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User:Gnomish/Wizard Gear by Recommended Level/Fingers

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Fingers WIZ

Item Reclvl Effect Focus Effect
Electrum Bloodstone Ring
Tarnished Gold Ring
Bauble of the Hypnotist Control Enhancement IV
Signet of Enraging Bile Companion Strength I
Oxidized Ball Bearing
Small Band of Magical Discipline
Old Silver Ring
Signet of Refuge Duration Increment V
Gold Pearl Ring
Gem of Crystallized Web
High Investigator's Signet Focused Force
Gold Onyx Ring
Ring of the Awoken Dark Pact Companion Strength II
Jade Ring
Emerald Ring
Bloodstone Ring
Titanium Band of Shojar Breach Planar Shield
Royal Signet Ring/Faction Bound
Gold Malachite Ring
Underhill Lamp Gem/First
Sentinel's Ring
Peacegiver Greater Healing Casting Speed Increment VIII
Bright Orange Ashes
Ring of the Lake
Gnoll Lord's Hoop
Symbol of Banishment Healing
Silver Malachite Ring
Silver Onyx Ring
Silver Ring
Silver Star Rose Quartz Ring
Sorcerer's Ancestral Signet Reagent Conservation III
Sorcerous Crystal Ring Casting Speed Increment V
Stamped Copper Band
Summoned: Bauble of Battle Haste
Summoned: Ring of Velocity Haste
Symbol of Chains Root
Yaralith's Ring of Discord Wandering Mind
Symbol of Tears Fear
Vibrating Tunnel Gem Haste
Treasured Sigil
Tainted Fang Healing Increment III
Band of Prehistory Hayden's Embers Crude Earthen Runes
Ugahn's Broken Earhoop Haste Damage Increment III
Warped Hoop of Salubrity
Whirlpool Ring
Windfocus Ring Casting Speed Increment VI
Gold Lapis Lazuli Ring
Gold Fire Opal Ring
Electrum Amber Ring
Azure Ring
Gold Cat's Eye Agate Ring
Noble's Greed Glamour
Symbol of Force Stun
Silver Band of Shojar
Blessed Ring of Strength Companion Strength IV
Electrum Onyx Ring
Platinum Opal Ring
Electrum Opal Ring
Electrum Malachite Ring
Copper Node Ring
Platinum Bloodstone Ring
Mercenary Ring
Electrum Lapis Lazuli Ring
Electrum Jade Ring
Gelizal's Engraved Band Invisibility versus Animals
Gold Amber Ring
Electrum Hematite Ring
Flame Crystal Ring
Ancient Heirloom Valiance III
Silver Bloodstone Ring
Electrum Pearl Ring
Ash-Coated Ring
Subtle Scrap of Shadow Mana Conservation VII
Entrancing Ring
Gold Fire Emerald Ring
Trapped Forestlight Trinket
Gold Emerald Ring
Stinging Slimeband
Gold Jade Ring
Fungus-Covered Silver Ring
Silver Hematite Ring
Gold Bloodstone Ring
Electrum Turquoise Ring
Electrum Topaz Ring
Silver Black Sapphire Ring
Skull Shaped Ring Damage Increment I
Optimum Gear Haste Reagent Conservation I
Polished Chitin Band
Zephalinaar, Signet of Captured Dreams Ultravision
Ring of Endless Flame
Electrum Star Rose Quartz Ring
Deathwatcher's Sorrow Counteract Disease
Electrum Peridot Ring
Gold Topaz Ring
Silver Jade Ring
Silver Amber Ring
Signet of the Warlord
Greenmoss Thrice-Woven Ring Strength of Earth
Ensorceled Crystal Focus (Fire)
Krelnor's Precious Jewel Casting Speed Increment III
Frozen Ring
Electrum Diamond Ring
Gold Engagement Ring
Gold Jasper Ring
Gold Opal Ring
Gold Star Rose Quartz Ring
Gold Star Ruby Ring
Grinner's Eye
Summoned: Ring of Flight Levitate
Grotesque Elfin Scout's Band
Ensorceled Crystal Focus (Magic)
Hoop of Madness Aura of Madness
Hoop of the Kedge
Iced Crystal Ring
Primeval Shard Vaporous Regeneration
Platinum Hematite Ring
Kreltar's Copper Ring
Lecatiar's Ring
Fire Emerald Ring
Electrum Jasper Ring
Captain's Insignia
Gnollish Bauble
Elthannar Family Signet Ring
Ring of Shadowed Arcana Arcane Aura
Platinum Cat's Eye Agate Ring
Band of Malignity Ferocity VI
Speaker's Seal
Bright Crystal Ring
Charismatic Band
Ring of the East (Klikiti-klik)
Ring of the East (valk regret)
Ring of the West (Item)
Ensorceled Crystal Focus (Cold)
Chipped Pink Diamond Ring Duration Increment V
Poison Ring Star Dust Affliction Enhancement V
Coral Infused Ring Reagent Conservation V
