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I'm to find a Razad Elder and offer him this token of peace.
I'm to find a Razad Elder and offer him this token of peace.

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I'm to find a Razad Elder and offer him this token of peace.

Help Elder Kochiez find books of destruction that might help his studies.


Razadian Rituals
Quest giver Sworn Elder Snalg
Previous quest

Assisting the Kromtor

Starting Zone

Forest of the Fallen

Ending Zone Forest of the Fallen
Suggested Level Range 65 plus
Quest items used

Sworn Kromtor's Symbol of Peace
Sivyana's Book of Destruction
Misrilda's Tome of Necromancy
Razad Urn of Reanimation
Unimbued Weapon of the Ancients
Ancient Yiv Ruby
Imbued Weapon of the Ancients
A Used Amalgam
Essence of the Razad
Razadian Glyph of Healing
Razadian Glyph of Knowledge
Razadiant Pendant

Item Reward(s)

Sword of the Razad

Positive (+) Faction

Kromtor of the Fallen

Related overview

Find Sworn Elder Snalg (Forest of the Fallen).

You say, 'Hail, Sworn Elder Snalg'
Greetings <Player Name>. What brings you to the area?
You say, 'Do you know anything about the Razad?'
I know just a little <Player Name>. What do you want to know about them?
You say, 'What kind of people are they?'
I know that they are very peaceful. They will not attack unless they have been provoked.
You say, 'What are they doing in the forest?'
That I do not know. I have heard rumors of a Razadian Elder northwest of here. I haven't spoken with him personally, but you might be able to gain some of their trust my offering him this token of peace.

You receive Sworn Kromtor's Symbol of Peace.

Find Elder Kochiez (unknown zone at unknown loc • unknown loc).

You say, 'Hail, Elder Kochiez'
Elder Kochiez stares at you uneasily.

Give Sworn Kromtor's Symbol of Peace to Elder Kochiez.

Hello <Player Name>. I must admit I was a bit wary by your presence. But this peace offering shows you are to be trusted. For what reason are you here?
You say, 'I want to know more about your people.'
That is a long story my child. Razadians are quite different from you. You see a Razad is symbiotic with the energy around us. We can converge back into the sentience at will.
You say, 'What can I do to help you?'
Razad pride ourselves on knowledge. If you happen upon any books of destruction I would be particularly interested.

Give Sivyana's Book of Destruction to Elder Kochiez.

This is precisely what I was looking for. Now I wonder if I had a book about the magic of the dead...

Give Misrilda's Tome of Necromancy to Elder Kochiez.

Oh this is something. I must take sometime to analyze these. Come back later we shall see what I have in store for you.
Note: Elder Kochiez will despawn for around 30 minutes at this point.
You say, 'Hail, Elder Kochiez'
Hello again <Player Name>. The good news is that I was able to fashion something using the books you gathered for me. The bad news is that I don't know what it used for. Take this urn and be careful Also, I must tell you about another settlement to seek out. Chapa is with a group of our survivors hidden deep in the jungle. He will be expecting you.

You receive Razad Urn of Reanimation.

Kill Umbriel'Arkhe (Forest of the Fallen at -400, 2300, 160).

Return to Sworn Elder Snalg (Forest of the Fallen).

You say, 'Hail, Elder Kochiez'
What did you find out there?
You say, 'It was a terrifying dragon. But I defeated it.'
Please give me the urn back, you now possess the power to of reanmiation [sic] and the urn is no longer needed.

Give Razad Urn of Reanimation to Elder Kochiez.

This is great <Player Name>. I think you may be able to wield a sword that has been long lost from these lands. If you can correctly forget [sic] his ancient sword it might gain you access to the lands beyond. Forge this blade by finding the pieces in this zone and giving me a brilliant ruby found somewhere around here along with an uniumbued version of the sword that should exist somewhere in this zone.

Give Unimbued Weapon of the Ancients and Ancient Yiv Ruby to Elder Kochiez.

You receive Imbued Weapon of the Ancients.

Very interesting. This sword definitely has some power but I'm not quite sure the extent of its power.
You say, 'What do I do with this sword then?'
This sword may prove vital in discovering some of the long lost secrets of my people.
You say, 'What are some of these secrets?'
It is not well known that The Razad used to live across Ikisith peacefully. That is until Kaezul began his rise to power. His first interactions with the Razad where those of peace.
You say, 'Did he honor this peace?'
Of course he did not. I do not know why but soon after this peace treaty he went back on his word, treacherous scum. He started a genocide stretching to every corner of the continent, spending all of this resources to wipe us out. He took us by surprise... That is why we are so scattered and mistrusting of outsiders.
You say, 'But I thought Razad couldn't die?'
This is true. While our bodies are destroyed, our spirits live on in a form of semi-sentient energy.
You say, 'Is that what the crazed Razadians are?'
Well that leads us to part of the mystery. I believe Kaezul is to blame for this but our records of what happened have been lost since we've been forced into exile. Take the sword and find out for yourself. I would start by looking near a Kaezulian stronghold. Perhaps this sword is the key to finding more. Good luck <Player Name>

Complete the event in Field of Bone on The Spires of Saitha tower.

Note: Have the Imbued Weapon of the Ancients equipped when you are fighting A Kaezulian Visionary
A Vision of Captain Thishka says, 'What are your findings Saitha. Kaezul isn't interested in delays and he wants these Razad to be dealt with! You have had well over a year with not much to show for it.'
A Vision of Saitha says, 'I have experimented with many amalgalms and I think I am closing in on one that can tap into the Razadian energy source. You must understand that these things take time.'
A Vision of Captain Thishka says, 'Will you be able to kill them or not?'
A Vision of Saitha says, 'Death for these creatures is near impossible. But I should be able to do the next best thing. By twisting their sentient energy after death I can send them into a tortured state. While they will still be able to perceive the world around them, their essence will be greatly drained, leaving them merely a deranged shell of their former selves.'
A Vision of Captain Thishka says, 'This creature that is created, will we be able to give it orders?'
A Vision of Saitha says, 'It is unlcear at this time Captain. What I do know is that they will suffer greatly.'
A Vision of Captain Thishka says, 'Where will you keep these tortured souls?'
A Vision of Saitha says, 'There are some abandoned crypts hidden deep in a forest. I will be able to perform additional experiments on them while in there. No one will here their cries in these Silent Halls.'
A Vision of Captain Thishka says, 'Thank you Saitha. Kaezul awaits

Return to Sworn Elder Snalg (Forest of the Fallen)

You say, 'Hail, Elder Kochiez'
Greetings again <Player Name>. Did you find anything out?
You say, 'I found some disturbing information, it seems Saitha is to blame!'
Saitha was behind this!? I suppose it's not that far-fetched given her close connections to Kaezul. So what did she do?
You say, 'She sent them to a crypt to be tortured forever!'
This is all making sense now. The spirits that haunt these tunnels must be guarding something. There must be some piece we're still missing. With your imbued sword, search the area outside of New Ikild and look for clues. It is likely here right in the forest.

Your sword tingles

Gather and give A Used Amalgam, Essence of the Razad, Razadian Glyph of Healing, and Razadian Glyph of Knowledge to Elder Kochiez.

You receive Razadiant Pendant.

This pendant contains the power of the artifacts you have discovered. If you give me the pendant and the sword I believe I can return the sword in its final form.

Give Razadiant Pendant and Imbued Weapon of the Ancients to Elder Kochiez.

You receive Sword of the Razad.

I'm pleased to present you this sword. Equip it and the tortured Razad that roam these tunnels will temporarily be repelled and you will gain access to the Silent Halls.