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Difference between revisions of "Share Catnip"

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Latest revision as of 19:16, 22 May 2020

Mana cost: 0 Range: 25 Spell skill: Alteration
Cast time: Instant AE radius: 0 Resist type: Unresistable
Recharge time: 30 seconds AE duration: 0 Resist adjust: 0
Duration: 9999999 ticks (16667 hours, 40 minutes, 54 seconds) Target type: Animal Restrictions: None
Not specified
Push back: 0 Auto Cast:
Not specified
Spell Type: Detrimental
Effects (from parser):
Slot 1: Charm (Level 50 maximum)
Cast on You: Not specified
Additional notes: You attempt to share catnip with a fellow feline, either winning it over as a pet or being scratched horribly in the process (with a 50-50 chance for either outcome). Works only on feline NPCs at or below your level, up to Level 50.
The following items have this effect: