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The Fate of Lecatiar

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Bring peace to Lecatiar's hatchling.


Lecatiar's quest
Quest giver Lecatiar
Starting Zone

Dragon Necropolis

Suggested Level Range 61 - 65
Quest items used

Hatchling Bones

Item Reward(s)

Lecatiar's Ring

Positive (+) Faction

Lecatiar (Faction)

Experience Reward 10,000

Find Lecatiar (Dragon Necropolis).

You say, 'Hail, Lecatiar'
Lecatiar 's spectral neck bends downwards, its glowing eyes fixating you into view, then a ghostly voice emanates from its transparent throat, 'Who are you, that disturbs me after all this time? Why have you come to this desolate place? Ahh... it matters not. Such matters are long since past... leave me to my fate.'
You say, 'What is your fate?'
Lecatiar says, 'You would know about my condemnation? Very well then, listen closely. Unlike my spectral brothers and sisters in this place, I was sentenced to my current state for the treachery I commited against my own hatchling... the treachery that has sealed my offspring's fate much as mine. Long ago... before this place became as now... I walked with the living, with my forbidden love, Hanilla.'
You say, 'Tell me more of Hanilla'
Lecatiar says, 'It still hurts to take into my mouth, that name. Our love was forbidden, for she was the daughter of the Emperor himself, and her own mate was to be selected from only dragons of the highest station - none of which where me, a lowborn. In time, our joining gave fruit... as Hanilla hatched an egg - hidden, away from those who could not know our secret.'
You say, 'What secret? Why could it not be known?'
Lecatiar says, 'As we studied the egg, Hanilla looked up into my eyes, and spoke. She had tired of the secrecy. She had grown weary of the lies. She was deathly afraid to have to turn our hatchling away, and declared that once it came out the egg, she would reveal the truth. And I? I was terrified.'
You say, 'Terrified? a dragon?'
Lecatiar says, 'Of course! Hanilla had little to fear... a scolding, but she was the Emperor's Daughter! But me... he could execute me if he wished, slay me by personal wish, and whom would protect me? I despaired... and acting out of terror, I cast a curse upon the egg.'
You say, 'And this was your grave mistake'
Lecatiar says, 'Indeed it was. The hatchling died inside its protective egg, my spell choking the life from it. As it became evident the egg was no longer alive, we plucked the dead hatchling from the egg, and traveled here - to the Necropolis - where we buried it. Hanilla's eyes... Zarad take me, her eyes... had lost all joy. They were dead... as dead as I am now. And one year later....'
You say, 'What happened?'
Lecatiar says, 'One year later, she died. Not by a broken heart, not by sorrow, but by the hand of the Devourer, as Zirvane's magics instilled an unholy hunger into his mind - he slayed her to taste her flesh. At the time, I was ranging over the wastes, keeping an eye on the giants, and as I returned... as I returned... to hear the news... I simply collapsed.'
You say, 'What did you do next?'
Lecatiar says, 'The words spilled out of me, an unstoppable flood that confessed it all, told it all to my horrified friends. And for my crimes, for my sins, I was condemned to the same fate I had brought upon my hatchling, for Parcelan's vile magics have raised the resting dead of this place, animated them to guard this realm. I only wish... I only wish my hatchling would find peace at last... ah...'
You say, 'I may be able to bring your hatchling to rest.'
Lecatiar says, You would do this for me, despite the suffering I have wrought? You are a noble soul. Bring me the bones of my poor murdered offspring, and I will bury them in soil where they can at last have eternal rest.'

Gather and give Hatchling Bones to Lecatiar.

Lecatiar looks at you for a long time, silence filling the air as the faded spectre's eyes stare into yours. Finally, he speaks, 'This is undoubtedly of my hatchling. I see you have brought him peace, and for this, I am eternally grateful to you. Please, accept this, the one possession I still treasure... it was given to me by Hanilla'

Your faction standing with Lecatiar has gotten better!

You gain 10000 experience!!

You receive Lecatiar's Ring from Lecatiar.