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Sensing and Disarming Traps

Using the Sense Traps and Set/Disarm Traps skills, Rogues and (to a limited extent) Bards are able to ferret out and temporarily disable hostile traps found throughout Dalaya. While it is possible to handle most traps by triggering them, the respawn time on triggered traps is significantly faster than the respawn time on disarmed traps.

  • Trivial range for sensing a trap is skill-level + 28. Disarm has a different range, and even once a trap is trivial, one can still fail to disarm it.
  • Sense Traps will skill-up upon a successful sense of any non-trivial trap, for Rogues this includes traps they have set, but only if their skill level in Set/Disarm Traps is higher.
  • Items which modify either skill affect difficulty/success rate but do not prevent skill-ups to trivial.
  • Disarming a non-trivial trap (other than one set by a Rogue) provides 75 experience times trivial (e.g., a 100 trivial trap gives 7,500 experience).
  • The respawn rate on most triggered traps is 20 minutes (this means if one wants to quickly raise only sense traps, after detecting a trap it should be triggered instead of disarmed).
  • The respawn rate for most disarmed traps is at least 60 minutes - respawn depends on trap trivial and skill level of disarming toon.
  • It is possible to fail to disarm trivial traps.
  • Critical failures trigger the trap.
  • Differences in Z-axis can make detecting traps on stairs nearly impossible.

For items which modify these skills (it is possible to achieve +25 with each) see the Sense Traps and Set/Disarm Traps skills pages.

Hostile Trap Effects

Hostile trap effects come in a variety of flavors and may apply multiple effects from the following categories:

  • Contagious diseases (usually permanent and soulbound)
  • Direct damage
  • Damage over time
  • Mesmerize
  • Monster summoning (usually will spawn with aggro towards whomever triggered trap, except for Emberflow-type traps)
  • Root
  • Slow
  • Silence
  • Snare
  • Summoning

Trap Locations

  • This list is incomplete.
Trivial XP # of Traps Trap Effect Zone Location notes
30 2,250 6 Practice Trap Poison Northern Newport Rogue guild pitfall. Recommend taking the path down from Rikki Redhands. They surround the landing pad.
30 2,250 3 Spawn: a blood beetle x2 Shrouded Isle Trees in courtyard.
 ?  ? 1 Mana Drain Newport Sewers Path between Rathide and Ratstink.
40 3,000 3 Affliction Shrouded Isle Hedge maze.
40 3,000 1 Root Blackburrow Gnoll pup hut on the surface.
 ?  ? 2 Ensnare Shrouded Isle In water, path to undead froglok.
 ?  ? 1 Ensnaring Roots Blackburrow Pool below hollow tree.
45 3,375 1 Spawn: an attack dog x3 Blackburrow Attack dog pit in basement.
 ?  ? 4 Curse of Walking Sleep Warrens Near a kobold noble (both not always up); both sides of moat on path to a kobold king.
 ?  ? 4 Trap Poison I Warrens Room east of a kobold jailer; southwestern room of jailer area; two at entrance to kodiak area.
50 3,750 2 Spirit Strike Blackburrow On the ramp to Jerzakt.
50 3,750 2 Spawn: Shades x3 South Kaladim Tunnel to palace. First one is sense-able from before the tunnel. Second one is right around the last bend.
60 4,500 2 Trap of Darkness Shrouded Isle Basement: guillotine chamber; ramp near broken bridge.
 ?  ? 1 Inferno Breath Warrens Fire in the kitchen.
75 5,625 11 Dissolve Hidden Temple of Yaralith Tunnel leading to oozes, not all will be up at once.
75 5,625 4 Trap Snaring Weeds King's Pass In the lake.
90 6,750 8 Cloud of Spores Halls of Mielech Fungus farm.
<91  ? 2 Jet of Acid Hidden Temple of Yaralith In the maze; near wizard spires.
105 7,875 1 Spawn: a tame lioness Lair of Paw Right fork above first lion pit.
105 7,875 5 Trap Poison II Lair of Paw Assassin/Thoughtmage area.
125 9,375 8 Scream of the Tormented Halls of Misery Spawn on each a watchlight location.
<130  ? 5 Spawn: a shadow scarab x1 Keep of Mielech In basement hidden pitfalls.
<131  ? 2 Lethal Dart Trap Highkeep Stairs to 2nd floor (east-side).
<135  ? 1  ? Red Sun Mines Near northernmost Fire Grottos zone line.
<135  ? 1 Lava Bolt Fire Grottos Lava to right of entrance.
<135  ? 2  ? Fire Grottos Stepping stones to lava spirits.
140 10,500 5 Dark Roots Hidden Temple of Yaralith Spawn of Yaralith pools, not all will be up at once.
<141  ? 1 Trap Poison III Lair of Paw Assassin/Thoughtmage area.
150<  ? 3 Spawn: a moulding skeleton x2 Highkeep Stairs to basement; in the basement.
<151  ? 1 Supernova Highkeep Stairs to 3rd floor (landing).
160 12,000 2 Spawn: a foul ooze x1 Tunnels of Lasanth Entrance to Minotaur lair; first Minotaur chamber.
190 14,250 6 Tomb Rot Mielech's Lair Pyramid branch, sarcophagi chambers.
200 15,000 3 Frost Everchill Entry tunnel.
200 15,000 1 Atol's Spectral Shackles Everchill First open chamber.
200 15,000 20+ Summon player to Soul of the Keep Highkeep 4th floor behind false wall painting. A quick Rogue can avoid dying when summoned by sneaking out of the basement mines.
<210  ? 5+  ? Prison of Admyrrza On the way to Master of the Gates.
<217  ? 1 Ice Highkeep First floor.
<217  ? 2 Trap Poison V Shrouded Isle Basement: pits near fake lava.
<217  ? 1 Trap Poison V Southern Newport Locked house by Silver Crown.
230 17,250 1 Mana Drain Emberflow Caverns Bridge near entrance.
230 17,250 2 Spawn: Emberflow-type x2 Emberflow Caverns Branch heading opposite Pyromancer; Entrance of MK wing.
250 18,750 2 Mana Drain Emberflow Caverns Entrance to MT wing.
251 18,825 1 Spawn: Emberflow-type x6 Emberflow Caverns Entrance to MT wing.
251 18,825 3 Mana Drain Emberflow Caverns Near MT; Branch opposite Mistborn wing; Near branch to Architect.
251 18,825 1 Spawn: Emberflow-type x4 Emberflow Caverns Entrance to Weaponmaster wing.
251 18,825 1 Breath of Insanity Emberflow Caverns Chamber before Szasz Queen.
 ?  ? 1 Spawn: a fire elemental x2 Storm Sea Bottom of the caldera.
 ?  ? 1 Spawn: a construct guardian x1 Kaesora Entrance.
 ?  ? 1+ Spawn: a mudcrawler x1 Kedge Keep From the entrance, take the tunnel down to the second room, then take the hole to your right (a piranha paths through here).
 ?  ? 2 Spawn: a frozen arachnid x2 Azmaen, Heart of Frost Chamber between Horshint, The Gelid Eidolon and High General Porlint; in The Ice Spinner chamber.
 ?  ? 1 Spawn: a frozen arachnid x3 Azmaen, Heart of Frost Chamber before The Ice Spinner
 ?  ? 1 Corpsevenom Mielech's Lair On the broken path along water near Mielech.
 ?  ?  ? Spawn: a tiny mephar x3 Tower of Tarhyl Underneath flare fiends; in archways; some intersections
 ?  ? 4 Spell: Rapturous Bliss Tasinath, Land of Bliss Tunnels between landings.
 ?  ? 1  ? The Bloodied Quarry Intersection from Elites to stonemites.
 ?  ? 2 Mana Drain The Spires of Saitha Basement.

