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User:Gnomish/Wizard Gear by Recommended Level/Chest

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Chest WIZ

Item Reclvl Effect Focus Effect
Djinni Desert Garment Resist Fire
Draconic Silk Robe
Hooded Fire Gown Cinder Jolt
Mercenary's Robe
Due Vengeance Anger
Robe of Burning Lava
Infernal Silk Robe
Umbrian Shroud
Robe of the Bixie Mana Conservation I
Oiled Froglok Skin Tunic Recovery II
Hopper Hide Shirt
Gnoll Visionary's Robe
Netted Shirt
Soldier's Uniform
Ornamental Grey Shroud
Rose Squadron Uniform
Demonhide Jerkin
Fiery Explosion Robe Experimental Runes
Robes of the Consummate Showman Range Increment II
Flesh Studded Shirt
Yinazran Robe Duration Increment V
Torn Enchanted Silk Robe
Stormwoven Silk Robe
Stitched Froglok Skin Tunic Recovery I
Spiderkin-Silk Robe Drowsy
Robe of the Art Keeper
Glowing Golden Robe Casting Speed Increment I
Soaking Wet Ratman Tunic
Lornida's Bloodied Robe Erimal Gate
Orc Lord's Robe Casting Speed Increment I
Optimum Gear Haste Reagent Conservation I
Channeler's Robe of Woven Energy Damage Increment III
Rat Hide Robe
Immaculate Silk Robe
Drape of Virulent Scales Shock of Acid
Infant Ogre's Swaddling Cloth Crybaby
Street Urchin's Rags
Embittered Moat Cleaner's Spare Uniform Burning Rage
Grand Robe of the Bixie Honeyed Fabric Mana Conservation III
Spiked Breastplate Shield of Brambles
Corpse Knight's Tunic
Breastplate of the Chaos Queen Strength of Stone
Abominable Tatters Allure of Death Casting Speed Increment III
Robes of Avarice Miser's Tap
Force of Incineration Vaporous Regeneration Companion Strength VII
Councillor's Robe
Robes of the Caretaker Greater Soothe Casting Speed Increment VIII
Robes of the Apprentice
Cured Silk Robe
Basilisk Skin Drape Focused Flame
Beetlesilk Jerkin Minor Healing
Robes of the Faydark Damage Increment I
Soft Leather Jerkin
Gnoll Skin Tunic
Silk Shirt
Iscalda's Robe
Robe of Enticing Flames Damage Increment IV
Pixie Silk Tunic
Patched Golden Robe
Ornate Silk Tunic
Odessi's Shimmering Silk Kimono Concussion Mana Conservation VI
Odessi's Scarlet Woven Ephod Recovery II
Mummified Froglok Wraps
Silk Robe
Moldy Ribcage
Jontran's Shroud of Shielding
Grey Shroud
Robe of Insipid Thoughts
Green Scaled Tunic
Gemweave Tunic
Froglok Neophyte Robe
Fine Silk Robe
Cured Silk Shirt
Combine Silk Robe Blessing of the Combine
Cloth Shirt
Faded Priestly Robes Atone Reagent Conservation V
Emerald Scale Robe
Drape of the Conclave Initiate
Robe of Ignorant Bliss
Arcanist Robe Arcane Barrier Damage Increment VII
Robe of the Council Mana Conservation IV
Robe of Woven Fog Casting Speed Increment III
Robes of Deviant Sorcery Damage Increment VI
Robes of the Dark Haste
Tunic Signed by Og 3 Illusion: Ogre Damage Increment I
Spectral Chest Plate 10
Headmaster's Raiment 12 Casting Speed Increment II
Hemrod's Robe of Awry Enchantments 15 Fade
Pikeman's Tabard 15
Mossy Tunic 20 Haste
Yclistine Scorched Carapace 20
Sproutari Tunic 20 Recovery VI
Robe of the Snake Tongued 22
Trespasser's Toga 22 Deviant Behavior (6054)
Flawless Cavern Dragon Hide 25
Drafty Robes 25 Zephyr
Woad of the Warmaster 25
Sopping Bar Rag 25 Liquor Cloud
Living Poultice 25 Recovery II Healing Increment II
Elaborate Ikild Chestplate 30 Chloroplast
Robe of the Prophet 30
Black Silk Tunic 30
Robes of the Old Empire 30
Enchanted Robe of Deflection 30
Robes of Whirling Wind 30 Whirling Wind
Vest of Zaranth 32 Summon Throwing Dagger Duration Increment III
Snapper's Skin 32 Rune I
Noxin's Robe of Chaos 32 Chaos Flux Companion Strength IV
Mutt's Improvised Armor 35
Exquisite Silk Robe 35
Cured Spider Hide 35
Pacifist's Vestments 35
