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The Rust (Faction)

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The Rust faction might arguably be the purest of the factions in The Rust, they are basically just like you and me, if a little more distrusting, and have robotic servants which seem to be animated by more natural means as known to the gnomish kin.

Among their number, the gardeners appear to be druids of some form. Killing The Iron Dead raises their faction. Killing them raises faction with the Free Machines.

Friends and enemies

NPCS in this faction

Killing these NPCs may result in a decrease of The_Rust_(Faction) faction.

NPC Zone Zone Zone Zone Zone
Rustwalker Shara The Rust
Rust Lord Syvinal The Rust
The Marksman The Rust
A ragged nomad The Rust
A Rust gardener The Rust
A Rust merchant The Rust
A Rustwalker The Rust
A Rustwatcher The Rust

Enemies factions

Killing these NPCs from the following factions may result in an increase of The_Rust_(Faction) faction.

The Iron Dead


Quests that require this faction

Quest Zone Quest giver Faction required Faction increased Faction decreased
Rust Key quest (The Rust)
The Rust
Rust Lord Syvinal
The Rust (Faction) (Indifferent)

Quests that increase this faction

No quests are known to increase this faction.

Quests that decrease this faction

No quests are known to decrease this faction.