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Mareks Missions

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Councilor Marek wants you to retrieve some books for him.


Marek's Missions - Part 1
Quest giver Councilor Marek
Previous quest

The High Price of Knowledge

Starting Zone

The Grand Library

Other Zone(s)

Warpstone Caverns
King's Pass
Siren's Grotto

Alignment Required Jayla
Quest items used

A Note to Marek
(Unknown) vulfwere book
A Noble's Journal
(Unknown) brughwar scribblings

Experience Reward (Unknown)

Find Councilor Marek (The Grand Library at -855, 1155) and give him A Note to Marek

Councilor Marek pushes his glasses further up his nose. 'Hmm, what's this? A note from Lurek.' He grumbles as he slices open the seal on the letter and reads it silently. 'Glad I took the time to read that.'
You say, 'Uhh, Sir Marek? Is there something I can help you with?'
Councilor Marek says, 'What? Who are you?'
You say, 'I'm new here, but I want to help.'
Councilor Marek says, 'Great...yet another new worshipper. Ok, look kid. If you want to show me you can be of use, just do what I say, and don't give me any lip. I haven't time for every starry-eyed youngster that hops in here. Now, it's real simple. So try not to mess it up. In the cave system in the Sundered Mountains, I need you to find me a book. The older of the Vulfwere are more likely to keep books. Bring it to me. Oh, and stay away from Cillan. If you really are going to be of use, I want you to help me, and not that old windbag.'

Find and give (Unknown) vulvere book to Councilor Marek (The Grand Library at -855, 1155)


Find and give 4 A Noble's Journal to Councilor Marek (The Grand Library at -855, 1155)


Find and give 4 (Unknown) brughwar scribblings to Councilor Marek (The Grand Library at -855, 1155)

Note: This is as far as I've achieved, yet to find any brughwar scribblings