Dondo's Sweat-Stained Bandolier 35
Robe of Flowing Water 40 Casting Speed Increment V
Sapphire Cuirass of Ekrod 45 Blue Sparkles
Shadow Silk Shirt 45
Chest Wraps of the Seer 50 Truesight
Lecimka's Garbs of the Lost 50 Lecimka's Greater Abjuration
Leechskin 50 Deflux Venomous Channeling
Wildfire Robe 50
Beautifully Fungus-etched Robe 50 Fungal Regrowth Healing Increment V
Cuirass of the Circle 50
Tattered Robe of Deathly Premonitions 50 Jinx
Iced Glazed Robe 50 Cold Aura
Shroud of the Unseen 50
Leathery Gruplok Skin 50
Demagogue's Sanguine Guile 50 Recovery VI
Robe of Swirling Light 50 Cleansing Light
Robe of Wild Elements 50
Inversion Cell 55 Cannibalize
Robe of the Earthhand 55 Earthen Embrace Mana Conservation V
Gown of Woven Miasma 55 Scourge
White Wyvern Robe 55
Incinerated Robe 55 Lesser Circle of Healing
Thingy of the GODS 55 Light Healing Casting Speed Increment V
Shadow of the Consuming Mind 55 Mana Conservation V
Vial of Rainwater 55 Aspect of the Lujein
Robe of the Icarus 55 Boil Blood Mana Conservation VI
Ornate Stormwoven Silk Robe 55 Blessing of the Giant
Mourner's Garment 55 Companion Health VI
Tattered Rags of the Rat King 55 Monster Summoning I Focused Blight
Singed Vestments of Rage 55 Burst of Fire
Raiment of the Phoenix 55 Greater Circle of Healing Healing Increment V
Robes of the Summoner 55 Sword of Runes Companion Strength IV
Robes of the Stonemites 55 Theft of Thought
Ornate Draconic Silk Robe 55 Blessing of Wyrmkind
Lacerhide 55 Healing Increment V
Destructive Robe 57 Haze of Magic Mana Conservation V
Royally Adorned Garments 60 Mana Conservation V
A Speaker's Robe 60
Antique Phantasmal Robe 60
Invoker's Robe of Power 60 Enticement of Flame Damage Increment IV
Rotten Scornwood Husk 60 Stream of Maggots (1788)
Robe of Foreign Skies 60 Fury of Air Range Increment VII
Robe of the Cleansing 65 Touch of Althuna Range Increment VI
Shadowed Rags 65 Bond of Shadow Mana Conservation VIII
Melius Inscription 65
Exitium, Fury of the Razad II 65 Concussion Moon Frost
Robes of Royalty 65 Spellguard Range Increment VII
Elegant Robe of Duty 65 Range Increment VII
Exitium, Fury of the Razad 65 Concussion Moon Frost
Glowing Razad Robe 65
Robes of Taeshlin 65 Duration Increment VI
Hellhound Flesh Robe 65 Haste Bane Enhancement VIII
Tansa's Robe of Mastery 65 Enthann's Guard Relentless Arcana
Jeremiah's Wolftailored Robe 65 Focused Frost
Ice-encrusted Wrap 65 Recovery V Raging Ice
Robes of the Prime Enchanter 65 Rend Mana Conservation VIII
Xi Valla Kah, Gown of the Eternal Empress 65 Void Touched Casting Speed Increment VIII
Robe of Melting Memories 65 Melting Memory Fiery Chaos
Solanerus, Drape of the Frozen Star 65 Starfire Icy Desolation
Raiment of Devouring Flame 65 Starfire Tarhyl's Rage
Flawless Crystal Mail 65 Ice Shojar's Cruelty
Misty Robe of the Swamp 65 Mark of the Plague Casting Speed Increment VII
Robe of the Dark Magus 65 Recovery III Damage Increment VI
Ethereal Gown 65 Affliction Enhancement VI
Whispering Robes 65 Mind Hunger Control Enhancement III
Immaculate Tunic 65 Chromatic Fury V
Aura of Wrath 65 Voice of the Angels Damage Increment V
Whitefire Robe 65 Manaskin Eternal Flame
Robe of Nebulous Thought 65 Spellguard Affliction Enhancement VII
Vestments of the Arising 65 Divine Cleansing Companion Health VI
Shimmering Emerald Shawl 65
Immaculate Crystal Plate 65 Ice Chromatic Fury IV
Yellow Robe 65 Strike of Cold Damage Increment VIII
Regalia of the Decayed 65 Mirror Ward Range Increment VIII
Flowing Robe of the Watch 65 Recovery V Venomous Channeling
Shade Robes 65 Shadebolt Toxic Rancor
Vyr'Kiraset, Fate's Warden 65
Blackmetal Robe 65 Superior Circle of Healing Mana Conservation VI