Setting Traps

Starting at level 20 Rogues have the ability to set traps. The power of these traps is determined by the Rogue's skill level in Set/Disarm Traps, CoP bonus, and the Ambuscade Expertise line of tomes.

Traps are set by using a trap kit to summon an unarmed trap pet which the Rogue sets using dialogue. Once set, the trap lasts for 4 minutes, after which it will despawn. The recast timer is based off of when the trap is set (or when the Rogue "failed to set the trap"), and not when an unarmed trap is summoned.

  • If no trap is set, an unarmed trap despawns after 1 minute, however a new "pet" cannot be summoned until a full 2 minutes have passed.
  • It is possible to raise trap skills solely by setting your own traps, this is much slower however.

Trap Kits

Kit Recast Source Notes
Basic Trap Kit 5 minutes Rogue class merchants
Trap Kit 4 minutes Rogue Thurgadin Trap Kit quest
Stasis Trap Kit 4 minutes Reward for Under the Black Rose Item can be destroyed. Instead, say *Stasis Trap* to your unarmed trap.
Forcewave Trap Kit  ?  ? Undiscovered? May no longer exist/function.

Trap Types

Eight traps can be learned from the four trap masters located in Rogue guilds throughout Dalaya. Each trap master teaches two traps of a specific type. One of each type can be learned at level 20 for 3 Platinum each, and the remaining 4 at level 50 for 400 Platinum each. Two additional traps are rumored to exist...

Trap Name Trap Master Trap Type Effect Name Effect Notes
Annulment Trap Trap Master Apsalar (Oggok at 254, -404, 2) Alchemical Traps  ? Dispell Magic-based
Blast Trap Trap Master Gorlir (Northern Newport at 10, 190, -30) Powder Traps Explosion 4-target DD AoE: 687dmg at 250 skill; 824 with 20% CoP Fire-based; Rogue will be hit if less than 4 targets
Bolt Trap Trap Master Nine Fingers (Halas at 316, 242, 4) Bolt Traps  ? Single-Target DD: 1430dmg at 250 skill; 1716dmg with 20% CoP Non-Elemental
Concussion Trap Trap Master Gorlir (Northern Newport at 10, 190, -30) Powder Traps  ? Stun Fire-based
Fetter Trap Trap Master Orlsef (Greater Faydark at -545, -192, 161) Snare Traps Fetter Root Magic-based
Mind Trap Trap Master Apsalar (Oggok at 254, -404, 2) Alchemical Traps Anti-Mage Trap Mana Drain Magic-based
Poison Dart Trap Trap Master Nine Fingers (Halas at 316, 242, 4) Bolt Traps Poisoned Dart Single Target DoT Fire-based
Snare Trap Trap Master Orlsef (Greater Faydark at -545, -192, 161) Snare Traps Rope Snare Snare Magic-based
Special Traps
Stasis Trap Mira Shahar (Southern Waste of Tarhyl at -1236 1357) Unique Stasis Snare + Slow Magic-based; Say *Stasis Trap* to your unarmed trap
Forcewave Trap Unknown Unique Waves of Force? AE Rain DD + Knockback + Snare May not exist.

Set Trap Hotkeys

/tar an_unarmed
*Trap Type*
/do # 

A sensible way to title your hotkey is with the name of the trap (Mind, Blast, etc.) The first line of the hotkey targets the trap once you'd set it (the underscore is necessary.) The second line sets the type of trap. If you are unsure what traps you can set, hail your trap to see a list of the ones you have learned. Set your Sense Traps ability in the third line to level it up as you set traps. Replace # with the number associated with the ability. See Hotkey for more information.