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{{#dpl:category= Arms WAR
{{#dpl:category= Arms ENC
|notcategory= Aug WAR
|notcategory= Aug ENC
|notcategory= No Rent Items
|notcategory= No Rent Items
|listseparators=¶{¦{{STDT|sortable}}"¶!Item¶!AC¶!Effect¶!Effect Type¶!Expable?,¶¦-¶¦{{nowrap|[[%PAGE%|%TITLE%]]}},,¶¦}
|listseparators=¶{¦{{STDT|sortable}}"¶!Item¶!ENC¶!Effect¶!Effect Type¶!Expable?,¶¦-¶¦{{nowrap|[[%PAGE%|%TITLE%]]}},,¶¦}
|noresultsheader=This category is empty or contains items which are not formatted correctly.}}
|noresultsheader=This category is empty or contains items which are not formatted correctly.}}

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Item ENC Effect Effect Type Expable?
Draconic Silk Sleeves
Exquisite Silk Sleeves
Blightscale Sleeves
Blue Ooze Sleeves
Chillfin Skin Sleeves
Cloth Sleeves
Combine Silk Sleeves
Coveted Silken Sleeves
Crystalline Giantblood Vambraces
Cured Silk Sleeves
Flesh Studded Sleeves
Frostwoven Sleeves
Gemweave Sleeves
Gnoll Skin Sleeves
Gorilla Bone Armband
Hopper Hide Sleeves
Illusionary Sleeves
Lecimka's Armguards of the Lost Lecimka's Major Abjuration Worn
Nethunian Silk Sleeves
Netted Sleeves
Ornate Silk Sleeves
Phosphoresent Goop Covered Sleeves Recovery II Worn
Pixie Silk Sleeves
Prototype Arm Augment Module
Pulsating Flesh Sleeves
Resplendent Phoenix Feather Sleeves
Rezeawan Hide Sleeves
Riveted Joint Vambraces
Rotting Flesh Sleeves
Sackcloth Armguards
Seaweed Covered Sleeves
Shadow Silk Sleeves
Silk Sleeves
Silken Sleeves of Seduction Seductive Gaze Must Wear Clicky
Sleeves of a Brilliant Mind
Sleeves of the Flamecaster
Sleeves of the Unavailing
Soft Leather Sleeves
Spectral Arm-Plates
Thunkmeal's Versatile Accoutrement
Stretched Nethunian Skin
Summoned: Wisp
The Truculent Ferocity III Worn
Twitching Corpseskin Sleeves
Woven Kelp Sleeves
Blue Sleeves
Stormwoven Silk Sleeves
Coldhearted Sleeves
Sleeves of Manipulation
Valorium Studded Arms
Armlets of Transmigration Corpal Empathy Must Wear Clicky
Mist-Spun Sleeves
Ribbon of Controlling Thoughts
Grupling Trainers Enduring Breath Must Wear Clicky
Runed Sleeves of Bestowed Intellect Rune IV Must Wear Clicky
Armband of Station
Seething Scraps of Cloth
Sleeves of Glamour
Scales of the Fallen Envenomed Bolt (2392) Must Wear Clicky
Blood Soaked Hide
Ornate Draconic Silk Sleeves
Torn Enchanted Silk Sleeves
Thundering Vambraces
Frostwoven Sleeves/Faction Bound
Exotic Matter Vambraces Lecimka's Greater Abjuration Worn
Flowing Black Silk Sleeves Haste Worn
Reflective Plating
Living Poultice Recovery II Worn
Rhea's Armband
Steel-Threaded Cloth Sleeves
Leathery Gruplok Skin
Mossbeast Armpads Vaporous Regeneration Worn
Torn Flesh Armlet
Purple Poet Sleeves
Imperial Armband
Vambraces of Stealth
Platinum Black Sapphire Torc
Segmented Burrower Hide
Armlet of the Witch
Armguards of Geomancy Earthen Ward Clicky
Armlet of Sympathy
Arm Augment Module
Armbands of Alacritous Thought
Armlets of the Bloody
Black Silk Sleeves
Blackened Scale Armguards
Arms of Irresistible Embrace Buku's Bluff Must Wear Clicky
Beautiful Golden Bands
Swirl of Bones
Sproutari Arms Recovery IV Worn
Ornate Stormwoven Silk Sleeves
Golden Jade Torc
A Grafted Muscle Recovery I Worn
Wildfire Vambraces Wildfire Must Wear Clicky
Binding Tentacles of Introspective Terror
Antique Phantasmal Armbands
Rujik Armbands
Umbrian Sleeves
Infernal Silk Sleeves
Dragon Scale Armguards
White Wyvern Sleeves
Phoenix Feather Mesh
Sleeves of Glaciation 1
Blackiron Shackles Haste Worn
Hardwood Sleeves of Qis'Raya
Inky Sleeves
Sleeves of Spores
Titillating Arachnoid-Hair Wrappings Tingling Sensations Melee Proc
Sanguine Adornment Ferocity IX Worn
Lush Rosegourd Mawleaf
Melius Inscription
Transfixiating Armlet Transfixiating Visage Spell Proc
Sanguine Adornment II Ferocity IX Worn