by 300

Slot: Range Primary Secondary 
Focus Effect: Affliction Enhancement VII
Effect: Theft of Thought (Must Wear Clicky, 3.0)
INT: +45 CHA: +45 HP: +235 MANA: +275 
SV MAGIC: +35 
Stun Resist: +10%
Recommended level of 65. 
WT: 0.4 Size: Medium 
Race: ALL