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No legs

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Lurek, Priest of Lore wants you to retrieve some lore for him. When you return with the correct book to Lurek he will ask a question and then return the book to you. The answer will be within the book you just gave him.

Note: In order to get your drops you will need to have the appropriate portion of your quest active. You cannot loot in advance all the pieces you need. All drops are very rare.


No legs
Quest giver Lurek, Priest of Lore
Next quest

Concerning the God
People of the Plains
Its hot down here

Previous quest

Mareks Missions
Cillans Courier Service

Starting Zone

The Grand Library

Quest items used

Children of Malath

Related overview
These two may be completed in any order
These four may be completed in any order

Find Lurek, Priest of Lore (The Grand Library at -744, -144).

You say, 'Hail, Lurek, Priest of Lore'
Lurek, Priest of Lore says, 'So, perhaps after all you are not completely useless. However, before you can proceed any further, you must take a test.'
You say, 'Uhh, what kind of test?'
Lurek, Priest of Lore says, 'Why, a test about lore, of course. What, did you think I was going to make you fight some other new Jayla pledge to the death? Don't be absurd.'
You say, 'What is the test?'
Lurek, Priest of Lore says, 'I have four questions for you. The answers to them can be found in books. I will give you a hint as to where to find the book, but you must return to me with the book and then I will ask you your question. Return these books to me one at a time, <Player Name>, so that I may ask you the questions in turn. Sound fair?'
You say, 'Give me the hints.'
Lurek, Priest of Lore says, 'Which hint in particular?'
You say, 'What is the fourth hint?'
Lurek, Priest of Lore says, 'After such a long fall, you would think their legs would be broken. Luckily, they don't have any!'

Your journal has been updated. [No legs]

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