Cracked Hangnail of Decay Ferocity III
Electrum Cat's Eye Agate Ring
Mmgrawl's Trinket
Platinum Sapphire Ring
Dawn Ring Flash of Light
Defender's Insignia
Commander's Sigil
Platinum Pearl Ring
Messenger's Signet
Gold Turquoise Ring
Ring of the Scale
Ring of Lightning Damage Increment III
Ring of Thunder
Coin of the Empire Cassindra's Chant of Clarity
Silver Topaz Ring
Silver Peridot Ring
Silver Pearl Ring
Ring of the Flamecaster Damage Increment III
Ring of the Fluxator
Silver Opal Ring
Ring of the Stout Illusion: Dwarf
Ring of Forgotten Sorrows
Royal Signet Ring
Rusted Trinket
Silver Lapis Lazuli Ring
Kaleidoskink Nail
Shadow Crafted Ring Reagent Conservation III
Shard of Penalism Affliction Enhancement V
Bauble of Schooling Summon Learner's Bait
Silver Jasper Ring
Sight of the Signs
Silver Turquoise Ring
Silver Cat's Eye Agate Ring
Platinum Turquoise Ring
A Mysterious Signet
Newport Corporal's Insignia
Dwarven Philosopher's Stone Transmute
Ninre's Ice-Etched Ring
Platinum Amber Ring
Platinum Black Sapphire Ring
Platinum Diamond Ring
Platinum Fire Emerald Ring
Platinum Fire Opal Ring
Platinum Jacinth Ring Haste
Platinum Jade Ring
Platinum Jasper Ring
Platinum Ruby Ring
Platinum Star Rose Quartz Ring
Platinum Star Ruby Ring
Jeweled Ring of Sunbane
Ring of Brash Actions
Ring of Crackling Fire
Ring of Endless Suffering Mana Conservation IV
Gold Sapphire Ring
Gold Hematite Ring
Underhill Lamp Gem/Second 2
Underhill Lamp Gem/Third 3
Underhill Lamp Gem/Fourth 4 Casting Speed Increment I
Assembly Apprentice's Ring/WIZ 4 Minor Shielding
Ring of Paltry Vengeance 5
A Hallowed Ring 5
Underhill Lamp Gem/Completed 6 Valiance I Casting Speed Increment I
Damaged Golden Hoop 10
Insignia Ring 10
Ring of Burgeoning Vengeance 10
A Shriveled Organ 12
Ring of Tempered Vengeance 14
Frenzied Focus Bead 15 Haste
Battered Puzzle Ring 15
Newport Scout's Insignia 18
Miser's Friend 25 Reagent Conservation II
Band of Health 27
Amber Treant Ring 30
Newport Sergeant's Insignia 30
Snapper's Broken Beak 32 Duration Increment IV
Band of Imbued Decay 35 Faydark Treantroot Effect
Insignia of the Diplomat 35 Alliance
Band of Faraway Forests 35 Aura of Battle
Ancient Ring of Annulment 35 Taper Enchantment
Ring of Intense Vengeance 35 Illusion: Werefrog Damage Increment III
Insignia of Ice 35 Resist Cold
Soothe-bloom 40 Healing
Signet of Apprenticeship 40
Circle of Spores 40 Healing Increment IV
Newport Captain's Insignia 40
Platinum Diamondine Pearl Ring 40
Ring of Resentment 40 Bane Enhancement IV
Ring of the Fallen Noble 45
Investigator's Signet 45
Carved Gemstone of Warring Rites 45
Ring of Supreme Vengeance 45 Illusion: Werefrog Damage Increment IV
Focus of the Glacier 45 Glacial Channeling
Xizug's Ring 45
Ancient Preserving Bauble 45 Mana Conservation IV
Dearest Ring 45 Companion Strength III
Psionic Signet 50 Companion Strength IV
Desecrated Band 50
Crystallized Band of Thought 50
Fungus Wrought Signet 50 Range Increment III
Twisted Yclistinite Wire 50
Curled Fungusaur Talon 50
Enforcer's Insignia Ring 50
Ciadrian Crystal 50 Haste
Bloodfire Insignia 50
Smoldering Coal Ring 50
Lace-Winged Band 50
Ruined Ikildian Trinket 50
Wraith Jewel 50
Ring of the Betrayer 50 Illusion: Dark Elf
Insignia of Newport/Caster 50 Wrath of the Arcane
Lecimka's Ring of the Lost 50 Lecimka's Minor Abjuration
Ring of Warped Intellect 50 Casting Speed Increment V
Ring of Everburning Essence 50 Coldfire
Crystallized Band of Thought/Faction Bound 50
Coalesced Terror 50 Casting Speed Increment V
Ring of Everfreezing Essence 50 Chillburn
Ring of the Plague Seer 50 Scourge Companion Health IV
Ring of Frozen Mana 50
Ring of Warding 50
Enforcer's Insignia Ring/Faction Bound 50
Cryoshell Shard 55 Valiance III
Flashy Pinky Ring 55 Illusion: Dark Elf
Seed of Health 55
Signet of Nagthilian 55
Thingy of the GODS 55 Light Healing Casting Speed Increment V
