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Watchman Blurg's Lizards bounty quest

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The maximum number of turn-ins for this bounty quest is (Unknown).

This quest becomes trivial for experience at level 21.


Watchman Blurg's Lizards bounty quest
Quest giver Watchman Blurg
Starting Zone

Greenmist Jungle

Quest items used

Lizardman Eyes
Tal'Yan Tongues

Positive (+) Faction

Oggok Citizens
Oggok Guards

Experience Reward 1000

Find Watchman Blurg (Greenmist Jungle).

Hum... dose lizardmen and tal`yan, dey give us troubles. Yuz barsh der heads and bring me one lizardman eye and one tal`yan tongue and Gulk pay yuz gud.

Give Lizardman Eye and Tal'Yan Tongue to Watchman Blurg .

Yuz did gud, <Player Name>. Yuz bring me more of dem eyes and tongues ok?

Your faction standing with Oggok Citizens has gotten better!

Your faction standing with Oggok Guards has gotten better!

You gain 1000 experience!!

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