Tarnished Relic 55
Iron Funnybone 55
Seal of the Farhag 55
Lieutenant's Seal 55 Valiance III
Flametalon Signet 55
Signet of the Fang 55 Affliction Enhancement V
Ganzese's Burning Signet 55 Barrier of Combustion Damage Increment V
Hellion Trinket 55
Mana Battery 55
Ring of Filth 55 Affliction Enhancement III
Seed of Energy 55
Insignia of Research/Caster 55 Casting Speed Increment IV
Band of Vigor 57 Companion Health V
Band of Cleansing Fire 57
Eye of the Master 57 Coldfire
Magnetic Mass 60
Frost Barrier Signet 60 Focused Frost
Reverberating Coil 60
Focus of the Toxinist Trainee 60 Poison Bolt Affliction Enhancement IV
Ring of Twisted Wire 60 Casting Speed Increment IV
Insignia of Knowledge/Caster 60 Casting Speed Increment V
Dusty Bark Band 60
Band of Anguish 60 Ferocity II
Attuned Control Ring 60 Haste
Band of the Maker 65 Vaporous Regeneration
Symbol of Cruelty 65 Bonds of Sihala Companion Strength VIII
Token of the Fallen 65
Falconer's Mark 65
Ring of Earthen Essence 65 Ferocity V
Signet of Protection 65 Rune of Absorption
Sanguine Adornment 65 Ferocity IX Casting Speed Increment IX
Very Dusty Trinket 65 Thorny Acumen Companion Health VIII
Twisted Band of Chaos 65 Affliction Enhancement VI
Band of Icy Sewage 65 Tentacle Shield
Foundation of Infestation 65 Affliction Enhancement VIII
Shimmering Crystalline Band 65 Recovery VII
Honor, Signet of Enthann 65 Range Increment VII
Emblem of the Elders 65 Fulmination
Zalnok's Frontal Lobe 65 Jayla's Impact
Iceflow Signet 65
Eternal Ring of Fortitude 65
Melius Inscription 65
Crystallized Sleeping Serum 65
Demon Bound Band 65 Damage Increment VI
Nevian, Signet of Balance 65 Recovery V
Shard of the Burning 65 Mana Conservation VII
Ring of Living Frost II 65 Greater Chillburn Glacial Empowerment
Ring of Evocative Might 65 Range Increment VI
Echocrystal Band 65 Control Enhancement III
Sanguine Adornment II 65 Ferocity IX Casting Speed Increment IX
Seal of the Sundering 65
Ring of Living Fire 65 Greater Coldfire Mana Conservation IX
Ring of Living Frost 65 Greater Chillburn Glacial Empowerment
Twisted Hoop of Tonicity 65
Mark of the Tribes 65 Control Burning Spirit
Scholarly Signet 65 Casting Speed Increment VII
Gold Band of Shojar 65
Preserved Ikildian Trinket 65
Band of Soothing Whispers 65 Mana Whisper Healing Increment VII
Rohk's Diamond 65 Rending Anarchy
Regurgitated Clasp 65 Recovery VI
Band of the Beast 65 Ferocity V Damage Increment VII
Undulating Spore 65 Ferocity I
Platinum Band of Shojar 65 Valiance VI
Band of the Warlock 65 Affliction Enhancement VII
Darkened Galaxy-etched Bone 65 Dark Flare
Adaptable Tinkered Jewelry 65
Scorched-wind Band 65 Fiery Chaos
Thunderstone 65 Words of Thunder Rending Anarchy
Splendor of the Overgrowth 65 Natureward Mana Conservation VII
Ring of the Ancient 65 Ring of Surefall Duration Increment VII
Memories of the Pool 65 Surge of Memories
Band of the Evoker 65 Concuss
Ring of Lost Hopes 65 Companion Strength VIII
Band of Sand 65 Valiance V
Ring of Unyielding Bonds 65 Companion Strength VIII
Zahnea's Vacuous Loop 65 Convoke Victim
Mark of the Well 65 Control Greater Burning Spirit
Devoured Essence 65
Fragment of Faded Hopes 65 Harvest Control Enhancement III
Insignia of Sagacity/Caster 65 Wandering Mind Casting Speed Increment VII
Unbalanced Jewel of Fortune 65 Aura of Hellfire Range Increment VI
Jewel of Harmonious Unity 65 Valiance VI Companion Strength VI
Shard of Coagulated Wind 65 Cryo Flash
Bleached Ringlet 65 Venomous Discord
Erd, Stone of the Ward 65
Insignia of Lore/Caster 65 Casting Speed Increment VI
Grungy Hag Fetish 65 Damage Increment VI
Signet of Worship 65 Valiance IX
Ring of Luminous Crystals 65 Range Increment VIII
Band of the Overgrowth 65 Mana Conservation V
Splintered Beacon-stone 65 Focused Force
Gemstone of Growth 65 Recovery V Control Enhancement I